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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinder’s Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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Bill Cole with Israeli Davis Cup Team
Bill Cole (center) pictured with Lior Mor (left) and Harel Levy (right), members of the Israeli Davis Cup Team. Bill was the Sport Psychology Coach for the team from 1999 to 2001. Harel had just defeated the legendary Michael Chang in the California Open to reach the finals.

International Association of Coaches Founding Member
Mental Game Coach global alliances

William B. Cole Consultants
Clients & Testimonials

Large business clientsPersonal coaching clientsFor years, a wide spectrum of audiences have discovered that Bill Cole delivers insider success secrets of the mental game and that he helps them quickly and creatively apply those important revelations to their professional and personal lives. Many organizations have recognized Bill as an authority for his outstanding expertise in multiple arenas.

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An Expert In The Psychology Of Peak Performance, Personal Achievement And Success...

"Bill Cole is a leading Olympic sports psychologist."
British Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC)

"Bill Cole is a pioneer in performance psychology."
USA Today

"Bill Cole is a world-leading authority on sports psychology."
New Idea Magazine, Coleman-Rayner, LLC

"Bill Cole is a leading author on sports psychology."
Yahoo! Sports

"Performance psychology consultant Bill Cole has counseled many of the world's top athletes and knows how to combat stress and anxiety."
Forbes Magazine

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist and 'mental game coach' who helps athletes cope with the demands of intense competition."
CNET Magazine

"Bill Cole is a world-class sports psychologist."
Game Changer Magazine

"Bill Cole is a leading sports psychology expert."
Sky News, England

"Bill Cole is one of the world's leading sports psychologists who has coached teams and individuals in over 85 sports in multiple countries, including US National dirt track champion Chris Carr."
MCN Sport, the leading motorcycle racing magazine

"Bill Cole is a nationally recognized expert on the mindset of athletes and successful nonathletes."
In the book Growing Up Gronk: A Family's Story of Raising Champions, by author Jeff Schober

"A world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole has demonstrated why he is considered an authority in the area of sport psychology and one of the top peak performance coaches in the country. His insights, powerful interventions, sensitive facilitation, including his use of various written communications have made its impact. His teachings have helped us realize the highest levels of performance objectives in collegiate competition. We thank him for his time and energy as we work toward our goal of reaching the College World Series and the ultimate quest of winning a National Championship. We recommend his talents and skills as a speaker, consultant or coach to anyone or any organization seeking a better understanding of the mental game and the realization of peak performance and its strategies."
Stanford University Baseball Team

"...one of the top peak performance coaches on the ATP Pro Tennis Tour."
Israeli Davis Cup Team

"Bill Cole is a leading performance psychology expert."
Cronkite News

"Bill Cole is a pioneer in the field of sports psychology."

"Bill Cole is a renowned performance psychology expert."
Viking Sports Magazine

"Bill Cole is a world-class sports psychology consultant."

"Bill Cole is a leading authority on peak performance, mental toughness and coaching."

"Bill Cole is a world-class performance psychology expert."
FNF Coaches magazine

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is one of today’s most prominent, prolific and successful performance psychology consultants."
The Polo Channel

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist."
The Boston Herald

"Bill Cole, President and Founder of the International Mental Game Coaching Association, says the key to achievement is enthusiasm for your goals. Cole coaches both Olympic and major-league athletes, and teaches his disciplinary techniques to corporate America."

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist."

"Bill Cole is an Olympic sport psychologist."
Stab Magazine

"Bill Cole helps CEOs and celebrities balance hectic schedules."
Albany Times-Union

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned sports psychologist."
Performance Menu Magazine

"Bill Cole is an internationally recognized mind excellence coach."
Grand Central magazine

"Bill Cole, a world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole is one of the world's leading mental game coaches."

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is an internationally-acclaimed mental wellness and performance psychology speaker, coach, business consultant, executive coach and media personality."

"Bill Cole is a leading performance psychology expert."

"Bill Cole, a renowned consultant in psychology."

"Confidence comes from what you’ve already done well,” says Bill Cole, a sports psychologist who has worked with thousands of clients over the past 30 years including Olympic athletes, college athletes and even professional fighters. 'There is no doubt in a successful athlete’s mind. They say, ‘My training has been great. My coaching has been great. I expect to succeed.’ There is an assumption of success."
Game Plan Magazine

"Sports psychologist Bill Cole describes the prerequisite to peak performance as 'a special mental and emotional interior climate conducive to top levels of performance' called the "flow state. It is the place where the performer is deeply involved with a challenging task and becomes lost in the process and immune to stress and anxiety."
Positively Successful Magazine

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is a world-wide authority in performance psychology."
FNF Coaches magazine

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports therapist from the west coast."
Grand Central magazine

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

People who struggle are forcing themselves," Bill Cole explains. "Those who succeed come at a project from an inner joy and excitement. Create inspiring goals, and they will pull you toward them, without you having to push." Lesser goals, he continues, won't motivate you. "But if you shoot for the stars and miss, at least you'll hit the moon."

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole is a leading sports psychology expert and mental health coach to Olympic and professional athletes all over the world."
The Kansas City Star

"Bill Cole, MA, MS, is a renowned performance psychology expert and mental game coach."
Complex Magazine, Pigeons And Planes

"Bill Cole is a leading authority on sports psychology and mental coaching."
Sports on Earth Magazine

"Bill Cole is the guru in sports psychology."
Shine Corporation, Australia

"Bill Cole is an authority on sports psychology, peak performance and mental toughness."
Varsity Views Magazine

"Bill Cole has been a leader in the field of sports psychology for more than 30 years."
The Denver Post

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."
Emma Vickers

"Bill Cole is one of the leading performance psychology experts in the USA."
Blitz Magazine, Australasia's #1 Martial Arts magazine

"Bill Cole is an expert in the psychology of sport."
Metro International Magazine

"Bill Cole is a mind guru...he is among the elite mental game peak performance experts in this country."
American Society of Anesthesiologists

"Bill Cole is a leading authority on sports psychology, peak performance, mental toughness and coaching."
The Polo Channel

"Veteran MMA coach Bill Cole is a trusted source of advice for fighters who are looking to alleviate overwhelming emotions before and during a fight."
August Constance

"Bill Cole is a world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole is a major thought leader in sport psychology, and a mental toughness master...Bill Cole is a world-class mental game coach who gets world-class results."
Rodney King - Performance Enhancement Coach - Johannesburg, South Africa
Voted one of the top 20 martial artists in the world by Black Belt Magazine

"You are masterful at getting the audience to own their questions by asking them deeper questions. You have an obvious wealth of knowledge on leadership with down-to-earth examples and thought-provoking ideas that everyone could relate to in their world."
San Jose Leadership Council

"a personal and professional development expert"
Central Coast Claims Association

"an expert in optimal performance and stress management"
California Society Of Anesthesiologists

"an expert in the psychology of achievement and success"
Linear Technology Corporation

"an expert in the psychology of workplace productivity"
Alain Pinel Real Estate

"Bill Cole is a business-golf guru...an authority in peak performance, especially in selling and in golf."
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

A Master Communications Professional...

"Bill Cole is a world-class coach... A speaker's speaker."
National Speakers Association

"a veteran professional communicator"
Linear Technology Corporation

"a true platform professional and veteran communications expert"
Central Coast Claims Association

"Bill Cole did a GREAT job for our chapter. Congratulations to Bill on a most successful Professional Development Workshop on The Mental Game of Professional Speaking. Everyone's needs were met and then exceeded. Bill led a dynamic session which included a professional workbook, various dyadic and group exercises and magic tricks throughout."
Craig Harrison
Board of Directors
National Speakers Association
Northern California Chapter

Consistently Excellent Accolades Across Many Arenas...

"Innovative, informative, interesting. Very clearly presented, a smooth speaker. Very knowledgeable about leadership."
Cynthia Carbon-Norman
Business Development Manager
NASA Ames Research Center
Mountain View, CA

Lucas Valente Wins The SJJIF World Championship

Lucas Valente

World Champion Lucas Valente

Lucas Valente won the World Championship at the 2019 Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF) in the Black Belt Adult 18 Light Division.

"After the very first session with Coach Bill Cole I wasn't sure if he was a mental coach or a magician who got inside my mind. The reason why is because he would understand, in the most genuine way possible, everything that I was saying and feeling and he gave me specific mental exercises that simply made me feel the way I needed to feel.

I always had the best people by my side, and when Coach Bill came into my training and my life things got even greater! He taught me how to access and control my feelings at the right times and at the right moments.

I grew up in the Jiu Jitsu world so hard work and dedication were always an obligation to me, but the more professional things were getting to me, the more I noticed that the mental part was a huge part in the sport as well. With Coach Bill's coaching and teachings I'm able to have laser focus, stay extremely cool under pressure on the biggest Jiu Jitsu stages in the world, collecting numerous titles.

Even more important for me than the mental strategies, mental preparation and day by day mental techniques that he teaches me is his teaching on how to "get in the zone on purpose", a nearly magical place where all you feel is positive and confident feelings.

Your mind doesn't get stuck on any thought, and both your mind and your body flow in perfect connection. You're able to focus only on what matters, and once you are there you feel unstoppable!

I'm forever grateful for everything Coach Bill taught me, what he teaches me, and what he will still teach me. He is always there when I need him."

Lucas Valente Lucas Valente gear
Lucas Valente Lucas fights with the Bill Cole logo on his shorts: TMG-The Mental Game

Lucas Valente on Instagram
Lucas Valente on Facebook
Gracie Barra Team Members

Career Highlights For Lucas Valente

1st Place SJJIF World Champion (2019)
1st Place IBJJF American Nationals (2018)
2017 top 10 Pound for pound Brown Belt in the World (IBJJF)
2015 number 1 lightweight nogi IBJJF world ranking
2015 Brown Belt of the year by http://www.txmma.com/
3-time Worlds medalist
Pan American Nogi Champion
Brazilian Nationals Champion
American Nationals Champion
21X IBJJF International Open Champion
3rd place nogi Worlds
Nogi Pan Ams runner up
Grand Prix Grappling Pro Heavyweight absolute champion
Grand Prix Grappling Pro Heavy weight champion
Southeast Brazilian Nationals Champion
F2W Pro champion
Rio De Janeiro State champion
Minas Gerais State Champion
Texas State Champion
3rd place Brazilian Nationals
EBI 13 ( UFC event) Lightweight Semi finalist
ONNIT Invitational 5 super fight Winner
ONNIT Invitational 3 fastest submission winner
Europa Super Show Absolute Champion
Naga expert division champion
IBJJF certified referee

"On target. In the zone. Entertaining. Highly educational. Funny and fast-moving. Insightful.

These were some of the comments our campers and staff made about Bill Cole's training program, The Mental Game of Hockey. We asked Bill to come in to our youth hockey camp to make a presentation on sports psychology for our campers, ages 8-15, at the Sharks Ice @ San Jose (home of the NHL San Jose Sharks) in San Jose, California. We were delighted with Bill's program, and learned a ton. This initial sports psychology program went so well, we are planning on having Bill speak at future hockey camps.

Bill entertained and educated us with insightful stories about many of the teams, athletes, coaches and parents he has coached in the mental game, and how we can learn from them so we don't make the mistakes they made. He has a wonderful way of teaching us nuggets of wisdom, while simply talking to us like a friend does, sincerely, and with intensity and purpose. Bill is a riveting speaker, and kept the kids' attention all the way through. That is no small feat!

Bill's years of successful experience really show up when he speaks. He has an amazing command of his material. He never used any notes, engaged the audience, took questions throughout the program, and did it all with a great sense of humor. His ability to relate to all ages and skill levels is remarkable. I could listen to Bill all day long.

Some of the most powerful techniques Bill taught us were centering, meditation, visualization, breath control, self-coaching, mental toughness, self-monitoring, the zone and how to create a positive mental attitude. He taught us exactly what we need to be successful in our sport. He not only taught the concepts, but he gave us specific methods to help us learn and execute these principles in our practices and our competitions. My staff and I learned many new mental approaches we have been able to put into practice with our students on and off the ice immediately. Bill has shortened our learning curve dramatically. I can tell that many of our campers' higher levels of performance are directly related to the mental game approaches Bill shared with us that day. Thank you Bill!

If your organization wants to hear from a leading expert in sports psychology, Bill Cole is one of the top mental game coaches and speakers in the country. You should contact Bill today. He is a fantastic speaker, a highly experienced sports psychology consultant, and he will help take your sports program to the next level. Bill has the right stuff!"
Phil Huynh
Director / Owner
Total Performance Hockey School
Sunnyvale, California

"Coach Cole has the remarkable ability to get into an athlete's 'crazy mind', and has now become an integral part of my finding the path to training and competitive success. His prodigious understanding and commitment as a coach gives him the ability to help individuals of all capacities succeed in the spectrum of mental training. Coach Cole now manages every aspect of my mental training, fear control, confidence, and focus. His expertise and experience is inimitable, and is irreplaceably valuable to my athletic career."

Aimee Anaya, Olympic Weight Lifting Champion
Aimee Everett
Olympic Weight Lifting
United States National Champion
American Open Silver Medalist
Masters US National Champion
Masters World Cup Champion
Masters American Record Holder
Former Olympic Training Center Resident
Olympic Trials Coach

"I asked mental coach Bill Cole to come to our Stanford University Fencing Camp to introduce our young fencers to the world of sports psychology. Anyone who has ever fenced knows how mental our sport is, so I was glad to have someone with Bill's level of expertise speak to us. He conducted a terrific program entitled "The Mental Game Of Fencing".
Read the rest of this testimonial along with comments from the participants in the Mental Game of Fencing program.
Lisa Milgram
Co-Head Coach
Stanford University Men's And Women's Fencing Teams
Stanford University Fencing Camp

"Bill is very natural and genuine. Not only does he have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of interview coaching, but he cares about each of his clients. He gave me 110% of his time and focus during our sessions and he always followed up with me after sessions about things we had talked about or with questions I had. He was excited about my success as much as I was so it was more than just a basic preparation for an interview -- this was a goal that we worked together to achieve.

Bill is great with constructive critiquing. He was great at boosting my confidence and pointing out areas I could improve in without making me self-conscious. Just like any coach gets their athletes prepared and excited for a game, Bill got me excited for my interview which I think improved my performance overall. He also made himself available for my needs and prepared a plan for me so I had plenty of good practice.

Bill taught me how to adjust my answers and body language based on visual cues from my interviewer. This was helpful to remind me not to fidget, stay relaxed, and sum up my answers. I also learned how to pace myself and deliver complete, yet not too long, answers.

The books and handouts that Bill gave me were extremely helpful. They were relevant to what I was working on and helped me to prepare for future sessions with Bill as well as prepare for my interview on my own time."
Ellen Scott
Saratoga, CA

"I just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for the work you did with me in preparing for my medical school interviews. Your advice was right on target and proved invaluable as I went through the various interviews. One of the most useful aspects of our coaching sessions was how you helped me identify how my particular non-traditional background could be used to craft a unique story applicable to medicine.

I am happy to share that I received four acceptances out of four medical school interviews! I have decided to attend Touro University in Vallejo, California.

Our coaching sessions were essential to my success during these interviews, so I will definitely look you up again when it is time to apply for residency.

Thank you again for your great work with me Bill. I'll keep in touch!"
Elaine Lee
Aptos, CA

"Bill Cole has not only helped me, but also has supported family members and friends for mental game coaching over the years. He has been an invaluable resource for the mind in academic, personal, and professional settings. The results speak for themselves: test scores have risen to ultimately obtain scholarship funding, interview skills have progressed for new opportunities, and aspirational jobs have been secured by loved ones.

I first approached Bill several years ago in response to my struggles on the GMAT assessment for entry into business school to study an MBA. Together we reviewed the diagnosis of my issues to jointly identify the core problems and develop associated solutions. Bill took the time to actively listen, carefully understand, and provide tailored feedback based on the breadth and depth of his extensive experience across domains as varied as sports, sales, interviews, public speaking, and test-taking. As a matter of fact, he has written the books and authored the assignments used during and between meetings to teach and reinforce lessons. I appreciated that he was genuinely invested in my success and easily adapted to diverse needs.

Bill taught me the test-taking strategies and tactics to remain calm, centered, concentrated, and resilient in high-pressure situations to perform to the best of my abilities on the exam. We covered breathing techniques for stress management and energy control with visualization exercises and routines to build the necessary confidence for consistency in my performance. His advice was practical and actionable, such as the need to expose myself to the same tensions in practice tests in order to reproduce the conditions of the actual exam. Eventually I learned how to regulate negative self-talk and overcome perfectionism for more effective execution.

Following our sessions, I managed to significantly increase my GMAT score by +80 points from a 61st to an 83rd percentile! The improved marks would allow me to turn around previous application rejections, and eventually secure scholarship funding for an MBA at the University of Oxford.

More recently, we have worked on interview preparation and delivery through storytelling, self-awareness, and frequently asked questions. I’m now able to better articulate my narrative and value proposition in consulting engagements and employer conversations. Altogether the coaching and training have positively spilled over into other areas of life, from team management to presentations and interpersonal relations. I’m grateful for Bill Cole’s services and would recommend them to anyone encountering mindset challenges in the pursuit of their ambitions "
Matthew Morgan, MBA
Management Consultant

"Mr. Cole is very knowledgeable in the area of interview coaching for PhD programs in psychology. He knows what he is doing and his plans are so individualized which was my favorite part of working with him. He will also let you lead/pick/choose which aspects of interview coaching you would like to improve and work on with you. He comes prepared for each session and I felt so confident walking out of the session each time. He definitely has a wealth of knowledge in this area and it shows through his coaching sessions and books and publications. Mr. Bill is also very fast at responding to emails, so if you have questions, be prepared to get immediate feedback and work on it. I accepted an offer from the University of Toledo-It was my top choice!!! :)"
Vasavi Ganesan Shanthi

"Bill's coaching for dental school interviews improved my confidence. What built my confidence was practicing the common questions out loud with Bill, realizing my strengths, knowing what to expect, and learning how to make a good opening and closing. The concluding statement he crafted for me was very helpful.

Bill is energetic, fun, experienced, and patient. Bill incorporates humor into his coaching, which enhances learning and makes it a fun experience. He has some great tips. I walked into my interviews less nervous and more confident.

I signed up for his coaching a bit last minute. I would've liked to have had more sessions with Bill. More time to discuss and practice interview rapport, making small talk, and working on the opening/closing."
Anne Chu,
Albany, NY

"In two months, I will be graduating with a mechanical engineering degree while on a full-ride scholarship, so what could an interview coach provide that I don’t already have? It turns out a lot. Bill helped me to see that there is much more to an interview than discussing technical skills. I learned about soft skills and how to showcase them. In my first interview following our session, I built rapport with the director of engineering by identifying scuba diving as a mutual interest. I was asked to do a second interview! Thanks, Bill, for showing me it’s not all about math! Looking forward to our next session."
Golden, Colorado

Coach Bill I can't thank you enough for how you've helped me in my life, my business and with the TV show. You have that amazing blend of performance psychology, life experience, business smarts, and a background in film and television that has taken everything I do to the next level.

I’m really excited to be working with you. Miracles have been happening in my life everyday since we've been working together, it’s amazing. Thank you so much.

You helped me be so much better in front of the camera with the focusing and mental preparation approaches we've done. I am more relaxed on the set, I manage my energy better and I am 100% sharp when the camera rolls. People on set have talked about the difference.

You've also helped me tremendously with my communication skills and this has positively impacted my relationships in all areas—my business, the TV show and my family life. I was truly blocked in some relationships before with no way to resolve those, but you've given me many new interpersonal tools.

I have been mentored and coached by many top people in their fields and I'll always be very grateful to them. You have very special, different abilities to listen deeply, help me understand myself, and help me understand my experiences, and to learn from that and grow at an incredibly fast rate.

I really look forward to every session and I know this is just the beginning to something great.

I can’t even describe the gratitude I have for your coaching and mentoring.
Collin Baikie

Colin Baikie    

Collin Baikie stars in one of the top Discovery Channel TV shows, Last Stop Garage, seen around the world, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET and 9:30 p.m. ET.





"I worked with Bill when I was studying for my ophthalmology board exam, a huge career mile marker and one that was making me fearful and anxious. I knew that I needed to take control of my mindset in order to study effectively and perform at my peak level on exam day. I also knew that I needed some help. I turned to Bill and couldn’t be happier that I did. He is an extraordinary coach. Bill explains complicated concepts in easy-to-understand ways, and has a calm and confident demeanor that settles even the most anxious nerves. I drew calm and confidence from my phone sessions with Bill. And the skills that I developed during my conversations with him, including visualization techniques, paid off big time when I was studying for my board exam and when I arrived on exam day. The mental game that Bill helped me get a handle on filled me with deep-seated confidence when it came time for me to take the exam. I felt like I was “in the zone” during the entire 4-hour, 250 multiple-choice question endeavor. At times, I actually caught myself enjoying the experience of taking the exam. In my mind, passing was a foregone conclusion. When I found out that I did pass, it was one of the best moments of my life. And I couldn’t have done it without the strategies and insights that I learned from Bill Cole—I’m sure of that."
Stephen A. Blatt, MD
Board-Certified Ophthalmologist
Chicago, Illinois

"I would like to thank you for your wonderful training for my interviews at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. I am happy to share my wonderful and very helpful experience of interview training under your talented leadership.

I greatly appreciate your invaluable, beautifully structured help. I gained confidence. My fear of being asked all sorts of difficult questions is gone. That was a great challenge for me to overcome, which I achieved with your generosity of sharing your knowledge with me, and in teaching me how to deal with the interview.

I am so grateful for your clear judgment and helpful advice. I feel better about interviewing, more confident and more organized with my thoughts. Thank you very much!"
Marina Collins
San Francisco, CA

"I am very happy to say that I was admitted to the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine after my coaching sessions with Bill.

One of the most important tactics I learned from Bill was about building rapport with the interviewer. In interviews for which I had to act out a situation with an actor, I had a tendency to jump straight into the issue at hand. Bill talked to me about the benefits of easing into a conversation by first asking about someone's day, for instance. Although it was not directly related to the scenario, it allowed me to create a calm atmosphere and consequently have thoughtful conversations.

The second tactic that I learned from Bill and that successfully helped me in the following interviews was having a concluding statement. I learned to dedicate time at the end of my interview to sharing with the interviewers why I wanted to attend the school in discussion. By being specific in my interest and allowing the interviewers to picture me at their school, I was able to successfully convince them that I would be a great addition to their incoming class.

Bill was thoughtful. To elaborate, I would go into his coaching classes and he would ask me what I wanted to accomplish that day. The coaching session was precisely catered towards my needs and Bill was ready for all types of situations. In one particular session, I wanted to work on my Multi Mini Interview (MMI) skills and Bill already had various scenarios printed for us to practice. I was constantly amazed by his expertise in speaking and responding to challenging situations.

Bill was also precise. Whenever I discussed concerns regarding my performance with him, he had specific steps to take to overcome any issues. For example, I didn't know how to answer a frequently asked question during medical school interviews. He then went to the whiteboard and broke down my response into three steps. Having these simple "roadmaps" allowed me to thoroughly understand how to approach the question.

Bill is observant. Even if I didn't bring up certain problems during our sessions, Bill would frequently ask follow-up questions or point out body language items to fix. Overall, his coaching style was effective as he addressed my perceived areas for improvement as well as the ones that he noticed during our sessions. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking to improve in speaking or interviewing."
Santa Clara, CA

Bill provided interview coaching to me for medical school. Bill is dedicated to his client, and he tailors his services specifically to the needs of the client. He meets you where you are, and accelerates you to your potential. Bill was detailed and thorough in his coaching, and he tackled the places where he knew I would find difficulty and built my confidence. Bill helped me with the wording of my answers, how to highlight my achievements, how to present a closing statement, and he practiced with me to hone my responses to questions. He was very flexible to my needs and provided excellent service. Bill's book, The Interview Success Guide, is a thorough and realistic guide to help you tackle the REAL thing!
Claudia Briones
San Francisco, CA

"I first met Bill Cole when I was the field producer for The Animal Planet TV series "Weird, True & Freaky" (42 episodes), and associate producer (8 episodes) and I needed a subject matter expert for on-air commentary and analysis. Bill was amazing. He had a huge depth of knowledge in sports psychology and could easily explain very complex material in understandable ways the viewer could instantly 'get'. Bill can really tell a story and be engaging. We stayed in touch, and when I began work on my film The High, I called Bill and we engaged again, this time with him being Consulting Producer. Bill has been a big supporter, and he has lent his expertise to the project as a producer by providing ideas for the story line, subjects to cover, being a sounding board, suggesting questions to ask the runners, etc. In short, he was a vital part of the film, and a pleasure to work with. If you have a TV or film project, and you need a subject matter expert who can also produce, Bill is your man."
Barry Walton, Director, Producer, Editor
Hollywood, California

"Bill helped our daughter improve her mental approach to badminton, and we are very grateful to Bill for all his assistance and guidance. We highly recommend Bill as a mental coach for your child. As a result of competitive play at the national level, Julie has achieved the #1 ranking in the United States for Girls Singles Badminton 13 and under. She also earned the #9 ranking in the United States for Girls Singles Badminton 15 and under."
Hua Zhang
San Jose, CA

"Bill Cole is an internationally-respected sports psychologist and mental game coach."
Coaching Edge Magazine (England)

Director, producer, editor Barry Walton has been working for over 15 years in a variety of film, commercial & television projects. In 1999, Barry started working in Los Angeles in film and commercials. Moving to San Francisco in 2006, he started working for a non-fiction television production company and began producing shows for National Geographic, Animal Planet, and other Discovery Network subsidiaries. In 2008 he started his first project called Profiling HURT about an ultra runner journey to the HURT 100 race in Hawaii. The project went on to receive the Honolulu Accolade Award from the Honolulu Film Awards in 2011. Inspired by the experience, in 2010 Barry began the research for The High and in 2011 went into production on the project. Today Barry continues to work in the field professionally as a sports producer and editor for the NBA's Detroit Pistons. He also maintains his interest in documentary films through BTV Productions, which he started in 2006.

Barry Walton, director, producer and editor of The High    

Barry Walton on IMDB:

"The sport that I strive to be the best at is breakaway rodeo roping. I have been riding horses and have been involved with rodeo most of my life. The majority of my success came in the early 90's. I have been ranked, in and out of the top fifteen and runner-up in the Championships.

Since then I have struggled with having a good horse and making practice a priority. These two things led to more problems that saw my confidence slowly erode to "full-on" choking and mental game issues that made me consider giving up my lifetime hobby and dreams. In a last-ditch effort I did some searching and found Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach. The skills, optimism, hope, and techniques that he has taught me have changed my life.

I am enjoying the new mental and physical techniques and the marked improvement in my overall game. It's so fun to have new and promising thoughts in my head. This spring brings the new rodeo season and with Bill's guidance I have confidence that it will be the best I've had in 20 years.

If you are doubting yourself, if you have lost confidence, and if you are wondering how you can possibly get it back, I strongly suggest you call Bill and speak with him – today. Bill is compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental, insightful and easy to talk with. He cares about his clients. He helped me believe in myself – and he can help you believe too."
Niki Greenwood, breakaway rodeo roper
Niki Greenwood
Breakaway Rodeo Roper
Caldwell, Idaho

"Excellent! Bill Cole is the coach's coach. He really knows about peak performance and the mental game."
Neil Fiore, PhD., psychotherapist,
Founder and President of Self-Leadership Seminars,
author of the books, The Now Habit : A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play, and The Road Back to Health : Coping With the Emotional Aspects of Cancer and the audio tape The Five Keys to Permanent Stress Reduction.

"Bill gives you the feeling if you think you can, chances are, you CAN. It's up to you!"
Russell Thomas
Anaheim, CA

"Very worthwhile! You gave us practical advice on stress prevention and reduction that can apply in any job or situation."
Patrick Love
Special Projects Director, County Executive's Office
Santa Clara County, CA

"Here's a mental toughness course with the right motives. Cole can repair your attitude."
Jody Meacham
Venture Editor, San Jose Mercury News

"Coach Bill is smart, informative and motivating. He is unique because of how he taught us techniques to calm down in pressure situations. I learned how to remain positive and to not be stressed out. This workshop was very beneficial, educational and exciting. Coach Bill's book, The Mental Game of Sports, taught me how to reduce nervousness."
Siddhartha Javvaji
Fremont, CA
US National Champion in Boys Under-11 Singles in badminton

"One of the things I found most helpful from Bill was his helping me to identify which work stories I was going to use to answer a range of questions that asked me to describe my successes in behavioral type questions. Bill also helped me develop a strong solid message to say at the very end of the interview instead of asking the usual "what's the next step" type of questions. He is direct, articulate, and phrases his comments in a way that encourages you to try harder. There is an art to giving feedback without people getting defensive and Bill has this down pat!"
David L. Brownstein
Program Manager
Eldorado County Child Protective Services
Placerville, CA

"I knew I was stressed-but didn't realize how much! Wished I had attended your class two years ago!"
Jan Hill
Practice Manager
Orthopedic Association of Bethlehem and Easton
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"Bill is excellent at bringing other people's experience into the group conversation and at getting the audience to own their questions by asking them deeper questions. He gave us many practical tools."
Mark McKinney
VP Sales and Marketing
Lunatech, Inc.
Silicon Valley, CA

"Bill, thank you for our interview coaching session. The pleasure was all mine. I thank you for everything and I literally can say that I was prepared for all the tricky questions. Having spent an hour with you was great."
Anthony Bernardo
Silicon Valley, CA

"Coach Bill has the winning blueprint to help you feel more confident, polished and prepared in any speaking or performing situation. His energetic and witty approach makes learning fun. It's obvious he loves what he does and he's the best at it."
Nancy Pristine, author of the books The Zen Of Tennis and The Victory Dance: Placing Yourself in the Winner's Circle

"This workshop was really great, and very helpful, and very useful. Coach Bill taught us techniques that will help us stay focused in the present. He showed us many new and unusual techniques that will really help. His book, The Mental Game of Sports, taught me many new things and this will really help me in the future."
Ved Vedere
Fremont, CA
Nationally ranked in badminton

"Any high-performance sales team can benefit from your sessions and techniques to re-energize for a new year of objectives and power to leap ahead of the competition."
Anne Walker
Vice President
Houston, Texas

"I believe the finest praises a person can receive are those received from one's peers. In this regard you are a SPEAKER'S SPEAKER...your efforts and professional delivery were among the best I have had the pleasure to enjoy."
Chuck Eudy
Professional Development Workshop Series Committee
National Speakers Association of Northern California

"Engaging and educational on the wide variety of leadership styles. Bill is energetic, motivational and an expert on leadership. He helped us in the leadership of small businesses, as well as in self-coaching."
Mary Liebowitz, RN
Biotech Consultant
Liebowitz Consulting, LLC
Silicon Valley, CA

"Bill's very practical approach makes immediate application very possible. I wish I had this when I was working as a school district administrator. I think I was effective, but this would have helped me ENJOY the journey."
Elaine Hamoda
Huntington Beach, CA

"Bill gave us good guidelines on developing our 'inside game'."
Michael Burrock
Rossmoor, CA

"Bill emphasizes how to improve things in life. He teaches us how to focus on only those things you can actually control."
Sheldon Sam
Monterey Park, CA

"Very insightful, easy to understand, and common-sensical, yet powerful."
Ray Orellana
Brea, CA

"This workshop was very helpful and unique. Coach Bill is very encouraging. He taught us how the unconscious mind should take over from the conscious mind in a match and how to focus on the present, and not the outcome, using the three R's technique."
Cassandra Yu
Fremont, CA
Nationally ranked in badminton

"Bill's presentation was excellent! Bill related the activities we experienced to reflect real life, sports and everyday life."
Bon Hamada
Huntington Beach, CA

"Bill Cole taught me how to control my mind and thoughts in less than an hour! I can't imagine how much we'd learn with more time."
Tasha Johnston
Los Angeles, CA

"Bill gets you thinking 'out of the box'! He gives you techniques to improve focus!"
Tim Heffron
Wilmington, CA

"Very useful information that can be immediately applied to life."
Ralph Bollinger
Westminster, CA

"One of the best, most beneficial stress management sessions I have attended in a long time. Very useful tools."
Alice Flinn
Montgomery Orthopedic Surgeons
Dayton, Ohio

"Excellent program for busy managers."
Debbie Piccolo
Operations Manager
Northeast Orthopedics
Albany, New York

"The best usable ideas you gave me were the body scan, moment of awareness, and continually staying relaxed throughout the day. The one minute of relaxation technique will prevent hours of muscle aches. I can't wait to get started!"
Marjorie Matthews
Director, Office of Affordable Housing
Santa Clara County, CA

"I found this seminar more relaxing than my spa treatment! Plus, I gained tools to bring me back to this relaxed state. Thank you!"
Christine Rubin
South Bay Orthopedics
Los Angeles, California

"Coach Bill is great at telling us how to remain calm in tight matches. This workshop was interesting and fun and helped us improve our mental game. I enjoyed his book, The Mental Game of Sports. That taught me about the "green light technique", deep breathing, time travel and how to reduce mental and emotional baggage."
Ryan C.
Fremont, CA
Nationally ranked in badminton

"You demonstrated to our physicians that you truly are an expert in optimal performance and stress management. Your ability to interact creatively with an audience of physicians and draw them into active consideration of the issues of stress management and optimal performance was masterly."
Steven H. Jackson, MD
Program Chair
California Society Of Anesthesiologists
Annual Meeting And Post-Graduate Seminar

"Great examples and stories. Excellent at bringing other people's experience into the group conversation. Excellent self-exploration tools."
Taylor Dial
Executive Director
Housing Trust of Santa Clara County
Silicon Valley, CA

"Bill Cole...has developed a comprehensive mental training course aimed at promoting peak performance."
Michael Cronk
Staff Writer, San Jose Mercury News

"Excellent, wish there had been more time!"
Elaine McMahon
Practice Manager
Connecticut Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Springfield, Vermont

"Great! Well worth the time!"
Theresa Morello
Practice Manager
South County Orthopedics
Wakefield, Rhode Island

"Excellent presentation and reminder of tools we quickly forget."
Melissa Strickland
Guliford Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center
Greensboro, North Carolina

"Informative and interesting. Bill is articulate, comprehensive and down to earth. He helped me develop my own leadership style."
Rachel Palomino
Director of Security
Sonitrol Security
Silicon Valley, CA

"Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful program with the Sales Success Series participants. You were a huge hit with the group and I was thoroughly impressed--you are a great representative of the speaking and training profession."
Roseann Sullivan
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce Sales Success Series

"I have followed Bill Cole's outstanding work in mental game coaching for many years and have been privileged to have him as a Guest Expert on our international coaching web site for martial arts practitioners and coaches, and military and police professionals, www.mymalife.com.

Bill regularly provides amazing peak performance insights and leading-edge ideas and principles to the world of martial arts across these performance arenas. He has helped us understand and apply the concepts of mental toughness, mental training, concentration, focus and mental readiness for sports competition and law enforcement and military applications. Our clients must have mental toughness to be able to operate in these very difficult, and often dangerous environments. Bill gives us the mental tools we need to navigate those challenging assignments. In this regard, Bill Cole is a mental toughness master. He's our mental game guru.

While many sport psychologists offer standard peak performance theoretical concepts, Bill goes far beyond that, and knows what actually works in the real world. He teaches new ways of looking at old problems, with expert mind game solutions that really work. His understanding of the mind-body processes in peak performance and how to manage them, in learning, and pressure performance situations is simply uncanny. His background as a top athlete, researcher-writer, teacher-coach and businessman blend together to create innovative and highly practical success strategies. His teaching system for mastering the mental game is beyond compare.

I have studied the mental game extensively over the years, and have worked closely with other international sport psychologists, and it's clear that Bill Cole is a major thought leader in sport psychology. We are fortunate to have him as our Guest Expert.

Bill Cole is a world-class mental game coach who gets world-class results. If you are considering bringing Bill in to speak, coach or consult, I know you will be thrilled with the results he brings to you and your organization."
Rodney King - Performance Enhancement Coach - Johannesburg, South Africa
Founder and Director of the Street Tough World Alliance, represented in 15 countries around the world and leaders in innovative e-training martial arts solutions for business and life through www.mymalife.com .
Voted one of the top 20 martial artists in the world by Black Belt Magazine.

"Bill Cole spoke at our Annual National Boot Camp for the Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts Association. I have listened to many motivational speakers over the years, but they mostly talked about sales. I love that this applied straight to my Martial Arts business and psychology. I think that this was the best sports speaker that I have heard yet! I really want more from him!

I really enjoyed the concept about mental time travel and how to stay in the NOW. I have always thought about that in my own mind, however I could not put it into words until now and now because of Mr. Cole I am able to express to my students what I've always thought how to stay in the ZONE, and turn their brain off... being in the NOW. Martial artists live in the now as well as many other professional sports, and this hit the Nail on the head and drove it past into another level! I wish we could have had more time on the 'time zones of the mind' and more stories about winners! I thought that it was too short... I wanted more of everything!"
Master Shawn Hugh, Owner and Master Instructor,
Kim's Academy of Tae Kwon Do, Roy, Utah.

"I want to thank you for an outstanding session you delivered to our team of Vice Presidents during our 2001 Kickoff event. The "fire-side" chat session was a phenomenal success, and provided a great opportunity for us to focus on critical components of your "Peak Performance" program. Your presentation was superb as you made many of the concepts come to life through powerful "real-world" examples and demonstrations. The hands-on activities provided a great complement to the format, to make the whole experience highly interactive and fun!

I believe the discussions around 'getting in the zone' and the 'ten magic moments' made a huge positive impact on our team. The participants found these to be practical and timely tips that would help them become even more successful in their professional careers and personal lives. As you know, many of them have asked you for personal coaching sessions to develop these skills further, to be great leaders in our firm. Thanks again Bill. You helped deliver one of the best programs we have had. I look forward to working with you closely."
Ravi Ravikumar Vice President
Sector Leader
High Technology Practice

"Thought-provoking, great examples and stories and good tips that are easy to remember. Bill is personable and very in touch with his audience. He gave us great tools for self-checking."
Christina Bitong
Johanson and Yau Accountancy Corporation
Silicon Valley, CA

Jim Aram
Practice Administrator
Fairfax, Virginia

Stephen J. Ginsky
Ginsky Coaching
Los Gatos, CA

“Being in the flow increases performance! Very focusing!”
Lynne Chavelle
KKSF Radio
San Francisco, CA

“Well organized and presented...concise and experiential!”
Kendree Allison
Inside Out Coaching
Oakland, CA

“Covered a lot of material in a short amount of time...entertaining and informative!”
Carole Rehbock
Consulting and Training Services
Berkeley, CA

Bob Chang
Bob Chang and Associates
Belmont, CA

Penny Thomas
Southeastern Spin Center and Research Institute
Sarasota, Florida

"You made me realize I was on my way to burnout and that's not the place I want to go!"
Ange Hammer
Risk Manager
Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

"You gave us solid fundamentals for coping with our stressful work lives."
Brohne Lawhorne
Program Coordinator, Dispute Resolution Program
Santa Clara County, CA

"Invigorating! Held my attention for the full two hours. I feel better already!"
Carol Dreyer
Corona-Temecula Orthopedics
Corona, California

"Thorough, deep content excellently adapted to a different field-- (speaking) from sports."
Douglas P. Balluff
Founder and CEO
The San Francisco Group
San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for presenting your educational and motivational program How Leaders Fail: How You Can Succeed to our group. The San Jose Leadership Council sincerely thanks you for this insightful and innovative program. The material you presented was cutting-edge, informative and practical.

You are an engaging, warm and personable speaker with a smooth, relaxed and natural style who immediately puts the audience at ease. You weaved in stories, humor and insights from your experience in ways that helped the audience 'get it' right away. You were able to bring other people's experience into the group conversation, and were able to encourage people to share and learn from each other. You are masterful at getting the audience to own their questions by asking them deeper questions. You have great presence as a speaker and you're very much in touch with your audience.

The audience really appreciated your succinct and direct speaking style. You are articulate and very easy to understand, even as you teach complex and nuanced material. You have a gift of being able to present leadership principles in ways that people can readily understand them and apply to their situations. You combined an obvious wealth of knowledge on leadership with down-to-earth examples and thought-provoking ideas that everyone could relate to in their world. You really have a way of making us stop and pay attention to how we come across as leaders.

Your program clearly made a positive impact on our group. I understand you had 24 requests for more information on your other programs-- coaching, speaking and consulting. People really resonated with the material, based on their written evaluations and verbal comments. They said you gave them great tools for self-coaching.

Once again, thank you so very much for coming to speak to us. We greatly benefited from your program, and our members are excited about applying many of the leadership approaches and methods you teach to their businesses."
Rick Holden
Executive Director
San Jose Leadership Council
Silicon Valley, California

"Your Mental Game Of Selling program is a fresh, creative approach to the sales game that obviously has years of practical wisdom behind it. This is exactly the kind of high-level, yet street-smart psychology of selling course that sales professionals need. Your program was excellent, and you hit a perfect bullseye by teaching us the mental skills our people need to help them perform at higher levels in their stressful and challenging workdays. This will motivate them tremendously in their sales careers. I can see why you are known as an expert in the psychology of achievement and success. You delivered one of the most unique, on-target and immediately-helpful sales training programs we have seen in a long time. We will stay in close touch about bringing you back soon."
Steven Bakos
Area Sales Manager
Linear Technology Corporation Milpitas, CA

"The relaxation and letting go techniques were great tools."
Linda Knowles
West Coast Orthopedics
Arcadia, California

"Great 'Doable' ideas that you can do without having to go out of your way."
Vicki Horne
Director of Accounts
Raleigh Orthopedic Clinic
Raleigh, North Carolina

"After our phone call last Thursday...thanks to your awesome help and guidance...I immediately started envisioning what was needed and moved forward vigorously in putting it all in place. My goal was to have everything in place and ready to go by Monday morning....goal accomplished....once again THANKS TO YOU!

I cannot thank you enough!!

I must once again say you are an absolutely awesome angel that has been sent my way! Thanks for being my personal coach!"
Lisa Reynaldo
American Title Company
San Bernadino, CA

"Bill is wonderfully personable, and I love his metaphors."
Elayne Savage
psychotherapist and author of the books, Don't Take It Personally and Breathing Room
Berkeley, CA

"Excellent and interesting talk! A wonderful, insightful and truly engaging speaker! Bill helped us stop and pay attention to ourselves as leaders."
Iris Kabert
Value Business Products
Gilroy, CA

"You demonstrated with your exercises, insights and solutions for our stressful work challenges why you are an expert in the psychology of workplace productivity. Your Mental Game Of Selling program is perfect for our busy sales professionals who want higher levels of productivity from the mental toughness you teach. That is absolutely vital in the sales game to gain the winning competitive edge. Finally, we have some concrete mental game tools to apply to our lives and careers! It's great to be able to identify and work with the fundamental processes behind the tactical and strategic games we play in business. It's very uplifting to know that with proper guidance, we can all be winners. I have no doubt that with your techniques, anything is possible! Once again, thank you for your professional efforts. We shall highly recommend you for future speaking engagements."
Barbara Dutra
Meeting Planner
Alain Pinel Real Estate
Saratoga, CA

"Bill Cole, MS, MA is one of the most brilliant negotiators in the business world today and he walked me through exactly how he does it. In just four coaching sessions with Bill, I went from being unassertive to becoming a powerful businesswoman. He showed me all the inside secrets for top-level deal making with CEO's.

Bill Cole was there every step of the way as I was in the middle of the biggest deal of my professional career, negotiating with some very powerful players. Bill made me realize that I am offering something EXTREMELY VALUABLE. Then he showed me how to demonstrate my value so that CEO's are compelled to offer large sums of money for the products I can create.

"Most importantly, I learned from Bill when to move forward and when to walk away from a deal to stay out of trouble -- to keep my self-respect and dignity at the end of the day. I can now carry these negotiating skills way beyond my career, when I buy my next house, or boat, or Lear jet!

Thank you Bill Cole, you're amazing!"
Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter
Stanford University Psychologist/Performance Expert
Keynote Speaker
Best-selling book author, YOUR PERFORMING EDGE
Winner, San Francisco Marathon 2nd - Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

"Your exercises made the concepts come alive for me. I have read many books on the mental game, but that learning is too passive. Active engagement like you teach really helps."
Chris Christensen
Vice President
Dallas, Texas

"You demonstrated that you are a true platform professional and veteran communications expert. Your program was excellent, and you hit a perfect bullseye of exactly what our people need to help them to perform at higher levels in their stressful and busy workdays. With your incisive, hard-hitting, in-the-moment solutions to our audience's questions about their work and life challenges, you clearly demonstrated why you are known as a personal and professional development expert. Your exceptional communication skills allowed an intimate interplay between the audience and yourself as you coached us right from the platform. Your methods and insights will cut years off our people's success learning curves! Your mental game approach to achievement and success is a message that should be heard by everyone. After your program, the audience made fourteen requests for your consulting, coaching and training, including four requests for another speech on similar topics. I'd call that a home run."
Steve Churchill
Central Coast Claims Association
San Jose, CA

"I consider running into you as a unique "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity. Makes me wonder - how many times we run into people, not recognizing how much more there is to learn from them. I am glad, at least this time, I had allowed myself to recognize the "gold-mine", i.e., your experience and capabilities, and am equally delighted you have responded to my call for executive coaching assistance."
Ravi Ravikumar
Vice President, Sector Leader
High Technology Practice

"Great tips on reducing office stress that I can use every day!"
Leslie Crowell
County Budget Director
Santa Clara County, CA

"Each time you present the Concentration Clinic, I learn an abundance of information. The information you gave us will help tremendously! The feedback has been outstanding!"
Steve Smith
Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"It is such a pleasure to have had you present as our Guest Speaker for our June Quarterly Meeting. You were fabulous! We have received so much positive feedback from the coaches who attended. We shall certainly look forward to our next opportunity to hear you speak again. We shall highly recommend you for other speaking engagements as well."
Shannon Seek Feher
Executive Chair
Professional And Personal Coaches Association
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

"SPECTACULAR!! The session was HIGH impact, DEEPLY thought-provoking and INTENSELY informational...It was EXCELLENT!!"
Paul Hulme
Founder/President/Owner of Alain Pinel Realtors
Largest Independent Real Estate Firm in the Western United States

"Thank you for the new set of valuable tools I can use with my own clients."
C. J. Hayden
Wings Business Coaching
San Francisco, CA

"Many thanks for the most fascinating ideas you shared with us...and thank you for all the truly beneficial help you have given me throughout the seminar...thank you for all the advice and ideas; they will surely benefit me throughout my life. Mostly thanks for the inspiration you have given me."
Fred Forman
Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"Bill's peak performance tools are easy to understand and use. I took home ideas I can use immediately."
Sandy Goodwin
Lifeline Presentations
Merced, CA

"Bill has found a way to help the 'performance-challenged'!! He knows how to reach the left-brainers with exercises and techniques that get us into 'the zone' quickly and help us stay there."
Melinda Chen
Bay Valley Technologies
Saratoga, CA

"You were so VERY informative and many of your concepts were new to me. You are ENCOURAGING, welcomed comments from the audience, and gave us SOLID information."
Michelle Quillin
Humorist Extrordinaire
Oakland, CA

"As before, your presentation was done in a professional and outstanding manner."
Craig Tiley
Assistant Director
Tyler College
Tyler, Texas

"Bill Cole presented his outstanding program, "Winning The Mental Game Of Selling" to our Chamber Of Commerce this past week. His program was very, very well-received. We just wish we had more time to learn from Bill. He clearly has deep knowledge about selling and peak performance and a wonderful ability to share that information so it is immediately useful and meaningful to all types of businesspeople. Bill is a personable, fun, friendly speaker who uses in the moment humor and observations to make his material come alive so it is memorable and meaningful for everyone. Everyone had a great time and learned a wealth of valuable information.

Bill Cole is a business-golf guru. He knows the mental game of selling and the mental game of golf inside and out. He has an amazing ability to take peak performance principles from sport, in this case golf, and relate them directly to sales so people "get it" and can begin using those concepts in their business right away. Bill goes far beyond talking about peak performance sales methods and techniques. He has people live them, so they own them.

Some of the enthusiastic endorsements from our participants included: "You were a huge hit with the group", "I was thoroughly impressed", It was great!", "Great program!", "I wanted the program to go all day!" and "You did a fabulous job!". The evaluations were fantastically positive and there were 20 requests for more information about his services and programs. That's quite a response! Bill knows how to connect with people- and how to teach others to do that. He gets right to the core of what people in sales need and gives them immediate bottom-line value. I highly recommend Bill Cole to any group that wants to learn from an authority in peak performance, especially in selling and in golf. Bill is a real gem!"
Tom Guarino
Chief Executive Officer
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

"You provided us with quick, easy-to-use exercises to help us get on our A-game"
Steve Gignilliat
Senior Manager
San Francisco, CA

"Mind over tennis balls is his story of success. This coach fine tunes mental strategies."
San Jose Mercury News Headline

"These are very good, effective guidelines and a solid program to make my presentations as powerful as possible."
Thornton Prayer
Life Coaching
Concord, CA

"Bill, thank you for your excellent writing, coaching and guidance with my speeches and presentations. Your help was invaluable in my political campaign."
Steve Poizner
Candidate for California Assembly District 21

"Bill brings his extensive experience and talent in coaching to inspire us and to achieve peak performance, then shows us the way."
John Rafael
WFDJ Consulting,
Alameda, CA

"Cole has experienced the pressure of tournament play in professional events in the US and Canada. He has investigated the mental side of the game through interviews with the world's top playing pros such as Harold Solomon, Guillermo Vilas, Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall."
The Woodlands Sun Newspaper
The Woodlands, Texas

"You didn't rely on materials and high tech--you relied on teaching! You taught us how to self-coach."
Jim Bogan
Revenue Manager
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina

"Bill covered a wide array of tools and kept the meeting interesting. Very practical and useful techniques!"
Suzanne Clark
Office Manager
Rick Stanley, MD
Albany, Oregon

"It was great!"
Ollie Becker
General Manager
American Golf Corporation
Hercules, CA

"Great Program!"
Cindy Osbourne
Ad Representative
Western Career College
San Leandro, CA

"I never, ever understood how meditation works until you taught us the exercises today."
Jan Flaata
Billing Supervisor
Orthopedic Clinic Associates
Phoenix, Arizona

"The shortest two hours I ever enjoyed."
Kathleen Foy
Office Supervisor
Orthopedic Clinic Associates
Phoenix, Arizona

"I realized that I put an incredible amount of pressure on myself to perform. These tools I learned today will allow me to perform more effectively."
Antoinette Finizio
Practice Administrator
Premier Orthopedic Associates
Vineland, New Jersey

"The tools you taught us for self-control today will be a valuable asset for my future."
Margie Burke
Practice Manager
Institute For Orthopedic and Nerve Surgery
Mishiwaka, Indiana

"You were the best thing in the conference -- I could have spent all day with you."
Jacquelynn Baker
Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center
Chesapeake, Virginia

"Thank you for pointing out what we should be paying attention to (the obvious!), yet we're all too busy."
Rachel Pacini
Northern California Orthopedic Center
Carmichael, California

"Bill kept us involved in the program and showed me peak performance strategies I can use at my job."
Londy Placencio
Long Beach, CA

A Master Interview and Media Coach...

"Bill Cole is not only an outstanding coach, he will give you the best advice, preparation and coaching you need to be at your best during all your interviews. What impressed me the most in him is that he does exactly what he teaches. He will observe you, and create a rapport with you, remembering everything you told him, and deciphering who you really are to create a plan that best prepares you for your tough interviews, and puts you in the best frame of mind to win the mind game that occurs during an interview. The advice, coaching and recommendations he teaches you are not mere words to him, but values that he follows and lives by. It was a real privilege to be coached by Mr. Cole and I know that you too will be impressed by his rare listening and motivational skills. And by the way, I got a great job after working with him."
Catherine Stevenson

"I took a series of classes on interview coaching with Bill, in preparation for my interview with the FBI, for Special Agent.

Bill was essential in helping me get though my interview. He helped me focus on my preparation, which in turn made me more confident, and this kept my anxiety and stress levels down. Bill was able to help me view the interview as an opportunity to show off my hard work as opposed to a stressful testing event. He was great at teaching me some tools to keep myself calm and relaxed throughout the interview. Bill also had some great insight with my interview stories and experiences that I prepped for the interview. He was able to give me some great tips to make my stories sound great, entertaining and still get my point across.

Bill is helpful, thoughtful, a great resource, great confidence builder and really makes you feel confident and prepared. I am really glad that I used Bill. I know that I was able to really perform with much more confidence and calmness, and that really helped my interview. He will help you with whatever you think you need assistance with."
I. R., FBI employee,
Los Angeles, California

"Thank you so much for your expert help in training me for my interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the position of Special Agent.

Your insights, techniques and special mock interview methods were exactly on target for the actual interview. Almost as if you had read the minds of the FBI interviewers, everything you and I covered in the interview coaching was in the real interview. The world of law enforcement interviewing is far different from the corporate interviewing I have done in the past. The interviews are more structured, faster-paced and more behavioral in nature. With your interview coaching, I felt 100% prepared and confident going into that high-pressure situation. The peak performance techniques you gave me worked wonderfully. I knew how to prepare my mind, body and emotions right before I went into the room and knew how to stayed centered and focused in delivering a relaxed, and in-the-moment performance. I appreciate your specialized insights of how law enforcement interviews work. I never would have known many of the little details and tricks of how to answer their questions. I went in with no fear of what they might ask since we had covered everything possible in our training.

The videotape you used in our sessions was invaluable. I learned that what you don't know about your body language can ruin an interview. Thank you for catching the smaller details of my posture, fidgeting and hand movements. As a result I was much smoother and professional-looking.

I could not have prepared so well for the FBI interview without your expert assistance. Thank you again for all you have done for me and my career."
W. C. Lao
Santa Clara, CA

"Bill Cole was helpful from the first minute we started media training coaching. He was insightful, supportive and clearly possessed a level of expertise and understanding that allowed us to be very productive. The net effect was that while on camera, I was rock solid confident that I knew how to come across, due to my training with Bill. I recommend him highly."
Ed Strachar

"Bill, I wanted to tell you how much you helped me prepare for the series of interviews I recently completed in seeking the position of Superintendent. Your assistance was invaluable in helping me achieve success in this job-seeking campaign.

Our sessions prior to each interview gave me a lot of confidence and helped me prepare in ways I couldn't have by myself. Thanks for coming over to my office that time on such short notice, and on a weekend! That's going the extra mile for your clients. I really appreciate it.

I used many of the things we had talked about. The 'interview mini-speeches' content we crafted and the facial expressions you helped me be aware of, including "smiles" was very, very helpful. Our videotape sessions were eye-opening! You helped me know what to expect once in the interview, and how to turn the stress into peak performance. I felt very calm once I got through the very first question. You are a great coach! So, thanks to you for all of your support and helpful feedback. Once the dust settles, I know I would like to call upon you again--there will be many speaking opportunities and I would like to continue to work on my skills in this area.

I will certainly recommend you to other people who could use your expert coaching. Many thanks again for all your help and your great coaching."
Suzanne Boxer-Gassman, Ed. D.
Los Gatos Union School District

"As a Stanford performance expert and credentialed sports psychologist who worked with top athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Greece, I was looking for the best media coach possible to help me prepare for my international interviews on major TV networks -- BBC, ABC, Fox News, and Associated Press Radio.

Choosing to work with Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach, is without a doubt, one of the best decisions I've ever made. His brilliant media coaching, including scripting, clever sound bytes, media strategies, and performance methods helped me to feel prepared for anything that might happen during my national TV interviews. The mock interviews we did helped me to think through and craft my material to the reporter's needs. With Bill's expertise, I learned how to play the media game and feel comfortable in high pressure media situations.

As a result of our intensive coaching, the TV interviews went extremely well. I felt relaxed and ready, I was confident with my material and delivery. The reporters loved the sound bytes that we created, and I got national and international exposure that I never thought possible. Bill Cole knows the media well and he is fun and a joy to work with. I always enjoy our sessions. He comes up with some amazingly clever phrases that keep the media coming back again and again.

Bill is an expert at creating and building good relationships with his clients and with the media. While in Greece at the Olympic Games, I was interviewed by the Associated Press Radio. This interview was syndicated and broadcast to over 5,000 stations worldwide. I've done repeat interviews with the BBC-TV and ABC, as well as the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

I highly recommend Bill Cole's media coaching services to anyone who wants more positive exposure to skyrocket their career. If you really want to see IMMEDIATE and SIGNIFICANT results, Bill Cole, the Mental Game Coach is the best resource in the business. His coaching was well worth the investment."
JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D
Keynote Speaker
Best-selling book author, YOUR PERFORMING EDGE
Winner, San Francisco Marathon
Stanford Performance Expert

Some Of Our Valued Clients

Alain Pinel Real Estate
Allstate Insurance
American Society of Anesthesiologists
Dennis Barnes, independent sales professional
Bay Area Speaker Services
Suzanne Boxer-Gassman, Ed. D.,
Superintendent, Los Gatos Union School District
The Bradbury Group
Buck Enterprises of Louisiana
Business Speakers By The Bay
Dancers and parents from the world-famous Butler-Fearon-O'Connor School of Irish Dance
California Association For Homes and Services For the Aging (CAHSA)
California Society Of Anesthesiologists
Central Coast Claims Association
Cramer-Krasselt Advertising Agency
CSU-Fullerton Men's Golf Team
CSU-Fullerton School of Business Management
CSU-Fullerton Women's Volleyball Team
CSU-Long Beach Department of Psychology
Dane Petchul Productions of Irvine
de Clifford International Ltd.
Deer Cross Publishing
Dig2Way Cellular
Bette DiGirolamo (www.mentalstrategies.com)
Dr. Koo Training
Erie Community College
Expressions of Excellence
Guy Weinhold Productions of Austin
Jim Howe Productions of Newport Beach
IBM Sports Club
Israeli Davis Cup Team
Ivory Kalber
Linear Technology Corporation
Life Coaching
Lifeline Presentations
Lithocraft, Inc.
Robert Mack Productions
The Mance Group
National Society of Orthopaedic Administrators
   The National Speakers Association of Northern California
New York State Association For HPER
Oakland LaughLovers Toastmasters club
Dr. John Piscopo
Personal and Professional Coaches Association
Personal Financial Services Company
Steve Poizner Campaign for California State Assembly
California State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner
Robert Rao Campaign for California State Assembly
Raveneaux Country Club of Houston
S. P. Richards Company
The San Francisco Group
San Jose City College
San Jose Leadership Council
San Jose State University
San Jose State Women's Golf team
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce
Saratoga-Cupertino Developmental Travel Baseball Team
Saratoga High School Baseball Team
Self-Leadership Seminars
Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club
Shea Real Estate Inc.
Robert Shepardson and Associates
Silicon Valley Health and Wellness Institute
Stanford University Baseball Team
State University of New York
Joe Thiel World Wide Golf Schools
Time Marketing, Inc.
Too Hot To Handle®
Total Performance Hockey School
Tyler College
U.S. Sports Development, Inc.
Erik Weihenmayer
Western Career College
WFDJ Consulting
Sarah Will
The Wright Choice
The Woodlands Inn and Resort
Pat Yates Associates
Yoriwa, Inc.

We have provided international coaching and consultation services for hundreds of individuals to help them become peak performers in their chosen fields of business, sports and other endeavors. Some of these include:

Marketing professionals
Independent sales professionals
Corporate sales professionals
Public speakers
Young athletes
College athletes
Professional athletes
Parents of athletes
School administrators
Product specialists
Media professionals
Small business owners
CEOs of large corporations
Psychologists and MFT's
Personal and life coaches
Real estate professionals
Electrical engineers
Safety engineers
Social service employees
Big five consulting firm professionals
Computer professionals
Software engineers
Printers and publishers
Sports club owners
Venture capitalists
Public administrators
Governmental employees
Mortgage brokers
Financial professionals

Bill has provided sports psychology coaching and consulting in over 50 sports.

Acrobatic Skydiving
Alpine Skiing
Artistic Roller Skating
Dirt Bike Racing
Distance Running
Downhill Skiing
Equestrian Sports

Extreme Sports
Fitness & Weight Training
Ice Climbing
Ice Figure Skating
Long Distance Biking
Marathon Running
Martial Arts
Modern Pentathlon
Mountain Biking
Olympic Weightlifting

Rock Climbing
Slot Car Racing
Sports Guiding For The Blind
Table Tennis
Track And Field
Water Polo
Water Skiing

He has taught, coached and consulted with athletes from the ages of 6 to 75. He's worked with beginners, junior-high, high school, college, amateur, elite and international pro athletes.

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Clients include baseball players
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