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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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""I worked with Bill when I was studying for my ophthalmology board exam, a huge career mile marker and one that was making me fearful and anxious. I knew that I needed to take control of my mindset in order to study effectively and perform at my peak level on exam day. I also knew that I needed some help. I turned to Bill and couldnít be happier that I did. He is an extraordinary coach. Bill explains complicated concepts in easy-to-understand ways, and has a calm and confident demeanor that settles even the most anxious nerves. I drew calm and confidence from my phone sessions with Bill. And the skills that I developed during my conversations with him, including visualization techniques, paid off big time when I was studying for my board exam and when I arrived on exam day. The mental game that Bill helped me get a handle on filled me with deep-seated confidence when it came time for me to take the exam. I felt like I was ďin the zoneĒ during the entire 4-hour, 250 multiple-choice question endeavor. At times, I actually caught myself enjoying the experience of taking the exam. In my mind, passing was a foregone conclusion. When I found out that I did pass, it was one of the best moments of my life. And I couldnít have done it without the strategies and insights that I learned from Bill ColeóIím sure of that."
Stephen A. Blatt, MD
Board-Certified Ophthalmologist
Chicago, Illinois

"Bill Cole has not only helped me, but also has supported family members and friends for mental game coaching over the years. He has been an invaluable resource for the mind in academic, personal, and professional settings. The results speak for themselves: test scores have risen to ultimately obtain scholarship funding, interview skills have progressed for new opportunities, and aspirational jobs have been secured by loved ones.

I first approached Bill several years ago in response to my struggles on the GMAT assessment for entry into business school to study an MBA. Together we reviewed the diagnosis of my issues to jointly identify the core problems and develop associated solutions. Bill took the time to actively listen, carefully understand, and provide tailored feedback based on the breadth and depth of his extensive experience across domains as varied as sports, sales, interviews, public speaking, and test-taking. As a matter of fact, he has written the books and authored the assignments used during and between meetings to teach and reinforce lessons. I appreciated that he was genuinely invested in my success and easily adapted to diverse needs.

Bill taught me the test-taking strategies and tactics to remain calm, centered, concentrated, and resilient in high-pressure situations to perform to the best of my abilities on the exam. We covered breathing techniques for stress management and energy control with visualization exercises and routines to build the necessary confidence for consistency in my performance. His advice was practical and actionable, such as the need to expose myself to the same tensions in practice tests in order to reproduce the conditions of the actual exam. Eventually I learned how to regulate negative self-talk and overcome perfectionism for more effective execution.

Following our sessions, I managed to significantly increase my GMAT score by +80 points from a 61st to an 83rd percentile! The improved marks would allow me to turn around previous application rejections, and eventually secure scholarship funding for an MBA at the University of Oxford.

More recently, we have worked on interview preparation and delivery through storytelling, self-awareness, and frequently asked questions. Iím now able to better articulate my narrative and value proposition in consulting engagements and employer conversations. Altogether the coaching and training have positively spilled over into other areas of life, from team management to presentations and interpersonal relations. Iím grateful for Bill Coleís services and would recommend them to anyone encountering mindset challenges in the pursuit of their ambitions."
Matthew Morgan, MBA
Management Consultant

"Hi Bill, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really appreciated all the time you spent with me, especially on such a short notice. I thank you for all the coaching you provided. Also, wanted to let you know that it was time well spent. I PASSED THE EXAM : ) Yeah!!! ... I have been notified of the results, and needless to say, I was THRILLED! Thanks again Bill!"
Joan Huang
Silicon Valley, California

"Bill Cole is a pioneer in performance psychology."
USA Today

"A world-renowned peak performance coach."

"Bill Cole is a mind guru...he is among the elite mental game peak performance experts in this country."
American Society of Anesthesiologists

"I was surprised at what a huge difference there could be between my former nervous approach to studying for the MCAT and how I am now! The focusing exercises we did really allowed me to read and comprehend questions better. I no longer rush and feel a sense of urgency. I'm much more in the "Now". It's like I'm a new person. I actually enjoy studying and I no longer fear taking tests. Thank you so much!"
Ted Collins
Albany, New York

"I took an SAT prep course and that was good. What you taught me was different. No one ever told me these mental things before. Now I can calm myself, prevent panic, think more clearly, solve problems better and keep my energy from burning out. I used to get exhausted in standardized exams. You helped me see that it was my anxiety that was depleting my energy reserves. I wish I knew about your relaxation and mental concentration methods before. They really help!"
Lulu Zheng
Seattle, Washington

"The LSAT was scaring me so much I could barely concentrate. The test was way far away but I was still a nervous wreck. I couldn't sleep, it was affecting the rest of my studies, I was preoccupied all the time, and I could not relax. I really appreciate you working with me Bill, because now I understand how the mind can play tricks on us and causes us so much stress. The Benson's Relaxation Response and the Quieting Reflex methods you taught me worked wonders for me. I never understood meditation before and couldn't do it at all until you showed me how. My ADHD is very hard to handle and I still have an ADHD coach I see, but you were so much more effective at helping me focus and calm down!"
Louise Chang
Phoenix, Arizona

"The most frustrating part of my messing up the FINRA Series 6 Exam was that I actually really knew the material! I was blocking myself when I got in the exam and I had no ways to recover mentally to get back on track. Your methods helped me identify my stress early, take countermeasures and then to maintain mental and emotional balance so I could think and recall what I needed. I can't thank you enough Bill."
Howard Chen
San Diego, California

"The Master Sommelier Diploma Examination is incredibly demanding. Details to the max. And loads of pressure. I love this field, but I used to hate these exams. You gave me a brand new outlook on these tests. Now I have the mental skills in place to manage the pressure and stay focused in my practice exams and in the real thing. I still don't love the pressure, but I can handle it! Thank you!"
Tom O'Donnell
Denver, Colorado

"The Architect Registration Examination was frustrating me to no end. It was a very emotional experience leading up to it, taking it, and also the aftermath. I dreaded it all. You gave me peace of mind with this whole thing. The mental skills you taught me will stay with me a lifetime as I go through my career. I can't thank you enough!"
Chris Perry
Portland, Oregon

"I was struggling with many of my classes and didn't know what to do. I'm so glad my parents found you and we got to connect! I liked how you explain things clearly and simply. What you said made sense. I could put the focusing and stress reduction techniques you gave me to immediate use. I still use them even now. I'm doing far better in the sciences now and might even have a chance at medical school!"
Terry Bratton
Miami, Florida

"Thank you for helping calm my nerves for the bar exam! I used to be a real basket case! I should have worked with you earlier, even during law school!"
Tony Morrison
Dallas, Texas

"I was so frustrated because I knew the material well at home and in practice exams, but I'd lock up in the real thing. I'd be frozen, and my mind would just shut down. You showed me how to actually relax myself and regain self-control. Everyone in pre-med is smart, and I am too, but I just was not reaching my potential on exams. That's all changed now, and I have you to thank."
Robert Templeton
Syracuse, New York

"When my Dad told me he wanted me to work with you, I didn't know what to think. But you were my last resort, so I went for it. Engineering is a hard major and I was sinking fast with my grades. I had tried the Calm and Head Space apps and they didn't work for me. My Mom had me try Yoga, and that bored me. I read a book on anxiety management but that didn't help. I even had meditation instruction in high school and the teachers never explained it like you did. But your mental techniques to remove my anxiety worked right away. Your methods are so simple and easy to do, I could barely believe it. Your breathing and mental relaxation techniques are straightforward and effective. I want to thank you for your kind, patient guidance in helping me overcome my anxiety with test-taking. I used to get so wound up and nervous I could barely focus. I'd freeze up and my mind would go blank. My grades are far better and I no longer fear exam time. Thank you!"
Wen Lee
Chicago, Illinois

"The GRE exam was really intimidating me. I was even putting off studying I was so scared of it. I had good grades historically, but I had never been very good at standardized tests. All that changed after you showed me why I had anxiety and how to correct it. The mindfulness exercise helped probably the most. It helped me see that the anxious thoughts I was having were actually manageable. The other thing that helped a lot was all the different breathing exercises you had me do. I have even used what you taught me when I've made presentations and in job interviews! Thank you again Bill."
Alice Huang
Amherst, New York

"Thank you Mr. Cole for all your help! Now I can finally concentrate and stay calm under the pressure of my exams. You're the first person who has been able to help me do this and I am very grateful!"
Undergrad College Student
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"We are so glad you were able to help our daughter get through her high school science and math classes. We were at our wits ends and did not know what to do. Your coaching was so helpful. You not only taught her mental relaxation and focusing skills for school, but for life as well!"
Parents of a Junior High Student
Boston, Massachusetts

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help on my licensing exam! The calming strategies and "here and now" exercises you gave me were invaluable. I'm going to use what you taught me with my own clients."
Los Angeles, California

"Thank you Mr. Cole for your so helpful mental strategies on test stress. As you know, I was struggling in school, but since learning your system of mindfulness, breathing, positivity, mental preparation, visualization and self-compassion, my grades have completely turned around! I enjoy school more now and have hope that I can enter the career of my choosing now! I will always be so grateful to you for your help!! Thank you again!"
Tina Lee
Hong Kong

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