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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinder’s Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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"Bill has found a way to help the 'performance-challenged'!! He knows how to reach the left-brainers with exercises and techniques that get us into 'the zone' quickly and help us stay there."
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"He clearly has deep knowledge about selling and peak performance and a wonderful ability to share that information so it is immediately useful and meaningful to all types of businesspeople."
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Virtually every article has been directly applied to business topics such as sales, customer service, workplace efficiency, team-building, time management, stress control, self-coaching and personal excellence. Bill has personally interviewed hundreds of world-class athletes, coaches, executives, artists, writers, musicians, military personnel, academicians, actors, sales people, customer service people and leaders from all walks of life to tap their achievement wisdom and secrets of success.

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Achievement, Productivity, Motivation and Success

Do You Walk The Talk? The Mental Game Of Success.

Championship world-class superstars walk the talk of excellence, achievement and peak performance. Champions are accountable and know what it takes to get to the top and to stay there. Learn 10 key attributes of these super-achievers and how you can emulate them in your personal life and career life. 665 words.

The Fear Of Success: How To Overcome It.

Is the fear of success real? How could anyone possibly fear such a wonderfully positive thing as success? As strange as it sounds, many people do fear success. This fear holds them back from achieving their goals and dreams. It may sound more reasonable to fear failure, and not to fear success. What is this all about? Here are some reasons people fear success. Think these through and you'll begin to resolve these issues within yourself. 593 words

The Mental Game Of Personal Achievement: Reach Your Goals Like The Superachievers.

How would you rate yourself on personal productivity? Top achievers have a systematic plan for motivation, self-coaching and focusing on successful behaviors. Learn the 10 special ways top producers are able to drive themselves up the ladder of success. 782 words.

Championship Superstar Athletes: What Makes Them Tick?

Who is your all-time favorite star athlete? What is inside them that drives them to the heights? All great athletes have common attributes that propel them to be excellent. Learn 10 characteristics common to all superstars and how you can develop them yourself to grow and achieve more than you ever thought possible. 670 words.

How Superstars Reach Their Goals: How We Can Reach Ours.

Are superstars born or made? How do they succeed so often? How do they dream so big and achieve so big? Learn the 8 secrets superstars have that you can start using now. Let them tell you what it takes to make it in the big-time. 749 words.

The Mental Game Of Success: Winning The Game Of Life.

Learn these 12 principles and laws of training, performing and winning in sport and use them to succeed more in your life. Find out how top performers raise their games under pressure, how they play to win and avoid playing not-to-lose. 750 words.

The Mental Game Of Creativity: How Innovative Are You?

How creative are you? Do you regularly use creativity-enhancing techniques? Do you often set aside time to be creative? Are you good at problem-solving and also good at being innovative in creating new things? In trying to solve a problem, do you often feel stuck? When negotiating, or when in conflict with someone, do you find yourself on a mental treadmill, endlessly repeating the same ineffective thinking patterns? If you answered yes to any of these, you might be experiencing cognitive rigidity. You may not be using your creative powers to their fullest. Becoming more creative can open up your options to help you solve problems better, and it can make you become more innovative. This article discusses three famous figures in the field of creativity and provides 25 mental strategies to help you become a better problem solver, more creative and more innovative. 3516 words.

Winning The Mental Game Of Self-Management: How Peak Performers Get Control Of Their Lives.

Is your work and life organization out of control? Do you read all the time management books but still never seem to have enough time? Take a page out of the peak performer's book of life and hear what they do to organize, choose tasks wisely, execute well, achieve highly and enjoy their success at the same time. 725 words

Winning The Mental Game Of Time-Management: The Psychology Of Personal Productivity.

Do you feel that the pace of life is sometimes more than you can handle? Do you feel even more at a loss for time after "getting organized"? Today's world of hyper-communication demands that we be accessible by phone, fax, beeper and all things high tech that seem to come on the scene daily. Here's how to get organized. 720 words.

Winning The Mental Game Of Project Management: How To Improve Personal Productivity.

What rating do you give yourself on personal productivity? Do you have a systematic plan for improving your effectiveness in your daily work? Superachieving business people and athletes know what it takes to motivate themselves, stay on track, maintain focus in the face of obstacles and drive forward to completion of their vision and dreams. Top ten tips of how superstars do this. 795 words.

The Paradox Of Success: Is There A Downside To Winning?

How can being a success possibly be a problem? Don't we all want to be winners? In fact, there are potentially negative consequences in achieving our goals and in being known as a successful person. This article takes a look at the 20 paradoxical factors in success and formulates some strategies to deal with the inevitable challenges that surround anyone who strives for success. 796 words

Do More Than Just Win: How To Set Goals That Make You A Winner – All The Time.

How often do you evaluate your sport competition, speech, interview, job evaluation, class tests and papers in win-loss terms? Either you succeeded or you failed? Either you won or you lost? Isn't this an unhappy, pressure-packed way to go through life? Is there a better way? Top performers use internal goals, called process goals or performance goals, in these specific ways. 790 words.

Are You Beating The Success Trap? How Do You Define Success? What Are You Doing To Achieve It?

Are you living the life you want? Are you settling for less than a full, vibrant existence? Are you living someone else's definition of success? What is your definition of a successful life? Read this article to discover how to avoid false happiness, redefine success your way, and continually reinvent yourself so you can follow your bliss and create true meaning in your life. Bill Cole interviews Ed Brodow, the author of the book Beating the Success Trap, to discover these answers. Brodow tells how anyone can be a winner in life if they live life on their own terms and realize that "life is not a trial run" -- it's the real deal. 607 words.

Take This Personal Life Assessment – Achieve More, And Gain More Life Satisfaction

Are you satisfied with the velocity, quality and level of your achievements? Are you living a full, satisfying existence? What makes you happy and helps you reach your full potential? This tool can help you quickly discover your personal strengths and pinpoint those areas you still need to work on. Take this 69-item personal assessment and discover what's holding you back from reaching your full life's potential. 874 words.

10 Productivity-Boosting Habits of Successful People

Do you have co-workers or acquaintances that seem to get more done in one day than you do in a week? Productivity often boils down to well-ingrained work habits that help maximise time and improve the chances of a successful outcome. By following the tips in this article, you'll find you can boost your productivity at work and improve your chances of success. 596 words.

Peak Performance, Performance Enhancement and Mental Toughness

Performance Rituals: Powerful Pre-Event Routines Help You Perform To Your Potential.

Athletes, sales people, teachers, public speakers, media people and anyone else who "officially performs" successfully uses pre-performance routines or rituals. This article tells why you need them, how they work, and reveals the top 20 strategies peak performers use to psych up for top performances. 888 words.

Psyching Up For Greatness: 7 Pre-Event Mental Preparation Strategies.

Do you ever wonder why you perform with excellence one day and can't get out of your own way the next? The answer might lie in how you prepare. To not prepare is to begin to fail, but psyching up with purpose can light the fire of greatness inside you. Here are seven top tips to get you focused and ready to take on the world-for any task or performance. 414 words.

The Twenty Most Dangerous Myths About Peak Performance.

In what arenas do you want to perform better? To improve your performance abilities, you need to recognize, understand and be able to avoid the myths surrounding performance. Top performers have seen all the traps, pitfalls and blind alleys about performing, and have devised methods to overcome them to be able to sustain high levels of performance under all adverse conditions. Why are these myths dangerous? If you don't handle them, they will creep into your performances and sabotage you. And you may not even know that's happening. Learn to avoid these twenty peak performance myths and you will immediately see your performances soar. 1887 words.

Are You Winning The Self-Discipline Game? How To Get More Out Of Yourself Every Day.

Are you happy with your productivity? Could you get more out of yourself on a daily basis? Do you have a system for creating more self-discipline in your life and for becoming better at achieving your goals? Learn about the special system top achievers use to reach for the stars. 760 words.

Mental Toughness The Navy Way: How the U. S. Naval Academy Teaches Future Military Officers to Be Mentally Tough.

The United States military has historically done a very good job of instilling mental toughness in its people. Military officers in particular require stringent mental toughness in order to perform and lead to their utmost under pressure. The U. S. Navy has a time-tested, rigorous system of ingraining that mental discipline in its Naval officers. This article examines how this is accomplished, starting at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. 2714 words.

Sports Psychology, Mental Training, Mental Fitness and Mind Tools

Bill Cole is also the Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association (www.mentalgamecoaching.com) , an organization dedicated to advancing the research, development, professionalism and growth of mental game coaching worldwide. Go there to read hundreds of additional free articles on sports psychology.

IMGCA has the world's largest collection of mental game articles from experts around the world, including leading-edge strategies on the mental game, mental training, peak performance, sports psychology, sports psychiatry, sports philosophy, sports sociology, sports medicine, human performance, exercise psychology, stress control, youth sports, motor learning, sports coaching, teaching, teamwork, sports ethics, mind-body disciplines and human movement.

Sport Psychology: A Short History And Overview Of A Field Whose Time Has Come, And How It Can Help You In Your Sport

This article gives you an overview of the field of sport psychology. This exciting field addresses critical sport learning and performance areas such as mental readiness, concentration, motivation, teamwork, communication, the zone and managing a sport career. Discover ten ways sport psychology can help you as an athlete, as a parent of an athlete, or as a coach. 1244 words.

Do You Have a Sport Psychologist On Your Success Team? Discover What This Mental Game Coach Can Do For You

Top professional athletes and coaches know how important it is to have a solid mental game. In pro golf alone, it's been estimated that over 80% of men and women pro golfers use a sport psychologist or mental game coach. Here are seven major ways you can utilize a sport psychologist to help you improve faster, and create sustainable success in your sport. 567 words.

What Does A Sport Psychology Consultant Do? Do You Need This Specialized Mental Advisor?

This article gives you a broad overview of the world of sport psychology consultants. You will learn who uses sport psychology consultants, how they operate, and what they can do for you. A sport psychology consultant addresses critical sport learning and performance areas such as mental readiness, concentration, motivation, teamwork, communication, the zone and managing a sport career. Discover the many ways a sport psychology consultant can help you as an athlete, as a parent of an athlete, or as a coach. 1672 words.

Do You Need A Mental Coach?

A mental coach helps you learn faster, groove your skills better, and perform consistently under pressure, when it counts most, in competitive arenas. A mental coach helps to improve an athlete's mental readiness, focus, ability to relax, energy and emotional control, mental control of thoughts and images, and all other mental factors involved in training and performance. This article helps you discover how a mental coach can help you reach more of your athletic dreams. 783 words.

How To Hire A Mental Toughness Coach

This article tells you how to select a mental toughness coach. Whoever you hire as your mental toughness coach needs to have experienced what you are experiencing as an athlete. They also need to have had success themselves as coaches, teachers, researchers and academically. Learn the six things you want to look for when you are researching a mental toughness coach so you can make your hiring decision with peace of mind. 871 words.

Are You Using Mental Training?

Do you have the right mental approach in your sport? Are you playing head games to your advantage? As a leading mental game coach, I use mental training in my practice to help my athlete clients achieve higher levels of success in their learning, training and performances. How about you? Are you using mental training to enhance your sport success? Let's discover what it is all about. Here are five aspects of mental training I suggest you incorporate into your game. 548 words.

A Mental Training System Checklist: 50 Mental Game Tools Peak Performers Use.

What mental tools do you have in your peak performer's tool kit that will propel you to excellence? Peak performers have a wide array of mental technologies to help them overcome obstacles, prepare for performances, and review and adjust their mental game. Here's a list of superior psychological tools you can use to create your own custom mental training system. 748 words

How's Your Mental Fitness? Take This Quiz And And Find Out.

How fit do you consider yourself? You can be fit in any number of arenas--financial, health, physical, etc. But have you ever thought about the level of your mental fitness? Have you stopped to consider that it might make sense to take an inventory of your mental wellness? Take this quiz and find out your MFQ--your Mental Fitness Quotient. 730 words.

Myths About Sports Psychology: 32 Misconceptions About The Mental Game Of Sports Explained.

Sport is a mind game. A place where a small difference in mental powers often makes a big difference between winning and losing. The field of sports psychology can help athletes and coaches succeed faster and achieve higher sports goals than they ever dreamed possible, but there are many myths and mysteries surrounding this fascinating field. This article examines 32 sport psychology myths and offers facts and analysis to shed new light on age-old misinformation and misunderstandings. 2858 words.

Why Are Some Athletes Reluctant To Use Sports Psychologists?

Many people are reluctant to go to a physician out of fear. Many athletes also steer clear of sports psychologists out of fear, and worse, the social stigma that still exists when asking for mental help. When an athlete does call a sports psychologist, it is often when all else has failed, they have an important event coming up, and they need mental help--fast. Virtually every college, national, professional and Olympic sports team has a sports psychologist on staff and countless individual professional athletes work closely with sports psychology consultants. Learn the 72 reasons athletes avoid sports psychologists. Discover the many benefits of sports psychology training, and what to expect in a sports psychology session. 6602 words.

The Mental Game of Wellness – Living a Life of Sustainable Fulfillment

Someone who has a strong mental game of wellness operates on a higher plateau than from basic mental health and lack of dysfunction. A person who is in the zone around wellness is operating at a high level of excellence in all spheres of their life. They are on their mental game. They are positive minded, optimistic, full of energy and living life to its fullest. This article examines the top ten aspects of the mental game of wellness. 723 words.

The Psychology Of Tennis – Discover This Secret Edge For Your Game

Three of the biggest legends in pro tennis history -- John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and Jim Courier -- all say that the psychology of tennis is critical to their success. How about you? Do you use it to get that special edge? Here are eight major ways you can utilize the psychology of tennis to help you improve faster and create more sustainable success in your tennis. 491 words.

Do You Use Tennis Psychology? Use Your Mind The Right Way and Win

Top tennis professionals know how critical tennis psychology is to their success. The smart players know it, use it to their advantage, and are continually learning more about it. Here are seven major ways you can utilize tennis psychology to help you improve faster, and create sustainable success in your tennis. 485 words.

Create A Mindset For Winning At Tennis – Your Competitive Nature Can Be One Of Your Biggest Weapons

This article presents competition tips to help you tune your mind up to compete at your best. Included are examples of behavior to avoid and questions to ask yourself about your competitive attitude. 870 words.

Take This Mental Game Of Sports Assessment – Discover What's Holding You Back From Playing Your Best

What factors prevent you from playing your best game? Why aren't you fully confident and self-assured every time you step into the competitive sports arena? Why can't you enter the zone at will, and stay there under pressure? Do you know why you practice well, but consistently under-perform in a real contest? Perhaps you have stress, personal, practice, mental, coaching, parent, or communication issues that negatively affect your sport performances. Take this quick 65-item assessment and discover what's holding you back from reaching your full sports potential. 921 words.

Leadership, Managing and Coaching

Do You Need A Therapist Or A Coach? The Differences Between Therapy And Coaching And How To Know Which Professional You Should Choose.

This article describes 23 differences between coaches and therapists with regard to their training, background, focus and philosophy so you can decide which professional you need to hire to advance your goals. In addition, there are nine warning signals of how to tell if you may need a therapist, not a coach. 1425 words.

What's a Mental Game Coach?

You're familiar with psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, peak performance coaches and sport psychologists, but you may be wondering, what's a mental game coach? Read this in-depth article about how to choose the best type of this unique, specialized mind coach who will help you reach more of your potential in business, sports and life itself. 2004 words.

Do You Need An Executive Coach?

Do you have a special competitive edge in your career? Smart executives and professionals have a trusted advisor who can help them navigate the ins and outs of personal and professional life so they can keep stress low and burnout at bay. An executive coach can raise executive awareness and assist in devising peak performance strategies to create invaluable career velocity and momentum. Read this article to learn the 16 reasons executives and professionals make executive coaches an integral part of their success team. 1790 words.

Why Hire A Coach? Ten Terrific Reasons.

A tennis coach, golf coach, swim coach, personal coach, business coach, executive mentor, financial planner, personal trainer, sport psychology coach. What do all these coaches have in common? Why work with a coach? A coach won't do the work for you, but here are ten top tips how a coach can help launch you to the next level. 373 words.

The Top Ten Core Coaching Principles To Win The Mental Game Of Coaching.

What are the core principles of great coaching? How does a highly effective coach operate with a client? How does a coach help a client get the most out of themselves? These answers depend on the coach, the client and many other factors. This article gives you Bill Cole's top ten core features that all good coaches have in common. 366 words.

The Top 15 Characteristics Of Excellent Coaches: Winning The Mental Game Of Coaching.

What makes for an excellent coach? Is it something that can be learned, or are great coaches born? Of the coaches you've had, what made them stand out? Read this article to discover Bill Cole's view of the top 15 characteristics of excellent coaches. 400 words.

Peak Performance Training For The Coach: Get In The Flow!

How can you as a coach bring the world of peak performance to bear upon your life and your work? How can you embrace the ethic and abilities of the peak performer to raise the level of your entire life's functioning on a daily basis? How can you help your clients to become their own best coaches? How is your own mental game? Learn the secrets peak performing coaches use to inspire others. 1226 words.

How Coachable Are You? The Mental Game Of Self-Coaching.

How well do you learn from your own experience? How coachable do you think you are? Do you actively use one of the most powerful tools in the peak performers armamentarium, self-coaching? The secrets of self-awareness as applied to coaching are revealed here. 790 words.

The Art Of Leadership: Beyond The Nuts And Bolts Of Managing.

Volumes have been written about the MBA-driven attributes of top business leaders. These are the button-down, rigorously mandated strictures of executive leadership that every "proper" leader shall possess. But is there more than this neat list when it comes to leading others? Yes. There's an art to leadership. Learn the 15 inner qualities that top leaders possess. 589 words.

The Top Ten Characteristics Of Excellent Leaders: The Mental Game Of Business.

What makes a good leader? What have people who have led you done that you admired? What qualities should more leaders possess? What are the most valuable qualities a leader should possess? What are the most basic qualities a leader should own? Most of us would agree that we need to respect a leader we would follow. Some leaders have feet of clay, but we might follow them anyway. What are the qualities that might disqualify someone from being a leader? Read this list and discover the top ten characteristics of excellent leaders. 261 words.

The Top Ten Daily Questions Excellent Leaders Ask Themselves: The Mental Game Of Leadership.

Do top level, highly effective executives think differently than lower level, less experienced executives? Do top-notch leaders have different thought processes than those who are less accomplished? The answer is yes to both these questions. Read this article to learn how the mental game of top-achieving leaders differs from the approach of those with less experience. Learn the top ten key questions to ask yourself daily that can propel you into the ranks of highly accomplished leaders and executives. 255 words.

When Leaders Don't Lead: The Consequences, Causes, and Cures for Leadership Failure.

Leaders who fail to provide true and proper command, inspiration and strategic vision for their company leave a battered organization. They delude themselves and mislead others within a losing legacy. This article examines the causes of squandered leadership opportunities and offers solutions for salvaging the leadership imperative: strategic planning and mental toughness. 1045 words.

Take This Executive Leadership Assessment – Discover Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Are you satisfied with the velocity, quality and level of your achievements? Are you a respected leader who gets results? Are you reaping the benefits from all your hard work in the executive suite? Is there more you want from your career? This tool can help you quickly discover your executive strengths and pinpoint those areas you still need to work on. Take this 73-item executive assessment and discover what's holding you back from reaching your full life's potential. 875 words.

Organizational Development And Team-Building

The Art Of Team-Building: How Leaders Can Win The Mental Game In The Workplace.

How well are your teams performing? The traditional way leaders built teams may not work anymore. Modern team-building approaches are needed. If you want your teams to rise to their potential, you have to approach team-building from a different mind set. Here are 12 executive leadership strategies for building a world-class team that can compete with anyone. 598 words.

What Makes Peak-Performing Teams Tick? How Leaders Can Win The Mental Game Of Coaching.

Not all teams are created equal. Some teams clearly are better than others. Keeping in mind there are various definitions of teams and their purposes, we can paint a fairly clear picture of what we want in the ideal team. Here are 17 things we know that peak-performing teams have in common. 498 words.

Peak Performance In The Workplace: The New Corporate Ethic.

Corporations today are committed to helping organizations empower their people with high-performance work styles. People who are identified as peak performers, even in high stress environments have mastered the skills top achievers in all disciplines possess. The secrets of renewing oneself in a high-stress world are revealed in this cogent work. 1899 words.

Coaching Superstar Teams: The Mental Game Of Team-Building.

Did you know that you might be a team-building coach but may not know it? If you influence others as a group, you are a team coach. You might be a parent and coach your kids. You might be a manager and coach your subordinates. You probably coach teams more than you realize. Learn ten mental game success strategies that team-building experts use to help their teams reach for greatness. 711 words

Strategies For Optimal Team Functioning: How To Reduce Conflict At Work.

How well are your work teams functioning? Are they reaching their potential? Are they fighting and imploding? Or are they a business asset? As leader, what is your role in their success? All teams, even superbly functioning ones, have some conflict. Your job as leader is to assist them in surmounting these inevitable troubles. This article describes how to analyze the potential problems in your teams before they happen, and to devise plans and systems for successfully dealing with these normal issues before they become business liabilities. Your role as leader calls upon you to be a catalyst, orchestrator, cheerleader, counselor, coach, consultant and organizer. This article shows you how. 763 words

Winning The Mental Game of Stress: Preventing Team Burnout at Work.

Why do some work teams soar and succeed and others crash and burn? Why do some teams eat stress for lunch and others let simple stress cause bad work digestion all day? The answer, in part, may be in the team leader recognizing the early signs of stress and burnout and having a plan for dealing with these problems. Your mandate as team leader is to be a combination cheerleader, navigator, counselor, analyst, orchestrator, catalyst and all-around facilitator of good team things. The team can use you as a fixer-upper of issues and strains that befall the team. This article lists the 15 potential signs of team stress and burnout, explains how much of this is normal and predictable and presents 13 strategic ways leaders can help their teams handle stress. 742 words

Managing Change In Your Business: The Attitude Bell Curve And Mental Toughness As Business Tools.

You're a leader in your organization. When you have great ideas for the business, but no one is buying into them, do you know why not? Do you know how to handle the inevitable resistance that comes from the change process in an organization? This article helps you manage organizational change through your own mental toughness, employee attitudes and the bell-shaped curve. 633 words.

Speaking, Training and Presentation Skills

The Mental Game of Speaking: Are You A Mentally Tough Speaking Athlete?

Can you play at the top of your game on demand? Mental toughness is the ability to thrive on stress and to perform in the upper ranges of our potential more often. The top athletes who possess mental toughness live this every day. Professional speakers are the pro athletes of the business world. The speakers who continually perform to their potential over a lifetime know what it takes to build and maintain a strong mental game. Read about ten powerful strategies that can propel you into top form on the platform each time you speak. 758 words

The Mental Game Of Speaking: Building Composure, Confidence and Credibility.

The book entitled The Mental Game of Speaking has over 50 chapters in 13 major sections. Here you will learn about the skills and knowledge top speakers possess, including strategies for writing speeches, practicing speeches, analyzing audiences, mentally preparing to speak and to overcome stage fright, how to become confident as a speaker, the use of humor, dealing with question and answer periods, and how to become a persuasive presenter. There are many unique one-of-a-kind checklists on virtually every aspect of speaking you'd like to know. This is an excerpt from the book, The Mental Game Of Speaking: Building Composure, Confidence and Credibility, by Bill Cole, MS, MA, to be published by Albert-Brownson Publishing in July 2017. 1186 words.

Free To Fee: How To Move Into The World Of Professional Speaking.

If you have that burning desire to share with others what is inside you, professional speaking is for you. If you know you have valuable content that can help others, you should be on stage. If your audience thinks differently, feels differently or behaves differently at the conclusion of your presentation, you have done your job as a speaker. You've made a difference in their lives. If you have a solid work ethic, want to learn every day, and have a positive, can-do attitude, you will do well in this business. This article is an excerpt from the book, Free To Fee: How To Move Into The World Of Professional Speaking, by Dr. Michael Soon Lee, CSP and Bill Cole, MS, MA, published by Albert-Brownson Publishing in June 2017. 1614 words.

Playing The Mental Game Of Self-Coaching: For Anyone Who Presents.

Do you usually perform well and learn from your speaking experiences? Or are you your own worst enemy on and off the platform? Do you use one of the most powerful tools in the peak-performing speaker's armamentarium, self-coaching? This article reveals 5 secrets pro speakers use to improve and 3 crucial steps to putting these strategies into immediate action. 538 words.

Do You Have A Mental Game Plan For Becoming A Great Speaker? Six Super Strategies To Get You Going.

Do you have the desire to become a speaker of excellence? Do your dreams take you to the heights of platform greatness? If you have a strategic plan and work hard, those dreams can come true for you. This article gives you a quick snapshot of what great speakers do to achieve excellence in speaking. 306 words.

The Art Of Speaking: Winning The Mental Game Of Presenting.

How many of your speeches could be considered in the artistic category? Do your audiences view you as a master speaker? What would you have to do to boost your speaking to the next level? Highly experienced speakers not only know their subject, they know themselves, their audiences and their craft. They know how to write, stage and organize winning presentations that engage the audience at all levels. To kick your speaking up a notch, take any of these 13 tips on as a project and watch your investment in yourself as a speaker grow. 486 words.

Ten Top Tips For Writing A Memorable Speech: Winning The Mental Game Of Presenting.

When you sit in the audience enjoying a wonderful speech, the speaker's words seem to all make sense. The speech is logical, interesting, convincing, entertaining and has a nice flow to it. There is a reason for this. It's the writing. Do you have a speech coming up soon? Need to write a talk that will grab your audience and make them sit on the edge of their seats? Take a moment to learn these ten essential elements of speech-writing and you may just give the speech of your life. 806 words.

Top Ten Tips for Writing and Delivering Very Brief Speeches: "Be Good, Be Brief, and Be Seated"

Did you ever notice that it often takes far longer to write a shorter speech than a longer one? That's because some people tell almost everything they know in a long one, and they also fail to highlight what's important for the audience. Short speech writing and giving is an art. This article tells you how to craft the short speech and how to deliver it for maximum impact. 654 words.

How To Eliminate Speaking Jitters: 8 Sure-Fire Strategies To Help You Be More Natural On The Platform.

Do you fall victim to speaking nerves? Do you have so much anxiety about performing that you avoid giving speeches? Do you have a plan for conquering your nervousness before a speech? Help is on the way! This article gives you eight tried-and-true ways to overcome the jitters before every speech you give. 571 words.

15 Fatal Flaws Inexperienced Speakers Make: Avoid These Platform Gaffes And Start Presenting Like A Pro.

If you are a less experienced speaker than you'd like to be, you probably make some errors on the platform that could be easily fixed. If you just knew what they are!! Here we describe the 15 most common speaking mistakes made by people who are new to speaking. Once you know these, your confidence and effectiveness as a speaker will multiply many fold. 813 words.

Do You Need A Speech Coach? The Advantages Of Hiring A Presentation Consultant.

With all the hundreds of books, videos and DVDs on how to write and give a speech, why would anyone want to hire a speech coach? Why would people feel the need to take group classes on presentation skills when they can simply learn the material on their own? But many people like the guidance of a private speech coach. Discover the many reasons you may benefit from having your own presentation coach at your side. 607 words

How To Make Your Investment In a Professional Speaker More Worthwhile: 21 Creative Ways To Improve Your Meeting ROI.

Hiring a professional speaker can be a substantial investment. The important realization? It's not what an investment costs, it's what the investment returns that is important. This article takes a look at what savvy and cost-conscious meeting planners are doing to maximize their speaker investments. Read this to learn the 21 additional ways you can use one professional speaker to make your event be better than ever. 592 words.

50 Critical Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Speaker – How To Choose The Perfect Speaker To Make Your Event A Success.

Do you know the ins and outs of hiring a professional speaker? Do know the right questions to ask? How to determine if a particular speaker is a good fit with your meeting needs? This article serves as a handy speaker interviewing checklist to help you get the perfect speaker for your next event. 1097 words.

Do You Use Experts Who Speak Well? Why Not Just Use Professional Speakers or Industry Experts At Your Meetings? You'll Save Money...Or WILL You?

Who do you call when you need a speaker for your next meeting? A local college professor? Someone you once heard at Rotary? Lance Armstrong? Probably none of the above. You want a speaker who is an expert in their field, someone who can hold an audience's attention and someone you can afford. This article explains the four main classifications of speakers for hire and the strengths and weaknesses of each, so you can make an intelligent, informed decision and improve your meeting ROI. 732 words.

Take This Presentation Skills Assessment – Discover Your Strengths And Weaknesses As A Speaker

Do you know how your audiences perceive you as a speaker? What do they like about you? What about your presentation skills and style annoys them? Can you get in the performance zone every time, or do you struggle with stage fright and nerves? Do you give consistently solid performances, or are you erratic? Perhaps you have stress, practice, mental, staging, readiness, voice, technique, mannerism, writing or organizational issues that negatively affect your presentations. Take this quick 68-item assessment and discover what's holding you back from reaching your full platform potential. 788 words.

Selling and Customer Service

Manage Your Mind To Manage Your Time: 28 Tips For Working Smarter, Not Harder.

Are you working longer hours but getting less done? Are you being asked to do more in less time? Productivity problems can make you feel incredibly stressed--and then you're just spinning your wheels. But there is help. You can use your mind. You can win the mental game of personal productivity. Peak-performing sales professionals work smarter, not harder, by using these 28 mental strategies for improving personal productivity. 610 words.

Build An Unstoppable Competitive Mind-Set: How To Develop A Winning Attitude For More Success In Your Mental Game Of Selling.

You're competitive-minded, or you wouldn't be in sales. Here's how you can develop and maintain a can-do, can't-wait-to-get-going, nothing-can-stop-me, I-hate-to-lose mind-set. Learn how other successful professionals think for success and how they approach building their mental game with these three powerful mental strategies. You'll sell better with a stronger competitive mind-set. 608 words.

The Mental Game Of Negotiating: Know All The Tricks, Make Your Plans, And Be Mentally Tough

Do you enjoy negotiating? Or do you see negotiating as being a necessary evil? Do you enjoy the back-and-forth and competitive flavor of a spirited negotiation? Or does conflict make you uncomfortable? Are you able to withstand the ambiguity and uncertain nature of negotiating? Or do you seek secure predictability and fast closure? Do certain negotiating personalities irritate you and put you off your game? Do you view certain negotiating gambits as being unethical? Do you see long negotiations as a waste of time? When you see people playing mind games during negotiations, do you wish they could just be honest and straightforward? This article gives you five mental strategies to help you become a wiser, more savvy and more potent negotiator. 1551 words.

Do You Play An Ethical Game Of Selling? If Not, What Game ARE You Playing?

People are always observing you and determining if they want to do business with you. Do you pay attention to how ethical your business practices are? Do you set high ethical selling standards for yourself? Do you assess your level of ethics on a regular basis? Do you leverage your honesty as a business advantage? As you go through your selling day, consider these five critical quotations and questions about ethics and honesty. 607 words.

Can You Sell Under Pressure? What World-Class Athletes Can Teach Us About Peak Performance In Sales.

What's the most pressurized selling situation you have ever found yourself in? How well did you perform? I traveled to Austria as the sport psychologist for the Israeli Davis Cup Team under severe counter-terrorism security conditions and watched them competing under international pressure. In tennis you either win or you lose. In selling you either hit paydirt or you walk away empty-handed. What's the common secret? Having a strong mental game. Learn how you can improve your own selling, using their secrets. 620 words.

Are You In A Sales Slump? Stop That Dip In Your Performance and Get Back In The Selling Zone.

You miss an important sale. You have a series of bad days. You can't sell to your potential. This article takes a snapshot of what slumps are, how to get out of one, and how to avoid them altogether. You'll learn how to get out of the dreaded sales slump syndrome so you can reach more of your selling potential. 588 words.

Do You Have Your Black Belt In Selling? Rate Your Sales Skills And Reach More Of Your Potential.

A superstar sales professional performs deftly, smoothly, seemingly with no obvious selling techniques. But he completely knows his sales methods, is highly aware of himself and his surroundings and makes things happen. He's in the zone. How would you rate your selling skills? Amateur? Professional? All-Star? Hall Of Fame? No matter what the performance arena, there are four levels of skill attainment. Learn how each level works and how this knowledge can make you into a top sales pro. 619 words.

What Makes Tiger Tick? What Golf Superstar Tiger Woods Can Teach Sales Professionals About Winning.

Is Tiger Woods the greatest golfer who ever lived? One thing's for sure. Tiger Woods' mental game is absolutely the very best on the pro golf tour. Here are four peak performance strategies sales professionals can learn from a mental master like Tiger. Manage your mental game like Tiger Woods and soon you'll be reaching more of your selling potential. 627 words.

Psych-Up Strategies For Sales Professionals: Get Ready To Win

People don't plan to fail...they just fail to plan. Powerful performances must provide perceptive pre-performance procedures so poor performance is precluded! Here are ten pre-performance sales psych-up strategies from some of the world's top selling professionals and others who have achieved preeminence on the platform of life's stage. 524 words.

The Inner Game Of Selling – Mind Tools For Sales Professionals

How many of your sales are won or lost starting right in your mind? Are you giving yourself every opportunity for victory and success by using the full potential of your mind? This article gives an overview of Timothy Gallwey¹s Inner Game method and shows how you can use its tenets to invigorate your selling game. Build the powers of your mind and you¹ll be an inner winner all the time. 599 words.

Learn These Smart Multicultural Selling Strategies That Create Success

Do you adjust your sales strategies for people from different cultural backgrounds? You should, if you want to sell to a wider array of customers. If you don't, you may be losing sales, and not even know it. Dr. Michael D. Lee, MBA, CSP, Founder and President of EthnoConnect, www.ethnoconnect.com gives advice about this issue in selling. His company provides seminars, training, consulting and coaching on how to sell more products and services to the multicultural market in America. Bill Cole asked him to address how we can be more attuned to the multicultural sales market. 667 words.

Take This Sales Skills Assessment – Discover Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Do you know how your customers perceive you in a selling situation? What do they like about you? What about your style and behavior annoys them? Do you give consistently solid performances, or are you erratic? How expert are you at the wide variety of sales skills that top selling professionals need to possess? This tool can help you quickly discover your selling strengths and pinpoint those areas you still need to work on. Take this 66-item sales assessment and discover what’s holding you back from reaching your full selling potential. 889 words.

Interviewing Skills


32 Myths About Interviews: Learn The Truth About Preparing For And Performing In Interviews

In my many years as an interview coach, I've continually seen clients come to me with a number of misconceptions about how to practice for interviews, and how to perform in them. I'm in no way blaming them for having these views, because the interview game is a highly counterintuitive one. It really goes against anyone's common sense, and it is not what it seems. People are very surprised to learn that their thinking that seems so obvious and natural about interviews is actually the direct opposite. These commonly held beliefs can be extremely harmful. This article lists 32 myths and the truth about each myth. 3243 words.

The Mental Game Of Interviewing: Mental Toughness And Poise Wins The Day.

Have you ever wondered if the interviewer was trying to intimidate you? Maybe even trying to get you to say something negative about your current or former boss, or your organization? Did you sense they were trying to see if you could be bullied? Did you sense they were trying to see how you react to a hostile, stressful interview? Well, if you interview long enough you'll run across interviewers like this. Your job in the interview game is to use mental toughness as your secret weapon. This article helps you become more resilient and poised in the face of unpleasant situations like this and to understand the four levels of an interview so you can master challenging interview encounters. 1584 words

Interview Mistakes You Don't Even KNOW You're Making

I wrote the book Interview Mistakes You Don't Even KNOW You're Making, published by Albert-Brownson Publishing. This book is designed to help you become aware of the pitfalls that many interviewees fall victim to. As you become familiar with these, you can watch for them in your own behavior. If you don't know what they are, you can't be alert to them. On the Internet we all see articles that describe the top five or ten or 20 worst mistakes you can make in an interview. The largest number I have ever seen was 50. This book is the largest compendium of interview mistakes ever assembled—1765. You will never find a larger collection of interview mistakes anywhere. This article gives you many insights into these mistakes people make. 1638 words.

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques – Smart Strategies To Help You Master This Challenging Approach.

Behavioral interviewing techniques use open-ended questions that require you to tell timelines of your behavior, thoughts, analysis, values and character, in story form. These are known as "competency-based" interviews that attempt to gauge your "behavioral competencies", where traditional interview questions cannot. This article describes this approach and gives you guidelines on preparing for and performing well in a behavioral interview. 656 words.

Five Key Interviewing Skills Training Tips – Ask Your Interview Coach To Teach You These Critical Skills.

Preparing for an interview is not difficult, but it does take an eye for detail. That's why you need interviewing skills training that is targeted at very specific, granular strategies aimed at overcoming the roadblocks put in your way by the interview situation. Here are five interviewing skills training tips that give you the inside story about how to prepare for an interview, and perform like a pro once you get there. 354 words.

Acing The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Format For Medical School Admissions.

The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) may be the wave of the future in medical school interviewing. The MMI is now utilized at over 50 medical schools around the world. I have been helping prospective medical students prepare for the MMI format for some time now. This article lists a set of 12 success strategies that have helped them do very well on it, and a checklist of 14 mistakes candidates make on the MMI. My clients have access to a list of hundreds of examples of MMI questions, scenarios and tasks, some of which are shared in this article. 2620 words.

Why Are You Being Rejected For Medical School, Medical Residencies And Medical Fellowships? Discover The Reasons Your Medical Interviews Go Bad

Why Are You Being Rejected For Medical School, Medical Residencies And Medical Fellowships? Discover The Reasons Your Medical Interviews Go Bad. There's nothing worse than walking out of your medical school interview, medical residency interview or medical fellowship interview feeling shell-shocked, knowing that it did not go well, and then wondering WHY it didn't go well. You're at a loss for how to make sense of it all. Ultimately, it's all but impossible to get feedback on what the interviewer thought of your interview abilities. All you're left with is a gut feeling that the "vibes were not good". And you don't know why. Most medical candidates just don't have the interview skills or strategies in place yet to avoid these mistakes. I help medical school candidates and physicians overcome all of these problems listed here, every day in my interview coaching practice. Which ones are holding you back? Which ones do you need to fix first? This article describes 38 mistakes people make in medical interviews, medical residency interviews and medical fellowship interviews. 2181 words.

Four Of The Top 25 Deadly Mistakes Candidates Make That Ruin Medical School Interviews And How to Avoid Them.

What appears to be common sense or obvious about medical school interviewing is often quite counterintuitive. As a medical school interview coach of many years, most clients who come to me are still harboring many dangerous ways of thinking about their upcoming medical school interviews. These incorrect thoughts cause all sorts of troubles for them when they prepare to interview, and in the actual interview. I designed this so you can easily see the incorrect thought, why it is a problem (and how this is perceived to be undesirable by the interviewer) and most importantly, what you can do to PREVENT this from happening. 874 words.

Four Of The Top 25 Deadly Mistakes Candidates Make That Ruin Dental School Interviews And How to Avoid Them.

As a dental school interview coach of many years, most clients who come to me are still often harboring many dangerous ways of thinking about their upcoming dental school interviews. These incorrect thoughts cause all sorts of troubles for them when they prepare to interview, and in the actual interview. What appears to be common sense or obvious about dental school interviewing is often quite counterintuitive. I designed this article so you can easily see the incorrect thought or mindset, why it is a problem (and how this is perceived to be undesirable by the interviewer) and most importantly, what you can do to PREVENT this from happening. 840 words.

How Is Your Interview Going? Ten Ways To Tell If You Are Nailing The Interview.

One of the hardest things about going on interviews is the uncertainty. Did you give a good performance? Did you connect with the interviewer? Did they think you were a good fit? This article gives you 10 ways that tell you how the interview is going, in real time, and two warning signals, with remedies, about a bad interview. 855 words.

How To Know When You Are "Really Ready" to Give A Good Interview: Don't Deceive Yourself And Inadvertently Create An Interview Choking Situation

Success in giving a good interview is 90% preparation. Your goal is to prepare so extensively in advance that the interview seems easy and predictable in comparison. If you practice correctly and diligently, you will gain a sense of high confidence and deservedness to succeed. People tend to deceive themselves about how ready they think they are for an interview. This article describes six major ways people deceive themselves into thinking they are ready, and 25 ways to know when you are truly ready to give a great interview. 1307 words.

How To Sell Yourself In A Job Interview – Sales Secrets From An Interviewing Skills Coach.

As an interviewing skills coach, I help people navigate their job campaign from the moment they realize they need or want a job, to the time they shake hands and sign the employment contract. Since I am also an experienced sales coach, I can help my clients gain that extra special edge in promoting themselves to an interviewer, to convince the interviewer they are indeed perfect for the job. 534 words.

Stop Wrecking Your Job Interviews – Twelve Things NOT To Do In A Job Interview.

A high-quality job interview coaching program should include everything you could need to conduct a highly successful interview campaign. You need to cover company research, questions and answers, how to practice, stress control, contingency planning, body language, eye contact, posture, hand usage, rapport building, selling yourself, negotiation, following up and self-coaching. As important as it is to know what you should be doing, it is very instructive to know what NOT to do. Here are a dozen things you should stop yourself from doing during any job interview. 870 words.

Ten Critical Aspects Of Interview Preparation You Can't Practice By Yourself – Why You Need Interview Skills Coaching So You Can Train Correctly.

Preparing for an interview can be an arduous, painstaking process. It should be thorough, if done properly. Unfortunately, there are many major areas you cannot practice effectively by yourself. You definitely need some personal feedback and guidance from someone who knows what to do. Interview skills coaching has become a highly specialized area and can be your secret weapon when you are in the job hunt. This article describes these ten areas where you can't go it alone as you prepare to interview. 801 words.

Nine Types Of Illegal Job Interview Questions And How To Handle Them – How To Identify And Deflect Or Confront Illegal Questions.

As a job interview coach part of what I do is to help my clients manage illegal job interview questions they may encounter. Every job interview you go on has the potential for the interviewer asking questions that are too personal, too intrusive or downright illegal, so you need to know what these questions are, have strategies in place for dealing with them, and practice your responses so you feel comfortable in advance. This article identifies nine illegal interview question areas and six potential strategies for handling them. 566 words.

Do You Know The 21 Types Of Interviews?

Before you launch yourself into the interview cauldron you need to know the lay of the land. Not only do you need to be aware of how interviews are conducted from a question and answer level, but you need to know the structural format of interviews. This article gives you the big picture on the 21 different types of interview formats and what to expect as you move through the interview process. 1064 words.

Ten Interview Strategies You Can Use Right Away

In my interview coaching practice I see many clients come in to my office or on Zoom befuddled beyond measure as to why they are not getting call-backs after interviews. They are baffled, at least, until I give them my feedback about their interview style, their manners, their fidgeting ticks, their vocal fillers and their lack of personal awareness of how to run a successful interview. Once they receive this feedback, they easily adjust what they are doing and stop making needless basic errors that ruin the interview. This article has 10 sets of interview problems, with a quick fix strategy for each one. 1710 words.

Seven Secrets An Interview Skills Coach Wishes People Knew About The Interview Game

I see forlorn clients coming into my office or on Zoom every day, dismayed and beaten down from being rejected from one interview after the next. It really pulls at my heartstrings to see them so defeated. I wish they had called me sooner so I could have helped them avoid all that pain. But here is some good news for you. Here are my top seven fastest-acting and best interview tips so you can avoid what they were going through. 542 words.

How To Make Sure The Interviewer Knows You Want The Job

The vast majority of job candidates simply walk into the interview room hoping things will go well, that they’ll hit it off with the interviewer, and that they’ll get lucky with an offer. There is often a major missing ingredient-passion. Any interview training program you undertake needs to help you create and display a healthy dose of passion and the ability to sell your interest in the position. This often is what sets you apart from everyone else. This article gives you nine ways you can do this. 925 words.

Conquering Interview Anxiety: Take This Interview Performance Stress Assessment.

If you interview, you will experience interview anxiety. It's a given for any human being. To conquer this performance anxiety, you need to know what causes your interview nerves, what the symptoms are and how to control the performance stress. Take a 75-item self-assessment on the symptoms of stage fright as applied to interview stress. Discover a master mind tools plan to beat interview stress and you'll rise to the occasion to reach your full performance potential. 1029 words.

Take This Interview Skills Assessment – Discover Your Strengths And Weaknesses.

Do you know how people perceive you in an interview situation? What do they like about you? What about your style and behavior annoys them? Can you get in the performance zone every time, or do you struggle with self-consciousness and nerves? Do you give consistently solid performances, or are you erratic? Perhaps you have stress, practice, mental, staging, readiness, voice, technique, or mannerism issues that negatively affect your interview situations. If you are called upon to do media interviews, job interviews or school/exam interviews this tool can help you. Take this quick 65-item assessment and discover what's holding you back from reaching your full interview potential. 866 words.

Stress Management And Mental Wellness

Winning The Mental Game of Stress: Preventing Team Burnout at Work.

Why do some work teams soar and succeed and others crash and burn? Why do some teams eat stress for lunch and others let simple stress cause bad work digestion all day? The answer, in part, may be in the team leader recognizing the early signs of stress and burnout and having a plan for dealing with these problems. Your mandate as team leader is to be a combination cheerleader, navigator, counselor, analyst, orchestrator, catalyst and all-around facilitator of good team things. The team can use you as a fixer-upper of issues and strains that befall the team. This article lists the 15 potential signs of team stress and burnout, explains how much of this is normal and predictable and presents 13 strategic ways leaders can help their teams handle stress. 742 words.

Six Stress Control Strategies That Can Change Your Life.

Do you feel out of control, overwhelmed or burdened with stress and problems? There are smart ways to deal with these stressful feelings. This article lists six stress reduction approaches that are easy to learn, simple to use and powerful. They'll help you get back in control of your life. 414 words.

Do You Know These Six Myths About Stress?

There are many stress myths bouncing around out there, and what you don't know about stress can hurt you. Here are six of the most common myths about stress you should know so you can create and execute an intelligent stress management program. 321 words.

Five Myths About Stress Management Coaching.

Not all mental health or medical practitioners are trained in stress management approaches. The stress management field is a specialized one, requiring specific training and experience to be fully effective. There are many myths floating around about the field. This article uncovers five of them so you can understand who you need to help you learn the best stress management strategies and techniques for your particular situation. 313 words.

Confessions Of A Stress Management Specialist – What You MUST Know About Handling Stress.

When someone calls me for stress control coaching they are usually at their wit's end. They are feeling out of control, overwhelmed, full of anxiety, and with no realistic plan or idea of how to right their foundering ship. I assess them, support them, teach them stress control and coping tools, and bring them out of their funk and help them re-engage with life, on new terms. Here are the top five most important things to know if you are about to embark on a stress management program. 505 words.

Stop Stress And Take Charge Of Your Life Now With These Five Stress Management Approaches.

What do you think is your most powerful stress tool? Your mind. You can make the fastest and most powerful shifts in your life simply by looking at life differently, making your own reality and by helping yourself find the now. 333 words.

Do You Think You Might Be Approaching Burn Out?

Have you ever thought that you might be either in burnout or approaching it? Do you know the difference between being stressed out and having chronic stress which leads to burn out? When stress is extreme and chronic, it can feel like we’re on a non-stop anxiety treadmill. The stress is relentless and highly uncomfortable, and we can feel like we’re barely able to cope with what is happening. This article explains stress, stressors, acute stress, chronic stress, brownout, burnout, stress management and mental wellness. 1463 words.

Is Having Mental Wellness The Equivalent Of Being Happy?

I’m a mental wellness coach, executive coach and performance psychology coach. I frequently have clients come to me asking to help them become happier. They’re not necessarily depressed or down in the dumps. They just want to be happier more often. When I ask them how much of the time they would like to be happy, they often reply, well, as much as possible. Some even say, all the time! I strongly recommend you use your unhappy bouts as growth experiences. I want you to view downtimes as potential uptimes. If you ask yourself, what does my unhappiness have to teach me, that can elicit some self-reflection and introspection that could lead you to a brand new place of self-understanding. Instead of being unhappy about being unhappy, and wishing you could get out of that space as rapidly as possible, dwell in that space a bit and engage in self-exploration of why you believe you might be unhappy. 1234 words.

Seven Coping Strategies For Better Mental Wellness

I’m a mental wellness coach, a performance psychology coach and an executive coach. When people first come to me they complete an extensive assessment that gives me an excellent snapshot of their strengths and capabilities and of the areas they need to work on. Often, they come to me with a very thin tool kit of coping skills. They just haven’t been introduced to critical mental strategies and stress control techniques that can help them with self-regulation. Because they don’t have these skills in place, they simply are unable to handle the stress, pressures and problems that come their way. There’s nothing innately wrong with them as people. They don’t have character flaws. They’re not lazy. They just don’t have the proper array of coping strategies that will help them handle the difficulties they face. This article describes seven coping skills you can put to good use immediately, in whatever performance arena you’re in, or simply in daily life. 1225 words.

Should You Reduce Your Stress, Or Seek Higher Pressure Levels?

Whatever arena you find yourself in, and in whatever discipline in which you are performing, do you sometimes wish things were easier? Do you wish that your life had less stress? Do you wish you had ways to reduce the stress? Earlier in their career, many people may have dreaded pressure, suffered from it, and even tried to avoid it. But ultimately, they came to terms with pressure and even came to embrace it. Now, as career veterans, they realize that pressure is a privilege and that pressure helps them perform better. Discover why you should not hope for an easy life. You should strive to be a strong person. 1337 words.

The Three Buckets Of Control In Mental Wellness

With every client I coach, whether it’s executive coaching, exam anxiety, performance psychology or even interview coaching, I present the three buckets of control. These are three spheres that are critical to understand so you can place your proper focus and energies in the right direction. And also so you don’t spin your wheels trying to control the uncontrollable. For example, if you focus on trying to change or control things that are actually out of your control, this is a recipe for frustration and failure. We’ve probably all heard the cute and clever definition of insanity: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. We have to know where to put our focus. We also have to know where not to put our focus. That’s what the three buckets of control show you. Understanding the three buckets of control allows you to work more efficiently and effectively and with less stress and frustration. 1387 words.

Take This Stress Management Skills Assessment

This assessment is meant to quickly provide you with the big picture in stress management skills. It will help you begin to identify your strong points in this area and reveal your needed development areas. It will also serve as a launching point for understanding how the stress management coaching process works. Take this quick 61-item assessment and discover what's holding you back from managing stress. 844 words.

Test Stress Management And School Success Strategies

What Causes Test Stress? Be Aware, and Build Your Mental Toughness To Perform Well.

Do you like to take tests? Do you see them as a challenge and a puzzle to be solved? Or do you see test taking as a threat and something to be avoided at all costs? Whichever camp you are in, test-taking does carry some stress. Read this article to discover the 50 stress factors that surround test taking. 564 words.

Ten Test Anxiety Myths – Do You Know These Test Stress Facts?

What would you say are some of the myths surrounding test stress and how to control it? It is very helpful to know these myths so you don't fall victim to them. Remember that being test savvy is only one part of being a good test taker. The other part is being able to handle your anxiety so you can maintain a good mind-body state that allows you to be mentally clear, calm, poised and to have wonderful recall and be organized and sharp. Here are ten common myths about test anxiety. 692 words.

Stop Scaring Yourself On Tests! How Many Of These Stress-Inducing Things Do You Do?

Some people just work themselves into a frenzy before a test. It doesn't have to be that way. Read this list of 27 ways people scare themselves before and during a test, so you can stop creating your own fear. 485 words.

The Top Ten Stress-Causing Test-Taking Traps You Must Avoid – If You Have Test Stress, This Is Why.

What have you tried in attempting to get your test-taking stress under control? Maybe you have already been through a study skills program to see if that would help your test-taking anxiety. Clearly, a listening skills class or note-taking course won't help you with test stress, and a time management or personal organization course will only have minimal effect. These skills, while worthwhile alone, don't directly address stress control. You can be the greatest student, the smartest academically, but if you don't get your stress under control, you just won't perform to your potential on tests. This article examines the ten major ways students create needles stress for themselves by violating the psychological basics of preparation for test taking. 768 words.

The Top Ten Ways To Reduce Test Stress – Here Are The Best Stress-Busting Approaches To Use Before And During The Test.

Do you know the best ways to handle test stress? One critical reality is that if you wait until the test arrives to begin applying these stress remedies, it's already too late. You need to certainly have stress strategies in place for use in the test, but many of the stress methods that work best should be applied immediately prior to the test. That way you keep stress at bay, before it has a chance to amplify out of control. Here are my top ten stress control approaches for handling test anxiety. 608 words.

Why You Choke On Tests – Know Why Test Stress Shows Up and How To Prevent It With Mental Toughness Training.

How is your poise under test pressure? Does your mind hold up? Do you choke? Your testing performance is only as good as your mental game. Where are your prime test choking arenas? Essays? Short answers? Multiple Choice questions? Timed tests? Does the pressure of the situation get to you? Can you handle the stress? This article explains choking and gives you and understanding of mental toughness, with three key strategies for learning it. 620 words.

Beating Exam Anxiety – Psych Up For Better Test-Taking.

Do you have a system for defeating exam anxiety? Do you know how to prepare mentally to be at your best for a test? Discover what exam anxiety is, what causes it and how it affects you. Read 10 mental readiness strategies that will help catapult your mind into the "ideal test-taking zone" no matter how much pressure you feel to perform. You'll learn how to conquer the performance anxiety that sabotages your exam abilities by creating a winning mind set that can't be beat. 961 words.

How Educational Psychology Can Help With Exam Anxiety, Part One – Anxiety Reduction Strategies For Use Before The Test.

The big test is coming up soon. You see many of your friends stressing out. Some are not even studying, and tell you they can cram the night before and "It will all be fine". Others say the test stress is really getting to them and are showing signs of stress and anxiety. How about you? Do you know how to properly study so the test stress is manageable? This article gives you 26 test preparation strategies that are simple, yet powerful, so you stay on track, stay composed, handle the stress and learn the material. 1345 words.

How Educational Psychology Can Help With Exam Anxiety, Part Two – Anxiety Reduction Strategies For Use During The Test.

Being test savvy is knowing how to be a good test taker. Those skills transcend studying and content mastery. You can be test savvy if you simply know the test-taking rules and guidelines to follow. Every good student who has ever gone through school has learned them. Here are 23 test success strategies you can use during the test itself. Students who do consistently well are the ones who understand how to be test savvy. This means they know specifically how tests should be managed from a strategic standpoint. 1052 words.

How Educational Psychology Can Help With Exam Anxiety, Part Three – Smart Success Strategies For Use After The Test.

After the test you might be relieved, emotional, worn out physically, mentally tired, jubilant, confused, or a mix of all of these, depending on how things went. You just went through a performance, so you may well feel spent and in need of a break. Your goals now are to recover, refresh yourself, review what happened, and improve your study skills and test-taking skills for the future, based on an analysis of your strategies and how well your executed them. Here are ten things to focus on after the test. 440 words.

How Did You Do On The Test? Use This Post-Test Review Checklist And Find Out.

Do you review your performance after every test? If you do, it will help you immensely. Here are 18 test taking questions you will want to ask yourself after every test. Through this analysis, you'll see what you liked and what you didn't like about your test taking skills. 448 words.

Do You Know Test Psychology? Take This Assessment And Find Out.

How test savvy are you? How knowledgeable are you about "Test Psychology"? That's the knowledge about tests and your ability to apply it to test taking so you can succeed. It can be learned by reading about it, by lots of trial and error, and by working with a coach. Take this self-assessment of 44 test psychology factors and discover your strengths and weaknesses. 618 words.

Take This Test Anxiety Assessment – See How Test Stress Hits You So You Can Take Steps To Stop It.

Learn the 56 symptoms of test stress and how they hit you personally. This test anxiety assessment is meant to quickly provide you with the big picture in test stress management skills, and provide suggestions for reducing stress. This assessment is very simple and easy to complete, and should take you around five minutes. 861 words.

Stage Fright, Actor's Nerves, Performance Anxiety and Writer's Block

Is Fear Holding You Back From Giving A Great Comedy Performance? Stop Stage Fright And Perform To Your Potential In Auditions And Performances.

Here are five peak performance strategies that we used to help a first-time stand-up comedian gain control over her performance nerves. You can use these too. 597 words

Don't Let Stage Fright Stop You From Getting Up On Stage – Use These Five Performance Enhancement Strategies To Banish Performance Anxiety.

What kind of performer are you? Actor? Stand up comedy? Improv? Musician? Reality TV contestant? Dancer? If you audition or perform, you probably have experienced performer's nerves (stage fright). The good news is, you are not alone. Even better news? There are very, very well known performers who have experienced this, and conquered it. The best news? You can overcome it too. This article shows you how. 572 words.

Stop Blocking Yourself in Auditions and Performances – How Comedians, Actors, Musicians and Dancers Can Conquer Stage Fright.

Do you get the shakes and quakes, the upset stomach, the spinning mental state where your thoughts run wild with visions of you crashing and burning during an audition or performance? If so, you are not alone. Surveys show that the fear of public speaking is the number one fear people have in the entire world. Overcoming my own fears, nerves and scary emotions were one reason I have been able to help so many comedians, dancers, musicians, athletes, business people, speakers and other performers handle their stage fright issues. This article lists five strategies to help you conquer your actor's nerves. 773 words.

How To Break Through Performer's Fear And Get Into The Zone – Performance Enhancement Secrets From A Mental Coach.

Do you suffer from stage fright? Is it so debilitating that you wonder why you even drag yourself through the torture of auditions and public performances? This article will give you insight into motivations for performing and strategies for handling performance nerves and getting into the zone. 904 words.

How Dancers Can Overcome Stage Fright And Perform To The Top Of Their Abilities.

This article explains three important ways for dancers to focus their minds with a mental readiness system to keep performer's anxiety at bay and perform at the best of their abilities. 464 words.

Nervous About Your TV Reality Show Audition? Learn Five Stress-Busting Tips You Can Use Right Away To Get In The Zone.

You are about to audition and compete for a spot on a reality TV show, but you have severe doubts, concerns and downright nerves about performing. That's what I want to help you with. This article gives you five stress-busting tips to help you banish the nerves and get the zone to show up more often in your audition. 611 words.

Overcome Writer's Block Now – Three Mental Strategies To Banish Writer's Block.

All writers get their creative juices blocked sometimes. Writer's block can seem like an insurmountable mountain to climb, but it doesn't need to be that way. The trick is to have a toolkit of writing peak performance approaches that work for you. This article discusses three mental strategies and tells secrets of famous writers for combating writer's block. 840 words.

Conquering Writer's Block – Ten Mental Strategies To Help You Deal With Your Creativity Block So You Can Be More Productive.

Sometimes your writing mind does not seem to want to cooperate. It's as if you can't unlock your brain or defang your mental writing monsters. Writer's block wins. But it does not have to be like that. You have options. Here are ten mental strategies that can help you overcome writer's block. 304 words.

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