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Testimonials for Sales Coaching and
Winning The Mental Game Of Selling

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mental game of sales coaching

Testimonials for Winning the Mental Game of Selling Here are some comments from our Sales Coaching clients and participants in our Winning The Mental Game Of Selling™ program.

"This was spectacular. The session was low-key and high-impact, deep, thought-provoking and intensely informative. The best idea I gleaned from Bill's program on the Mental Game of Selling was to try to handle more stress, more effectively. Do not shun adversity. Handle it as it arises."
Paul L. Hulme
Founder and Owner, Alain Pinel Real Estate, Inc.
Largest Independent Real Estate Firm in the Western United States

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to our Tuesday morning office meeting at Alain Pinel in Saratoga to make your presentation of The Mental Game of Selling. Your talk and exercises gave us the tools to "psych up" and prepare ourselves mentally to reach our goals. In the real estate business, where competition is high, this is extremely important. Again, we greatly appreciate your time and the information that you brought to all of us."
Harry Murray
Vice President
Alain Pinel Real Estate
Saratoga, CA

"I really liked Bill's stories. This was very positive, useful sales training-without the fluff."
Mike Gillespie
San Jose, CA

"Excellent program. I liked how Bill gave thorough ad personal attention to my opinions and perceptions."
Chris Occhialidi
Milpitas, CA

"Bill showed us how to visualize the win before making the phone call. This program helped reaffirm and sum up the keys to success."
John Franz
Milpitas, CA

"The best idea I got from Bill's program on the Mental Game of Selling was 'Life is short. Do it now!' he taught us how to visualize, how to have a good attitude. Thank you!"
John Dutra
Milpitas, CA

"Bill's Mental Game of Selling program was very visual and helped us to imagine how our life could be using the techniques we learned today."
Sophia Johnson
Saratoga, CA

"The Mental Game of Selling program really made me think. It will help me be at the top of my game."
Jane Michaels
Saratoga, CA

"Bill is a very good speaker. He is visual and clean and detailed about getting the topic across."
Nicole Demetry
Saratoga, CA

"The best idea I took from Bill's Mental Game of Selling program was 'Don't try to reduce stress. Instead, embrace it and use it.' He also taught us some cool psyching up tools. Bill gave us very helpful ideas for managing and achieving our goals. Thank you very much!"
Barbara Dutra
Saratoga, CA

"Your Mental Game Of Selling program is a fresh, creative approach to the sales game that obviously has years of practical wisdom behind it. This is exactly the kind of high-level, yet street-smart psychology of selling course that sales professionals need. Your program was excellent, and you hit a perfect bullseye by teaching us the mental skills our people need to help them perform at higher levels in their stressful and challenging workdays. This will motivate them tremendously in their sales careers. I can see why you are known as an expert in the psychology of achievement and success. You delivered one of the most unique, on-target and immediately-helpful sales training programs we have seen in a long time. We will stay in close touch about bringing you back soon."
Steven Bakos
Area Sales Manager
Linear Technology Corporation Milpitas, CA

"You demonstrated with your exercises, insights and solutions for our stressful work challenges why you are an expert in the psychology of workplace productivity. Your Mental Game Of Selling program is perfect for our busy sales professionals who want higher levels of productivity from the mental toughness you teach. That is absolutely vital in the sales game to gain the winning competitive edge. Finally, we have some concrete mental game tools to apply to our lives and careers! It's great to be able to identify and work with the fundamental processes behind the tactical and strategic games we play in business. It's very uplifting to know that with proper guidance, we can all be winners. I have no doubt that with your techniques, anything is possible! Once again, thank you for your professional efforts. We shall highly recommend you for future speaking engagements."
Barbara Dutra
Meeting Planner
Alain Pinel Real Estate
Saratoga, CA

"If your company is looking to energize, revitalize or just plain increase sales, you should talk to Bill Cole. Bill has over 30 years success helping individuals and companies achieve their goals.

I can't thank Bill Cole enough for his sales coaching and consultation with our company over the last several months. His superior communication skills, insightfulness, expert analysis and strategic vision regarding our company's marketing, positioning, and sales initiatives has been invaluable. He has been instrumental in enabling us to land some key clients and to improve the communications and services we provide to important existing clients.

The Bradbury Group partners with corporate clients to solve their most critical human capital challenge: identifying, attracting, and retaining exceptional executives. We provide superior, fully retained executive searches, related organizational development, and succession planning services.

With Bill's help, we were able to create and execute some very sophisticated and powerful sales and marketing strategies that moved us forward quickly. He is easy to work with and adds value every step of the way. Give him a call. You will be very happy you did."
Paul Bradbury
Founder, CEO
The Bradbury Group, Inc.
Solutions for Corporate Growth
Campbell, CA

"Any high-performance sales team can benefit from your sessions and techniques to re-energize for a new year of objectives and power to leap ahead of the competition."
Anne Walker
Vice President
Houston, Texas

"Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful program with the Sales Success Series participants. You were a huge hit with the group and I was thoroughly impressed--you are a great representative of the speaking and training profession."
Roseann Sullivan
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce Sales Success Series

"Bill Cole presented his outstanding program, "Winning The Mental Game Of Selling" to our Chamber Of Commerce this past week. His program was very, very well-received. We just wish we had more time to learn from Bill. He clearly has deep knowledge about selling and peak performance and a wonderful ability to share that information so it is immediately useful and meaningful to all types of businesspeople. Bill is a personable, fun, friendly speaker who uses in the moment humor and observations to make his material come alive so it is memorable and meaningful for everyone. Everyone had a great time and learned a wealth of valuable information.

Bill Cole is a business-golf guru. He knows the mental game of selling and the mental game of golf inside and out. He has an amazing ability to take peak performance principles from sport, in this case golf, and relate them directly to sales so people "get it" and can begin using those concepts in their business right away. Bill goes far beyond talking about peak performance sales methods and techniques. He has people live them, so they own them.

Some of the enthusiastic endorsements from our participants included: "You were a huge hit with the group", "I was thoroughly impressed", It was great!", "Great program!", "I wanted the program to go all day!" and "You did a fabulous job!". The evaluations were fantastically positive and there were 20 requests for more information about his services and programs. That's quite a response! Bill knows how to connect with people- and how to teach others to do that. He gets right to the core of what people in sales need and gives them immediate bottom-line value. I highly recommend Bill Cole to any group that wants to learn from an authority in peak performance, especially in selling and in golf. Bill is a real gem!"
Tom Guarino
Chief Executive Officer
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

"Bill is motivating, encouraging and caring. Very beneficial and motivational program. I learned how to approach prospects and to how to relax on a stressful, busy day."
Whitney Eikenberg, Baltimore, Maryland

"This was a thrilling, creative, amazing, exceptional program!! The three R¹s and the breathing approaches were exceptional. We need more time for Bill!!"
Patrick Van Noy, Denver, Colorado

"Fantastic presenter! This was a thorough, on-target and productive session. This will help me more in my everyday life which will directly affect my empowerment and mood for sales. The focusing piece was very relevant for me."
Carrie Horole, Greensboro, North Carolina

"Bill's session was a great way to end this convention! Great information to help me make sales! Bill is a speaker who packs a lot of value into every word."
Daniel Demoras, Lancaster, New Hampshire

"Bill Cole is a polished, smooth platform professional. This was a very rewarding and useful program."
Thomas Conroy, Bangor, Maine

"Refreshing and enjoyable. Bill is energetic and positive and gave us a variety of different experiences."
Jared Eisenberg, Trenton, New Jersey

"Bill gave us techniques for self-assessment, focus and calming. He is motivating!"
Bob Goss, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Outstanding, exciting and motivating program! Bill helped us focus and play to our strengths. He focused on me and my success."
Tony Giamello

"Informative and refreshing! Bill is credible and knowledgeable. Wish we had lots more time with Bill!!"
Wesley Carter, Greensboro, North Carolina

"I learned self-confidence skills, centering skills and self-assessment skills. Inspiring, informative and interactive. Bill is calm, sensitive and trusting."
Michael Harris, Phoenix, Arizona

"This program will make me better in my career. I learned a lot. Bill is helpful, amazing, knowledgeable."
Mark Ferrenberg, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Excellent, outstanding, relevant. Great approach to understanding yourself, awareness, being in the now."
Bill Albrecht, Oak Brook, Illinois

"This program will keep my sales team focused on the positive. Great reminders and new ideas. I would love to see your program on sales coaching."
Bill Newhouse, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Great program! Very beneficial and worthwhile seminar. Bill is knowledgeable, open-minded, personable and an attention-grabber."
Rick Abrego, Portland, Oregon

"Bill is smart, educated, relaxed and focused. Today's program was great! Very important and refreshing."
John Landry, Houma, Louisiana

"Bill is a crisp, concise speaker. The program was great! Inspirational, relaxing, engaging."
Jason Levy, Pontiac, Michigan

"I am so glad I came to this program! Relevant, effective."
Nancy Daily, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Well-spoken, knowledgeable, great at involving the class. Very educational, great motivator, helped you refocus your plan of action."
Violet DeJesus, Sarasota, Florida

"Inspiring, insightful, outstanding!!"
Kevin Sligar, Ketchum, Idaho

"The pre-zone idea was great. Bill is very descriptive, interesting and helpful. Very enlightening and on-target."
Matt Fox, Clearwater, Florida

"The Three R's and the mental relaxation exercise were awesome! Awesome with a capital A! Bill is a winner!"
Sally Muzzanigio, Sarasota, Florida

"Bill is reassuring, enlightened, tuned in and helped us learn about dancing in the moment. This presentation could easily be three hours of informative and beneficial time. Please make it longer."
Debbie Reed, San Antonio, Texas

"Great session! Bill is motivational, real and informative."
Cyndi Traylor, Shreveport, Louisiana

"Bill delivered an upbeat, interactive, motivational program on Winning The Mental Game of Selling. He is a knowledgeable, successful coach who helped us get in the zone."
Krystal Shaffer, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Bill taught us that awareness is power. He has a calm and flowing delivery. He gave us a good overview of the selling game, and its stumbling blocks."
John McGimsey, Austin, Texaso

"Bill has a good sense of humor, is a great listener and very respectful of his audience. He taught us how to be in the moment, and be with the customer in the present."
Nancy Sivley, Long Beach, California

"Informative, motivating, and you taught us self-control!"
Naomi Larsen, Tacoma, Washington

"Bill taught us that selling is mostly mental. Bill is very knowledgeable, relaxing, has a wonderful voice, held my attention and the time flew. This program is great, valuable."
Mary Kimler, Tucson, Arizona

"Bill is a real motivator, with empathy for his audience. Very timely and helpful material."
Jerry Banaka, Topeka, Kansas

"Bill is knowledgeable, well-prepared and enthusiastic. I appreciated his unique mental readiness approach."
Dan Muller, Helena, Montana

"Bill is very approachable, and gave us real-world techniques we can use."
Nuno Teiveira, Toronto, Canada

"Bill taught us how not to let other people rent space in our head. I loved that idea. He also helped us focus, and get in the zone."
Anne Farrow, Columbia, Missouri

"Bill helped us focus on our strengths in a sales situation. He was helpful, focused and very specific with his techniques an examples and gave us immediately useful material."
Bonnie Hunt, Waco, Texas

"Bill Cole is insightful, tuned in to his audience, on target, helpful and relevant. He gave us excellent exercises for clearing the mind."
John Biron, New London, Connecticut

"Bill is very calming, reassuring, empowering and gave us the pre-zone concept we can use in mental readiness. He helped us focus."
Nik Pelugrath, Everett, Washington

"Winning The Mental Game of Selling workshop was very informative, interesting and useful."
Ron Baker, Boise, Idaho

"Bill is a congenial, pleasant, knowledgeable speaker who reminded us of important sales tools."
Rip Van Noy, Denver, Colorado

"Bill is very approachable, credible and informative."
Lane Loupe, New Orleans, Louisiana

"I loved the brag sheet, and will use that before cold calls. I will use the breathing approaches when I feel rushed. Bill is informative, focused, interesting, practical, timely, energizing."
Deb Bond, Samco Business Products, Columbia, Missouri

"Bill helped us be aware and prepared. He is knowledgeable and made us think."
Flora Smith, Jonesboro, Arkansas

"Bill helped us get into the zone and to stay in control. He is positive, caring, relaxed, and knowledgeable. I wish we had more time for everything."
Linda Martin, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Bill helped us focus on the things we can control, and to release the rest. He is credible and experienced and made us aware of areas we normally take for granted."
Steve Smedley, Ontario, Canada

"Bill was invigorating, relaxing, thorough and interesting."
Adam Schuler, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Bill is honest, caring and driven. Great snapshot of the mental game of selling."
Matthew Marzano, Fort Meyers, Florida

"Bill is confident and truthful with us. The program is very practical and satisfying."
Francisco Flores, Denton, Texas

"Bill is a calm, understanding listener. The program was fun, restorative and valuable."
Brandon Stickler, Modesto, California

"Bill is relaxed and in control of the group and helped us relax the mind and the body. He makes the class fun, informative and enlightening."
Jerry Gibbs, St. Louis, Missouri

"Bill is very calming and knowledgeable. Great idea about the brag sheet."
Sam Davis, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Bill helped me create daily focus and know what to tune into. He is informative and interesting."
Santana Williams, Tacoma, Washington

"Bill is focused, knowledgeable and caring. Very useful program."
Kim Davis, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Bill gave us inner insights and helped us focus. Great motivating program!"
Steve Mutchler, Worcester, Massachusetts

"Helpful, informative, knowledgeable."
Andrew Newhouse, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Engaging, natural, calm, interesting."
Craig Kabert, Gilroy, California

"I learned self-realization tools. The program was informative, with great audience participation."
Aron Adler, Denver, Colorado

"This class kept my attention. Interesting. Knowledgeable about selling."
Marshall Lefton, Thousand Oaks, California

"Bill is personable and refreshing!"
Bill Schuette, Jefferson City, Missouri

"Inspiring. Rejuvenating. Informative. Bill is knowledgeable about selling and helped us prepare and control our minds."
Gail Fishel, Denver, Colorado

"Bill is passionate about this subject. He gave us practical and useful information."
Janette Martinez, San Diego, California

"Bill is a motivator! He helped me become aware and in control."
Faye Gish, Blacksburg, Virginia

"Bill helped me get control of my mindset. Very informative program. Very well-prepared."
Arthur Lora, San Antonio, Texas

"Bill is intuitive, relevant and helped us psych up to sell."
William Jefferson, Trenton, New Jersey

"Bill is an informative, lively speaker and his program was enlightening, entertaining and interesting."
Salvatore Latella, Paterson, New Jersey

"Bill helped us get ready for success in sales."
Teri Marquez, Long Beach, California

"This sales program was helpful, useful and thoughtfully done. Bill is sincere and insightful."
Chloe Fraley, Santa Rosa, California

"Bill helped us get in the zone and be aware of what we can and cannot control. Insightful and helpful program!"
Dan Hance, Great Falls, Montana

"Bill helped us define what is in our control, and what is not, and that was insightful and helpful. Very professional and knowledgeable speaker."
Steve Willits, Kent, Washington

"Motivational and helpful!"
Christi Friday, Shreveport, Louisiana

"Thought-provoking, interactive and thorough."
Terry Glidewell, Dallas, Texas

"Bill is a clear, articulate, interesting speaker, and this program is applicable, excellent and fun."
Jason Leehy, Burlington, Vermont

"I wish there had been more time! Bill is a smooth, fully committed and fired up speaker, and this program is very applicable and interesting."
Debbie Bischoff, Boise, Idaho

"Bill is motivating and really able to relate to an audience. Informative, interesting and knowledgeable."
Jordan Gold, Thousand Oaks, California

"Bill is intuitive, well-prepared and helped us focus."
David Gold, Thousand Oaks, California

"This was a succinct and condensed overview of the psychology of selling. Bill is very approachable and concise."
Mary Page, Athens, Georgia

"Professional, detailed, uplifting program on selling."
Jason Ripplinger, North Platte, Nebraska

"Engaging program that makes me want to learn more."
Reuben Levy, Baltimore, Maryland

"Bill taught us mental preparation and focus. He is knowledgeable, confident and very effective."
Fawn Shortridge, Norwich, Connecticut

"Engaging, fluent, concise, helpful, interesting and informative."
Bethany Jones, Houston, Texas

"Excellent program with a wealth of information."
Iris Kabert, Gilroy, California

"Bill helped us find the zone. Very helpful, thought provoking and encouraging."
Bryan Kristenson, Wichita, Kansas

"Lots of new material, as well as excellent review of things I know. Bill is energetic, informative and friendly."
Chris Hampton, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Bill Cole is a business-golf guru...an authority in peak performance, especially in selling and in golf."
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

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