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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinder’s Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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"... an authority on sports psychology... He is one of the top peak performance coaches in the country. Bill's peak performance system helped us tremendously in our march to reach the finals of the College World Series."
Stanford University Baseball Team

"...one of the top peak performance coaches on the ATP Pro Tennis Tour."
Israeli Davis Cup Team

"Bill Cole is a mind guru...he is among the elite mental game peak performance experts in this country."
American Society of Anesthesiologists

"Bill Cole is a major thought leader in sport psychology, and a mental toughness master...Bill Cole is a world-class mental game coach who gets world-class results."
Rodney King - Performance Enhancement Coach - Johannesburg, South Africa Voted one of the top 20 martial artists in the world by Black Belt Magazine

"Bill Cole is a world-class coach... A speaker's speaker."
National Speakers Association

International Association of Coaches Founding Member
Mental Game Coach global alliances

Bill Cole In TV, Film, And Radio

Media personality Bill Cole has created, developed, pitched and sold his ideas in Hollywood and has successfully worked in front of the camera, as well as behind it. His TV, radio or film credits include Creator, Writer, Producer, Consulting Producer, Founding Producer, Guest Expert and Host. His television hosting and radio hosting have taken him across the US. Bill is available for consultation and engagement in multiple roles for film, TV and radio projects. See below for more details about Bill's background and experience.

Bill Cole in TV series, listed on
the Internet Movie Data Base
Bill Cole in TV series, on the Internet Movie Data Base
Bill Cole as writer & producer, listed
on the Internet Movie Data Base
Bill Cole as producer, on the Internet Movie Data Base
Bill Cole as producer, listed on
the Internet Movie Data Base
Bill Cole as producer, on the Internet Movie Data Base
Bill Cole as self in film, listed on
the Internet Movie Data Base
Bill Cole as producer, on the Internet Movie Data Base

Bill Cole On TV

The Mental Game TV Show

Click to learn about The Mental Game TV Show

Bill Cole, MS, MA is the host of the television show pilot "The Mental Game". Watch the TV show trailer (below) and visit The Mental Game TV Show website to learn more.
Bill Cole, MS, MA

Bill Cole Appears In Vice TV NFL Football Documentary

Bill went in front of the cameras for the VICE TV show on the NFL, called Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas. Bill was interviewed on the psychology of wide receivers and quarterbacks. He explained the various psychological approaches NFL quarterbacks and wide receivers use to prepare mentally and to get into the zone.

Bill Cole and interviewer and Producer Graham Hughes on the set of the TV DocuSeries, Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas. Bill Cole being filmed on the set of the TV DocuSeries, Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas.
Bill Cole and interviewer and Producer Graham
Hughes on the set of the TV DocuSeries,
Dark Side Of Football: Wide Receiver Divas.
Bill Cole being filmed on the set of the
TV DocuSeries, Dark Side Of Football:
Wide Receiver Divas.

Bill Cole On Animal Planet TV Shows

Bill Cole has appeared on Animal Planet TV showBill Cole has been in the Discovery Channel's television studios as a guest expert for the Animal Planet TV series program on Animal World Records. He explained the various mental game approaches people use to prepare mentally and get into the zone when it comes to creating world records, using animals. This has some very exotic footage.

The shows on Animal World Records, featuring Bill Cole as a guest expert, are now being shown on the Animal Planet TV channel. Check your TV listings for local dates and times of these four "Weird, True & Freaky" shows: "A Mouthful of Roaches", "Covered in Spiders", "Sleeping with Scorpions" and "A Rattlesnake Bath".

View the trailer for one of these shows, Weird, True & Freaky: A Mouthful of Roaches - A sideshow performer tries to beat the record for holding the most live cockroaches in his mouth. These are 3-inch long, hissing cockroaches. Will he make it or will he be "roached" out? (Warning: contains material that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion advised.)

Bill Cole Appeared as Sports Psychology Expert on HuffPost Live TV

Bill Cole was an invited guest as a sports psychology expert on a Sept. 26, 2012 HuffPost Live television show titled Do Pro Athletes Belong Inside the Beltway? Learn more about the show in our Press Release or watch a video of the show (opens in a new window).

Bill Cole TV Interview - Ego Out Of Bounds

Bill Cole was interviewed by Kate Kilpatrick on the topic "Ego Out Of Bounds". Bill discussed problems of Tiger Woods and other top stars resulting from a culture of entitlement that's enabled by friends, family, coaches, teammates and the media. Bill appears for a total of 48 seconds in this 5-minute segment, at 0:41-0:51, 1:46-1:56, 2:06-2:23, 3:00-3:12 and 3:37-3:54. Watch a video of the interview (opens in a new window).

Bill Cole In Film

Bill has been involved with multiple film projects in Hollywood.

Bill Cole Appears In Hollywood Film With Academy-Award Winner Kevin Costner

Bill was called to Hollywood to appear in front of the cameras for the big screen in the Hollywood film "The Hurt Business" starring Kevin Costner and many stars from the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), in the UFC, Bellator and other fight organizations.

The Hurt Business Film

Bill was asked about the psychological dimensions of the MMA phenomenon. Bill talked about the zone, the stress, why people choke, the pressures of being in the spotlight, how MMA fighters train their minds, how they handle setbacks and injuries and how they manage their career paths from a mental perspective.

The Hurt Business was created by the same producers of 'Bowling for Columbine', 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'Generation Iron'. The film examines the explosive trajectory of mixed martial arts fighting through the eyes of today's top stars, and recent past stars of the sport.

The film is narrated by Kevin Costner, and stars Bas Rutten, Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Georges St-Pierre, Chuck Liddell, Kenny Florian, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Bruce Buffer, Big John McCarthy, Urijah Faber, Rashad Evans, Josh Barnett and others.

The film analyzes the people involved in the world of MMA, looks at their personal lives, how they train, and gauges the mental and physical damage they’ve suffered. The film interviewed sports psychologists, neurologists and sociologists, and government officials for their insights. One conclusion is that fame in MMA is a very hard and unforgiving road.

See the Facebook page about The Hurt Business movie, or see the trailer from the film.

Other links about the film:




In the trailer Bill's voice can be heard at 1:05: "I get people crying in my office, thinking their life is over, because they've lost a really big match. I've even worried about a few people--suicide."

Bill Cole And Vlad Yudin Bill Cole and Vlad Yudin
Bill Cole and Vlad Yudin, Director of the film
documentary The Hurt Business,
on location in Hollywood.
Bill Cole and Director Vlad Yudin
after Bill appeared before the cameras.

Bill Cole is the Consulting Producer and Founding Producer of a new Hollywood film, The High

LaUltra - The High is the world's highest and toughest ultra-marathon, held in the soaring Himalayan peaks. The race crosses the two highest motorable mountain passes in the world, covering 222 km (138 miles) with a 60-hr cut-off, with temperatures ranging from very hot 40C (104F) to very cold minus 6C (21F). The race will be held in Leh, Himalayas, India, 11th August 2011. Bill Cole is the Consulting Producer for the La Ultra - The High documentary produced by Barry Walton, BTV Productions.

Learn more about LaUltra -The High:

"I first met Bill Cole when I was the field producer for The Animal Planet TV series "Weird, True & Freaky" (42 episodes), and associate producer (8 episodes) and I needed a subject matter expert for on-air commentary and analysis. Bill was amazing. He had a huge depth of knowledge in sports psychology and could easily explain very complex material in understandable ways the viewer could instantly "get". Bill can really tell a story and be engaging. We stayed in touch, and when I began work on my film The High, I called Bill and we engaged again, this time with him being Consulting Producer. Bill has been a big supporter, and he has lent his expertise to the project as a producer by providing ideas for the story line, subjects to cover, being a sounding board, suggesting questions to ask the runners, etc. In short, he was a vital part of the film, and a pleasure to work with. If you have a TV or film project, and you need a subject matter expert who can also produce, Bill is your man."
Barry Walton, Director, Producer, Editor
Hollywood, California

Director, producer, editor Barry Walton has been working for over 15 years in a variety of film, commercial & television projects. In 1999, Barry started working in Los Angeles in film and commercials. Moving to San Francisco in 2006, he started working for a non-fiction television production company and began producing shows for National Geographic, Animal Planet, and other Discovery Network subsidiaries. In 2008 he started his first project called Profiling HURT about an ultra runner journey to the HURT 100 race in Hawaii. The project went on to receive the Honolulu Accolade Award from the Honolulu Film Awards in 2011. Inspired by the experience, in 2010 Barry began the research for The High and in 2011 went into production on the project. Today Barry continues to work in the field professionally as a sports producer and editor for the NBA's Detroit Pistons. He also maintains his interest in documentary films through BTV Productions, which he started in 2006.

Barry Walton, director, producer and editor of The High    

Barry Walton on IMDB:

Coach Bill I can't thank you enough for how you've helped me in my life, my business and with the TV show. You have that amazing blend of performance psychology, life experience, business smarts, and a background in film and television that has taken everything I do to the next level.

I’m really excited to be working with you. Miracles have been happening in my life everyday since we've been working together, it’s amazing. Thank you so much.

You helped me be so much better in front of the camera with the focusing and mental preparation approaches we've done. I am more relaxed on the set, I manage my energy better and I am 100% sharp when the camera rolls. People on set have talked about the difference.

You've also helped me tremendously with my communication skills and this has positively impacted my relationships in all areas—my business, the TV show and my family life. I was truly blocked in some relationships before with no way to resolve those, but you've given me many new interpersonal tools.

I have been mentored and coached by many top people in their fields and I'll always be very grateful to them. You have very special, different abilities to listen deeply, help me understand myself, and help me understand my experiences, and to learn from that and grow at an incredibly fast rate.

I really look forward to every session and I know this is just the beginning to something great.

I can’t even describe the gratitude I have for your coaching and mentoring.
Collin Baikie

Colin Baikie    

Collin Baikie stars in one of the top Discovery Channel TV shows, Last Stop Garage, seen around the world, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET and 9:30 p.m. ET.





Bill Cole On Radio

Bill Cole Radio Interviews

Here are a few examples of radio interviews of Bill Cole featuring discussions of mental game topics.

Listen to an excerpt of an hour interview of Bill Cole on 1460am radio as he discusses coaching, peak performance and achievement. The radio show reaches 3 million people on the 1460am dial in Philadelphia/Central NJ area (9 minutes).

Listen to Bill Cole being interviewed on 1460am radio as he discusses mental game topics including his books The Mental Game of Tennis and The Mental Game of Golf. The radio show reaches 3 million people on the 1460am dial in Philadelphia/Central NJ area (61 minutes).

Listen to Bill Cole being interviewed on SIRIUS radio on the Hardcore Sports Radio Channel from Toronto, Canada as he discusses mental game topics including his books The Mental Game of Tennis and The Mental Game of Golf (23 minutes).

Bill Cole, MS, MA was interviewed as a sales psychology expert for the British radio podcast, The Upgraded Salesman Show. Bill was asked to describe his popular sales system The Mental Game of Selling. Listen to the audio file of this broadcast on the Upgraded Salesman website.

Bill Cole As Radio Show Host

Bill Cole is the host of the Mental Game Radio Show, which combines entertaining, informative stories, solutions and insights about the world of peak performance.

Bill Cole was the guest host for the radio program "Two Wheel Adventures" on www.Garage71.com. Bill filled in for radio show host Chris Carr, internationally known motorcycle racer and world record holder. Bill talked about the zone, mental readiness, concentration, stress control, relaxation, breath control, rituals, mental toughness and how to become adept at self-regulation and self-coaching. He gave mental strategies of how he has coached athletes and coaches in over 60 sports.

Listen to Bill Cole acting as radio show host on garage71 "Two Wheel Adventures" (58 minutes).

More About Bill Cole, MS, MA, The Mental Game Coach

Bill Cole, MS, MA, The Mental Game CoachMedia personality Bill Cole has developed, pitched and sold his ideas in Hollywood and has successfully worked in front of the camera, as well as behind it. His TV, radio or film credits include Creator, Writer, Producer, Consulting Producer, Guest Expert and Host. Bill is available for consultation and engagement in multiple roles for film, TV and radio projects.

Success has come in many forms for author, coach, athlete and businessman Bill Cole. He has thrived in all his endeavors through a winning combination of talent, drive, passion and dedication.

From New York to Texas, to high in the Austrian Alps, from England to Hollywood, Bill Cole has always remembered one thing. He remains, first and foremost, a coach. Bill has been coaching people for as long as he can remember. He proclaims, "There is nothing more fulfilling for me than seeing my clients come full circle, to find the mental power they always possessed, but never realized."

Bill Cole has been on a lifelong quest to help people reach their full potential.

His innovative, ground-breaking research, writing and coaching on mental readiness, removing self-limiting mental obstacles, self-coaching and the zone has improved the lives of thousands of people worldwide. From the start he had a gift for translating seemingly impossible-to-understand, complicated psychological theories into readily useable and practical coaching tips and methodologies. The countless success stories he has created for his clients are a testament to his wisdom and effectiveness as a mental alchemist.

In the 70's Bill Cole became tennis coach to the Hollywood stars, teaching Bill Cosby, Chevy Chase, Andy Williams, and members of legendary musical groups like the Fifth Dimension and Gladys Knight and The Pips.

Bill Cole, The Mental Game Coach, is an internationally and nationally recognized authority on peak performance and coaching. He has coached at the highest levels of corporate America, major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. Bill's brand names, including "The Mental Game Coach", are recognized worldwide.

Bill has coached top 30 ATP-ranked tennis player Harel Levy in the US and Europe, sharpened the minds of the #1-ranked collegiate baseball team in America, Stanford University, polished the platform performance of politicians, spoken internationally to major associations and companies, and has even coached a first-time comedian at the world-famous Hollywood Improv comedy club.

He was the first person in the world to earn an undergraduate degree in sports psychology. He also holds two graduate degrees in the field, has numerous academic honors, and is a member of The American College of Sports Medicine. Since the 1970's Bill has been a leader in the world of "mental game coaching".

Harper Collins called Bill to write the chapter on mental training for the upcoming book Curl To Win, by the two-time world curling champion and 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist Russ Howard, who was named "Curler of the Century" by Sweep magazine. Bill has published over 400 articles worldwide, and has authored the books The Mental Game of Golf and The Mental Game of Tennis. He was named the golf psychology columnist for Four Corners Golf Magazine in 2009.

The media contacts Bill weekly for quotes. His imaginative, visionary work has been profiled hundreds of times in both the electronic and print media, including MSNBC.com, Sports Illustrated, The Associated Press, Success Magazine, The Washington Post, Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine, Golf Magazine, The San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, Yahoo! Sports, The San Jose Mercury News and many more. Bill has appeared as a psychology expert on the psychology of human-animal world records on the Animal Planet TV series for the Discovery Channel.

Having a blue-chip coaching clientele has given him the opportunity to interview thousands of successful peak performers from all walks of life, and to integrate their wisdom into his coaching systems and processes. He has developed numerous proprietary methods and approaches to resolving many of the long-standing performance issues people face under pressure. Bill has worked with well known, accomplished athletes such as Sarah Will, a four-time World Champion and twelve-time Gold Medalist paraplegic downhill ski racer, and Erik Weihenmayer, athlete and extreme adventurer, the only blind person in history to climb to the top of Mount Everest.

William B. Cole Consultants, the company he founded in 1997, has provided sports psychology coaching services for individuals and/or teams in over 50 sports, plus dance, music, bridge, poker and blackjack at the youth, amateur, high school, college, and professional levels. He has been the Mental Game Coach to a top ten world junior water-skier from Mexico, a top-ranked junior figure skater from Australia, a top-30 world ranked tennis pro from Israel, a winner of the Pan-American water skiing championships, a pro water skier, numerous college golfers, junior golfers who played in the World Golf Championships, pro golfers, High School quarterbacks and pitchers and England's number one female mixed martial arts competitor. In the sport of tennis alone, his students have earned hundreds of rankings, honors and tournament titles in every conceivable age level and division in four sections across the United States and internationally. He has coached seven National Champions.

Bill is the Founder and President of The International Mental Game Coaching Association (IMGCA), the leading worldwide organization dedicated to advancing the research, development, professionalism and growth of mental game coaching, which trains and certifies mental game coaches worldwide. Bill is also a Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified Hypnotist, and member of the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

A multiple Hall-Of-Fame honoree as an athlete, coach and school alumnus, Bill was inducted into the Buffalo Tennis Hall of Fame in 2008 as a result of his career as a #1 high school tennis team player and #1 college tennis team player, with six college conference titles, and a pro career that saw him compete against some of the best players in the world.

In 2007, Bill Cole co-created the television show pilot, "The Mental Game". He is currently the Consulting Producer on the new Hollywood film, The High, about the world's highest and toughest ultra-marathon, held in the soaring Himalayan peaks.

"Winning is a state of mind…now go create that state of mind".
—Bill Cole signature phrase

Bill Cole on TV, radio and film  
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