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How To Make Sure The Interviewer Knows You Want The Job    The vast majority of job candidates simply walk into the interview room hoping things will go well, that they’ll hit it off with the interviewer, and that they’ll get lucky with an offer. There is often a major missing ingredient-passion. Any interview training program you undertake needs to help you create and display a healthy dose of passion and the ability to sell your interest in the position. This often is what sets you apart from everyone else. This article gives you nine ways you can do this.     925 words.
The Mental Game Coach, Peak Performance Playbook

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How To Make Sure The Interviewer
Knows You Want The Job
Make All Your Interview Training Sessions On Target
So You Can Sell Yourself

Bill Cole, MS, MA
Founder and CEO
William B. Cole Consultants
Silicon Valley, California

The vast majority of job candidates simply walk into the interview room hoping things will go well, that they hit it off with the interviewer, and that they get lucky with an offer. This is dreaming! Remember, hope is not a plan. You must actually know what you are doing, have a plan, and make it happen. As a long time interview coach who provides interview training and mock interview practice for people in the job hunt and for school and various program admissions, I have created a coaching program that trains you precisely for how to do this.

Any interview training program you undertake needs to help you create a healthy dose of passion and the ability to sell your interest in the position. This often is what sets you apart from everyone else. Here are nine ways you can do this.

Nine Ways You Can Convince The Interviewer That You Want The Job

  1. Tell Them. Most candidates never actually state that they want the job. They assume that because they are there for the interview, it is assumed that the interviewer knows they “want the job”. Everyone else also wants it too, but how MUCH do YOU want the job? THAT is what you must get across. And it will set you apart. Part of your interview training should include practice stating how and why you want to work for the company.

  2. Show Your Enthusiasm. People like those who like them. Companies want those candidates who want them. It’s a pretty simple formula. You want to be excited about coming to work there, and must state that. You need to plan your interview training and practice so you can show passion and enthusiasm, on command.

  3. Ask Lots Of Questions. A common mistake is for the candidate to ask questions only at the end of the interview. You should ask them all the way through, if allowed. And ask lots of them. The more you ask, the more interested you seem to the interviewer. Your interview training should include making a long list of quality questions for them.

  4. Make Quality Eye Contact And Face The Interviewer. As you think, don’t look down or away from the interviewer. Maintain eye contact. No, you don’t want to stare, but you do want fairly continuous eye contact. Don’t sit obliquely to the interviewer. Face them head on and you will appear more confident. Each of your interview training sessions should have continual awareness of eye contact, so once you get in the interview, that’s automatic.

  5. State What You Will Do In Your First Days And Weeks On The Job. Most candidates don’t have a plan. They just want a job. Distinguish yourself by having a vision for what you will do to help the company. Think like a consultant and describe what you will do to hit the ground running. Each interview training session you undertake should have actual practice in stating these objectives.

  6. Remind The Interviewer Of Your Long-Standing Interest In The Company And Field. If you have been fascinated with the field or company or their work, say so. Companies get excited when you show passion for what they do. Plan your interview training sessions so you can link your history of interest with what they are offering.

  7. Know A Huge Amount About The Company Or Program. When you infuse your answers with facts, history, perspectives and inside knowledge about the company or program, you are in effect saying, “See how excited I am about you? I took the time to dig deep to really understand what you’re all about!” Most candidates know very little about the company or program, and that plays badly against them. The interviewer is then made to feel like a commodity. To find these details, go far beyond the company or program website. Google their key people and search using All, Images and Video. If you find one of their leaders on video giving a talk, or on TV, watch at least a few minutes of it. You can then reference this video in your statements and you can extract questions from it. Your goal is to know facts and tidbits about the company or program that even the interviewer doesn’t know. That makes a fantastic impression.

  8. Ask The Interviewer, “What Else About Me Would You Like To Know? I Want To Be An Open Book For You”. This really sets you apart as an assertive, confident, candidate with a strong will to succeed. With this statement you display that you have nothing to hide. Your interview training program should provide practice opportunities for stating this in a confident manner.

  9. Close With A Confident Statement That Shows You Can Add Value For The Company And That You Are A Perfect Match To The Job Description. Most candidates fall flat at the end of the interview, and simply say, “Thank you for your time” and walk out. You will be different. You will end on a high note and leave a positive impression in the mind of the interviewer. Practice this in every interview training session.

As your interview training coach I want you to succeed in big ways. I want you to get the job you want, or to gain admission to the program you desire. There is only one person that will sell you in the actual interview-yourself. So be smart with your strategies and bold in your execution, and I know you will get the position of your dreams.

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To learn more about how interview coaching can help you improve your abilities in media situations, oral test and exam situations, and job interviews visit Bill Cole, MS, MA, the Mental Game Coach™, at: www.mentalgamecoach.com/Services/InterviewCoaching.html.

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Bill Cole, MS, MA, a leading authority on peak performance, mental toughness and coaching, is founder and CEO of William B. Cole Consultants, a consulting firm that helps organizations and professionals achieve more success in business, life and sports. He is also the Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association (www.mentalgamecoaching.com), an organization dedicated to advancing the research, development, professionalism and growth of mental game coaching worldwide. He is a multiple Hall-Of-Fame honoree as an athlete, coach and school alumnus, an award-winning scholar-athlete, published book author and articles author, and has coached at the highest levels of major-league pro sports, big-time college athletics and corporate America. For a free, extensive article archive, or for questions and comments visit him at www.MentalGameCoach.com.

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