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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinder’s Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching Message
    Free Executive Coaching Assessment
Comprehensive Executive Coaching Assessment
Interview Coaching  
Interview Coaching Message
Free Interview Skills Assessment  
Comprehensive Interview Coaching Assessment
Medical School Interview Coaching
Dental School Interview Coaching
Business School Interview Coaching
Law School And Law Firm Interview Coaching
Police Officer And Law Enforcement Candidate Interview Coaching
Sales Coaching
Sales Coaching Message
Free Sales Skills Assessment  
Comprehensive Sales Coaching Assessment
Media and Presentation Coaching
Presentation Coaching Message
Free Presentation Skills Assessment  
Comprehensive Presentation Coaching Assessment
  Stress Management Coaching  
Free Stress Management Assessment  
  The Test Anxiety Peak Performance Program 
  Sport Psychology Coaching  
  Sport Psychology Coaching Message
Free Mental Game of Sports Assessment  
  Comprehensive Sport Psychology Coaching Assessment
    Letter to Parents & Coaches
Consulting Message
Speaking & Training 
Mental Toughness Training for Interviews
Mental Toughness for Business
Winning The Mental Game of Selling
The Mental Game of Customer Service
The Mental Game of Team Building
The Mental Game of Speaking
Winning the Mental Game of Life
Stop Stress And Banish Burnout For Sustainable Self-Renewal
Influencing Skills For Leaders
Coaching For Communication Excellence
Winning the Mental Game of Golf
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For Meeting Planners
  Making Your Investment In A Professional Speaker Worthwhile
  How To Tell If Bill Cole Is The Right Speaker For Your Meeting
  What Meeting Planners Can Expect When Hiring Bill
  A Word About Your Return On Investment In Our Professional Speaking Services
  Room Set-Up and Audio-Visual Needs
  Pre-Program Questionnaire
  Sample Pre-Program Survey To Participants
  Sample Introduction For Bill Cole
  Links To One Sheets For Each Program
  Bill’s short biographies and photos for your advance publicity
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Free Success Articles
  Achievement, Productivity, Motivation And Success
    Do You Walk The Talk? The Mental Game Of Success.
    The Fear Of Success: How To Overcome It.
    The Mental Game Of Personal Achievement: Reach Your Goals Like The Superachievers.
    Championship Superstar Athletes: What Makes Them Tick?
    How Superstars Reach Their Goals: How We Can Reach Ours.
    The Mental Game Of Success: Winning The Game Of Life.
    Winning The Mental Game Of Self-Management: How Peak Performers Get Control Of Their Lives.
    Winning The Mental Game Of Time-Management: The Psychology Of Personal Productivity.
    Winning The Mental Game Of Project Management: How To Improve Personal Productivity.
    The Paradox Of Success: Is There A Downside To Winning?
    Do More Than Just Win: How To Set Goals That Make You A Winner--All The Time.
    Are You Beating The Success Trap? How Do You Define Success? What Are You Doing To Achieve It?
    Take This Personal Life Assessment: Achieve More, and Gain More Life Satisfaction.
  Peak Performance, Performance Enhancement and Mental Toughness
    Performance Rituals: Powerful Pre-Event Routines Help You Perform To Your Potential.
    Psyching Up For Greatness: 7 Pre-Event Mental Preparation Strategies.
    The Twenty Most Dangerous Myths About Peak Performance.
    Are You Winning The Self-Discipline Game? How To Get More Out Of Yourself Every Day.
    Mental Toughness The Navy Way: How the U. S. Naval Academy Teaches Future Military Officers to Be Mentally Tough.
  Sports Psychology, Mental Training, Mental Fitness and Mind Tools
    A Mental Training System Checklist: 50 Mental Game Tools Peak Performers Use.
    How's Your Mental Fitness? Take This Quiz And And Find Out.
    Myths About Sports Psychology: 32 Misconceptions About The Mental Game Of Sports Explained.
    Why Are Some Athletes Reluctant To Use Sports Psychologists?
    Take This Mental Game Of Sports Assessment: Discover What's Holding You Back From Playing Your Best.
    Create A Mindset For Winning At Tennis -- Your Competitive Nature Can Be One Of Your Biggest Weapons.
  Leadership, Managing and Coaching
    What's a Mental Game Coach?
    Do You Need an Executive Coach?
    Why Hire A Coach? Ten Terrific Reasons.
    The Top Ten Core Coaching Principles To Win The Mental Game Of Coaching.
    The Top 15 Characteristics Of Excellent Coaches: Winning The Mental Game Of Coaching.
    Peak Performance Training For The Coach: Get In The Flow!
    How Coachable Are You? The Mental Game Of Self-Coaching.
    The Art Of Leadership: Beyond The Nuts And Bolts Of Managing.
    The Top Ten Characteristics Of Excellent Leaders: The Mental Game Of Business.
    The Top Ten Daily Questions Excellent Leaders Ask Themselves: The Mental Game Of Leadership.
    When Leaders Don't Lead: The Consequences, Causes, and Cures for Leadership Failure.
    Take This Executive Leadership Assessment: Discover Your Strengths and Weaknesses.
  Organizational Development And Team-Building
    The Art Of Team-Building: How Leaders Can Win The Mental Game In The Workplace.
    What Makes Peak-Performing Teams Tick? How Leaders Can Win The Mental Game Of Coaching.
    Peak Performance In The Workplace: The New Corporate Ethic.
    Coaching Superstar Teams: The Mental Game Of Team-Building.
    Strategies For Optimal Team Functioning: How To Reduce Conflict At Work.
    Winning The Mental Game of Stress: Preventing Team Burnout at Work.
    Managing Change In Your Business: The Attitude Bell Curve And Mental Toughness As Business Tool.
  Speaking, Training and Presentation Skills
    The Mental Game of Speaking: Are You A Mentally Tough Speaking Athlete?
    Playing The Mental Game Of Self-Coaching: For Anyone Who Presents.
    Do You Have A Mental Game Plan For Becoming A Great Speaker? Six Super Strategies To Get You Going.
    The Art Of Speaking: Winning The Mental Game Of Presenting.
    Ten Top Tips For Writing A Memorable Speech: Winning The Mental Game Of Presenting.
    Top Ten Tips for Writing and Delivering Very Brief Speeches - "Be Good, Be Brief, and Be Seated".
    How To Eliminate Speaking Jitters: 8 Sure-Fire Strategies To Help You Be More Natural On The Platform.
    15 Fatal Flaws Inexperienced Speakers Make: Avoid These Platform Gaffes And Start Presenting Like A Pro.
    Do You Need A Speech Coach? The Advantages Of Hiring A Presentation Consultant.
    How To Make Your Investment In a Professional Speaker More Worthwhile: 21 Creative Ways To Improve Your Meeting ROI.
    50 Critical Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Speaker - How To Choose The Perfect Speaker To Make Your Event A Success.
    Do You Use Experts Who Speak Well? Why Not Just Use Professional Speakers or Industry Experts At Your Meetings? You'll Save Money...Or WILL You?
    Take This Presentation Skills Assessment -- Discover Your Strengths And Weaknesses As A Speaker.
  Selling and Customer Service
    Manage Your Mind To Manage Your Time: 28 Tips For Working Smarter, Not Harder.
    Build An Unstoppable Competitive Mind-Set: How To Develop A Winning Attitude For More Success In Your Mental Game Of Selling.
    Do You Play An Ethical Game Of Selling? If Not, What Game ARE You Playing?
    Can You Sell Under Pressure? What World-Class Athletes Can Teach Us About Peak Performance In Sales.
    Are You In A Sales Slump? Stop That Dip In Your Performance and Get Back In The Selling Zone.
    Do You Have Your Black Belt In Selling? Rate Your Sales Skills And Reach More Of Your Potential.
    What Makes Tiger Tick? What Golf Superstar Tiger Woods Can Teach Sales Professionals About Winning.
    Psych-Up Strategies For Sales Professionals: Get Ready To Win.
    The Inner Game Of Selling - Mind Tools For Sales Professionals.
    Take This Sales Skills Assessment - Discover Your Strengths And Weaknesses.
  Interviewing Skills
    Behavioral Interviewing Techniques – Smart Strategies To Help You Master This Challenging Approach.
    Five Key Interviewing Skills Training Tips – Ask Your Interview Coach To Teach You These Critical Skills.
    Acing The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Format For Medical School Admissions.
    Four Of The Top 25 Deadly Mistakes Candidates Make That Ruin Medical School Interviews And How to Avoid Them.
    Four Of The Top 25 Deadly Mistakes Candidates Make That Ruin Dental School Interviews And How to Avoid Them. 
    How Is Your Interview Going? Ten Ways To Tell If You Are Nailing The Interview.
    How To Sell Yourself In A Job Interview – Sales Secrets From An Interviewing Skills Coach.
    Stop Wrecking Your Job Interviews – Twelve Things NOT To Do In A Job Interview.
    Ten Critical Aspects Of Interview Preparation You Can't Practice By Yourself – Why You Need Interview Skills Coaching So You Can Train Correctly.
    Nine Types Of Illegal Job Interview Questions And How To Handle Them – How To Identify And Deflect Or Confront Illegal Questions.
    Conquering Interview Anxiety - Take This Interview Performance Stress Assessment.
Take This Interview Skills Assessment - Discover Your Strengths & Weaknesses.  
  Stress Management
    Winning The Mental Game of Stress: Preventing Team Burnout at Work.
    Six Stress Control Strategies That Can Change Your Life.
    Do You Know These Six Myths About Stress?
    Five Myths About Stress Management Coaching.
    Confessions Of A Stress Management Specialist - What You MUST Know About Handling Stress.
    Stop Stress And Take Charge Of Your Life Now With These Five Stress Management Approaches.
    Take This Stress Management Skills Assessment.
  Test Stress Management And School Success Strategies
    What Causes Test Stress? Be Aware, and Build Your Mental Toughness To Perform Well.
    Ten Test Anxiety Myths – Do You Know These Test Stress Facts?
    Stop Scaring Yourself On Tests! How Many Of These Stress-Inducing Things Do You Do?
    The Top Ten Stress-Causing Test-Taking Traps You Must Avoid – If You Have Test Stress, This Is Why..
    The Top Ten Ways To Reduce Test Stress – Here Are The Best Stress-Busting Approaches To Use Before And During The Test.
    Why You Choke On Tests – Know Why Test Stress Shows Up and How To Prevent It With Mental Toughness Training.
    Beating Exam Anxiety – Psych Up For Better Test-Taking.
    How Educational Psychology Can Help With Exam Anxiety, Part One – Anxiety Reduction Strategies For Use Before The Test.
    How Educational Psychology Can Help With Exam Anxiety, Part Two – Anxiety Reduction Strategies For Use During The Test.
    How Educational Psychology Can Help With Exam Anxiety, Part Three – Smart Success Strategies For Use After The Test.
    How Did You Do On The Test? Use This Post-Test Review Checklist And Find Out.
    Do You Know Test Psychology? Take This Assessment And Find Out.
  Stage Fright, Actor's Nerves, Performance Anxiety and Writer's Block
    Is Fear Holding You Back From Giving A Great Comedy Performance? Stop Stage Fright And Perform To Your Potential In Auditions And Performances.
    Don't Let Stage Fright Stop You From Getting Up On Stage - Use These Five Performance Enhancement Strategies To Banish Performance Anxiety.
    Stop Blocking Yourself in Auditions and Performances - How Comedians, Actors, Musicians and Dancers Can Conquer Stage Fright.
    How To Break Through Performer's Fear And Get Into The Zone - Performance Enhancement Secrets From A Mental Coach.
    How Dancers Can Overcome Stage Fright And Perform To The Top Of Their Abilities.
    Nervous About Your TV Reality Show Audition? Learn Five Stress-Busting Tips You Can Use Right Away To Get In The Zone.
    Overcome Writer's Block Now - Three Mental Strategies To Banish Writer's Block.
    Conquering Writer's Block - Ten Mental Strategies To Help You Deal With Your Creativity Block So You Can Be More Productive.

Mental Game Quiz

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    Winning the Mental Game of Life
    Stop Stress And Banish Burnout For Sustainable Self-Renewal
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  Business Alliance: Ivan W. Golde

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