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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinder’s Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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William B. Cole Consultants The Mental Game Of Speaking Paperback Book And Ebook

The Mental Game Of Speaking: Building Composure, Confidence and Credibility

Published by Albert-Brownson Publishing
albert brownson publishing

   The Mental Game Of Speaking: Building Composure, Confidence and Credibility
  Purchase The Mental Game of Speaking on Amazon


  • Acknowledgements

  • Dedication

  • What Is Not In This Book

  • How To Use This Book

  • Introduction


  • Conquering Stage Fright: Take This Platform Performance Anxiety Assessment.

  • Common Fears And Concerns People Have About Presentations

  • Presentation Analysis Chart


  • Ten Top Tips For Writing A Memorable Speech

  • Writing And Delivering Very Brief Speeches: "Be Good, Be Brief, And Be Seated"

  • How To Write An Awesome Speech: Use This Presentation Writing Checklist


  • Presentation Practice And Preparation Mistakes: How Many Of These 70 Errors Are You Making?

  • Should You Memorize Your Speeches? How To Learn And Recall Your Speech Material Under Pressure


  • How To Read Your Audiences and Succeed: Understanding The Language Your Audience Speaks

  • Are You Making The Speaking Impact You THINK You Are? Do You Know What Your Audience Is REALLY Thinking?

  • The 46 Most Common "Meeting Monsters" Presenters Encounter


  • 41 Peak Performance Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Present

  • Prepare To Speak Your Best: 28 Psych Up Strategies For The Platform


  • Presentation Control Factors

  • You Are Not Alone If You Have Stage Fright


  • Death By Speaker. What Makes For A Dull And Boring Speaker? Here Are The 59 Most Common Audience Complaints

  • The 47 Most Common Complaints Meeting Planners Have About Speakers

  • 15 Fatal Flaws Inexperienced Speakers Make: Avoid These Platform Gaffes And Start Presenting Like A Pro

  • The 23 Most Common Vocal Mistakes Presenters Make

  • The 44 Most Common Mistakes Speakers Make With Their Body Language


  • Improve Your Public Speaking Confidence: 10 Simple Tips To Reduce Your Fears Of Giving A Speech

  • How To Eliminate Speaking Jitters: Eight Sure-Fire Strategies To Help You Be More Natural On The Platform

  • The Art Of Speaking: Winning The Mental Game Of Presenting

  • Playing The Mental Game Of Self-Coaching For Anyone Who Presents

  • The Mental Game Of Speaking: Are You A Mentally Tough Speaking Athlete?

  • Want To Give Better Speeches? Get Into The Performance Zone!

  • How To Pace Your Speeches: Talk Too Fast Or Too Slow And You Will Lose Your Audience. Here’s How To Avoid That And Make A Great Impression


  • How NOT To Use Humor In A Speech: Avoid These 46 Gaffes Speakers Make When Using Humor

  • Tell A Joke On Yourself When You Speak

  • How To Customize Humor For Speaking

  • Speaking Performance Tips We Can Learn From Johnny Carson: Speech Coaching From The King Of Late-Night TV


  • Ten Tips For Handling Questions-And-Answers: Prepare For The Toughest Questions You Will Ever Face

  • Avoid These 38 Mistakes Speakers Make In Question-And-Answer Sessions

  • How To Handle Hostile Questions


  • Stop Boring The Board Room: Speaking To "C-Level" Executives

  • How To Be An Effective Moderator And Facilitator: Pitfalls, Personalities And Procedures

  • Speaking To The Media

  • Making Presentations To Foreign Or International Audiences

  • Ways To Wake Up Web Presentations

  • 15 Tips For Making Better Telephone Presentations

  • Are You A Prisoner Of PowerPoint? The Top Ten Ways Speakers Harm Their Presentations Through Technology


  • Influence To Win: How Persuasive Are You?

  • Best Practices In Platform Persuasion


  • Pre-Program Questionnaire (PPQ)

  • Pre-Program Welcome And Questionnaire To Attendees

  • The Trade Program

  • Speaking Date Action Checklist

  • Speaking Program One-Sheet Example

  • Speaker Evaluation Feedback Form For The Audience

  • Post-Presentation Analysis Chart

  • Speaking Program Equipment Checklist Request

  • Reader Tip Request And Reward Page

  • About Bill Cole

  • Glossary

  • Index

Your Interview Coach, Author Bill Cole, MS, MA

Bill Bole The Mental Game CoachBill Cole, MS, MA is a nationally-recognized media personality and interview coach and the author of 17 books on interview skills, including the well-selling book, The Interview Success Guide and the book Interview Mistakes You Don't Even Know You're Making.

Bill is regularly interviewed by the media on interviewing strategies by such outlets as Monster.com, LEADx.org and Yahoo Style Magazine.

Bill is an expert at coaching people on how to shine in media and business interviews. He developed this skill set over decades of being involved with the media—on the inside—and on the outside. Countless times, Bill has either been interviewed by the media himself and/or coached people to give successful interviews with them. You no doubt recognize these big media outlets where Bill's work has appeared, and/or where he has helped his clients get press attention:

MSNBC.com, Golf Magazine, the BBC, ABC-TV, Fox News, the Associated Press Radio, Sirius Radio, The New York Times, Success Magazine, The Washington Post, Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine, The San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, Yahoo! Sports, ABC-TV, Entrepreneur Magazine, The San Jose Mercury News, The Denver Post, The Detroit News, The Buffalo News, The Kansas City Star, Tennis Magazine, Runner's World, Fitness Magazine, Presentations Magazine, Professionally Speaking, Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and USA Today. There are many others.

For years, Bill has improved thousands of people's interview skills to help them advance in their careers, enter professional, graduate and medical schools and shine in media interviews on TV and radio.

Bill has trained people in better interview and career-strategies in high tech, the executive suite, engineering, sales, finance, consulting, customer service, education, politics, government, medical school, osteopathic school, dental school, pharmacy school, chiropractic school, physical therapy school, nursing school, and all other allied health care field interviews. He has taught people state of the art interviewing skills to foreign dentists and physicians wishing to begin US practices, physicians seeking residency programs and fellowships, psychiatrists, psychologists, MFT's, LCSW's, therapists, counselors, police, law enforcement, civil service, and law firms.

There is a counseling and career coaching perspective to Bill's work as an interview coach that few other interview coaches possess. He was a psychotherapist at one time and holds a master's degree in Counseling Psychology. Bill regularly helps his clients "figure out who they are" and what their values, goals and dreams are so they can portray themselves authentically in their interviews and match themselves precisely to the position or school they are seeking.

"Bill Cole is a leading Olympic sports psychologist and a world-renowned peak performance coach." British Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC)

"Bill Cole is a world-leading authority on sports psychology." New Idea Magazine, Coleman-Rayner, LLC

"Bill Cole is a leading author on sports psychology." Yahoo! Sports

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist and 'mental game coach' who helps athletes cope with the demands of intense competition." CNET Magazine

To purchase this book in paperback or in Kindle formats, please visit Amazon: The Mental Game of Speaking Paperback and Kindle ebook editions

Feel free to browse the rest of our site. In particular, to learn more about how presentation coaching can help you, see Presentation Coaching.

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