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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinder’s Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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William B. Cole Consultants Interview Success Guide ebook

The Interview Success Guide

   Interview Success Guide
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The Interview Success Guide is a 216-page master blueprint that helps you understand and navigate the interview process so you can mount a successful interview campaign. This book has deep, insightful and immediately applicable interview wisdom that demystifies the world of interviewing. It also has over 400 questions, listed by category, for a variety of careers and jobs, which you could be asked in an interview. There are also over 1200 interview task reminders, questions and guidelines in checklist form so you leave nothing to chance in your job hunt. The guide is available in pdf, Kindle and Nook formats.

This guide gives you a step-by-step approach to mastering the interview process. Everything you need to do, from the moment you begin your job hunt to when you accept the position, is covered. Bill has thought of everything you could possibly need to know to conduct a comprehensive, smart job hunt campaign.

It would take you hundreds of hours of research to find, read, organize and compile the exact lists of questions you need to study for giving a successful interview. Bill has done all the legwork for you, and he has complied this voluminous research into this single, manageable, easy to use resource.

This in-depth, easy-to-use guide has precise timelines and hundreds of procedures for mounting an interview campaign, from day one until you land the job, including:

  1. Preparation Of The Interview Content And Your Responses.
  2. Company Or School Research.
  3. Practicing Your Answers.
  4. Pre-Interview Mental Preparation The Week Before.
  5. Pre-Interview Mental Preparation The Day Before.
  6. Pre-Interview Mental Preparation The Day Of The Interview.
  7. Pre-Interview Mental Preparation An Hour Before.
  8. Pre-Interview Mental Preparation 10 Minutes Before.
  9. Entering The Lobby.
  10. Meeting The Interviewer, Creating Rapport And Connection.
  11. Controlling Nerves And Getting Into The Zone.
  12. Starting The Interview.
  13. Answering Questions.
  14. Asking Questions.
  15. Closing The Interview.
  16. Walking Out.
  17. Following Up.

Table of Contents

  Part 1  Introduction And Background
Chapter 1. Welcome To The Interview Success Guide

Chapter 2. Take This Interview Skills Assessment

Chapter 3. Interview Control Factors

Chapter 4. Interview Success Checklist

Chapter 5. Do You Know The 19 Types of Interviews?

Chapter 6. Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Chapter 7. The Psychology Of The Job Interview
  Part 2  Preparation For An Interview
    Chapter 8. 29 Mental Psych-Up Strategies For Giving A Great Interview

Chapter 9. Why You Need Interview Skills Coaching
  Part 3 Interview Questions
    Chapter 10. 73 Of The Most Common Interview Questions

Chapter 11. 20 Of The Trickiest Interview Questions

Chapter 12. 68 Wacky, Off The Wall Interview Questions

Chapter 13. 237 Behavioral Interview Questions

Chapter 14. Illegal Interview Questions
  Part 4  Tips For A Successful Interview
    Chapter 15. Interview Answering Techniques

Chapter 16. How To Begin To Answer The Question “Tell Us About Yourself”

Chapter 17. Story Topics For Your Interviews

Chapter 18. How To Sell Yourself In A Job Interview

Chapter 19. How To Make Sure The Interviewer Knows You Want The Job

Chapter 20. The Art Of Asking Interview Questions

Chapter 21. Interview Rapport Checklist

Chapter 22. Ten Job Interview Problems And Solutions

Chapter 23. Six Ways To Win The Interview

Chapter 24. Secrets Job Hunters Should Know About The Interview Game

Chapter 25. Ten Ways To Tell If You Are Nailing The Interview
  Part 5  Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Chapter 26. Interview Mistakes That Get You Fired Before You're Hired

Chapter 27. Don't Sabotage Your Job Interview

Chapter 28. Why You Aren't Getting The Job

Chapter 29. Stop Wrecking Your Job Interviews

Chapter 30. How To Stop Using Filler Words

Chapter 31. What NOT To Say During A Job Interview: Eight No-No's

Chapter 32. 10 Interview Bloopers To Avoid

Chapter 33. Avoid These Five Interview Disasters

  Part 6  Interview Stress And Mental Toughness
    Chapter 34. Interview Performance Stress Assessment

Chapter 35. Mental Toughness Training for Interviews
  Part 7  Stress Interviews And How To Handle Them
    Chapter 36. Anatomy Of The Stress Interview

Chapter 37. Strategies For Managing The Stress Interview
  Part 8  Final Thoughts
    Chapter 38. When Are You “Really Ready” To Give A Good Interview?

  Meet Bill Cole, MS, MA, Interview Coach

This special ebook is available for immediate downloading in PDF format for $19.95USD, payable by credit card. Note that this is not a hard or soft bound book, and it will not be mailed to you on CD, hardcopy or in any other form. It is a pdf file which can be printed or viewed on your computer, but may need a format conversion to allow viewing on a kindle or other e-reader. Upon payment, you will receive simple instructions for downloading the PDF guide. There are no shipping charges, since this is an electronic download. Purchase the pdf version of the book by clicking in the blue purchase box below.

The Interview Success Guide eBook is also available in Amazon Kindle format and Barnes & Noble Nook format.

If you purchase the Interview Success Guide in any of these formats (pdf, Kindle or Nook) and then sign up for Interview Coaching within the next six months, you'll receive an extra time credit of 15 minutes to apply to your coaching with Bill. If your purchase is through Amazon or Nook, please send us a copy of your receipt when you sign up for Interview Coaching.

If you would like this product in other formats, please contact us.

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