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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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Stop Stress And Banish Burnout For Sustainable Self-Renewal Audiobook
Audiobook from William B. Cole Consultants

Stop Stress and Banish Burnout for Sustainable Self-Renewal™

Audiobook Stop Stress and Banish Burnout for Sustainable Self-RenewalHow you handle stress either makes you or breaks you. Your attitude, energy, resilience after set-backs and ability to de-stress and stay centered sets you apart at the end of the day. Your ability to find calmness and focus under the pace and weight of the relentless monumental change and stress in today's world is essential.

The core concept in stress management is to know what you can control, and what you cannot. This audio helps you learn a wide array of stress reduction strategies that can help you feel more in control of what happens to you.

This audio program is for busy people who don't have time to have a bad day. Stress management thought leader Bill Cole teaches you immediately effective personal stress management strategies just as he has for corporations, professionals, state associations, top US collegiate athletic programs, and for international world-class pro athletes. Nationally-known mental game coach Bill Cole, MS, MA is recorded live, speaking to a national medical conference about stress and life resilience strategies.

You will learn a new stress-free awareness level and the technical know-how to recreate these wonderful feelings of well-being at will. You will transform your stress into peak performance by using self-regulation mind-body techniques that will leave you feeling much more in control of your life. You will feel revitalized, mentally focused, calmer and more energized.

Here are more powerful benefits you'll receive from this practical program:

  • Discover how to reduce the ill effects of stress and how to create a game plan to maintain wellness.
  • Learn your stress triggers and how to short-circuit them before they can harm you.
  • Experience simple stress control techniques that engage your heart and mind that you can do anywhere, anytime, even on the run.
  • Learn the science of stress resilience and build mental toughness.

Get off the stress track while you stay on the fast track of life.

Stress is a not a thing "out there" waiting to attack you. It's your reaction to events that causes stress, and your reaction is in your control. Create a smart toolkit of stress tools that give you more control, and you will see your stress melt away.

If there is a bottom line about stress, it is this: everyone gets stressed, and everyone needs a plan to handle and buffer this stress. This audio gives you a master plan for handling stress and turning it into peak performance.

Listen to a 6 1/2 minute excerpt from the audiobook Stop Stress and Banish Burnout for Sustainable Self-Renewal.

This special audiobook is available for immediate downloading in MP3 format for $19.95USD, payable by credit card. Note that this is not a hard or soft bound book, and it will not be mailed to you on CD, hardcopy or in any other form. This is an audio presentation, and it does not contain any written materials. If you would like this product in other formats, please contact us.

Upon payment, you will receive an e-mail message with simple instructions for downloading the MP3 file. There are no shipping charges, since this is an electronic download.

Buy the audiobook
Stop Stress and Banish Burnout
for Sustainable Self-Renewal


Feel free to browse the rest of our site. In particular, learn about our live presentation on this topic, Stop Stress And Banish Burnout For Sustainable Self-Renewal.

Your stress management expert is Bill Cole, MS, MA, The Mental Game Coach™, one of the top mental game coaches in the world. Bill is an internationally and nationally recognized authority on peak performance and coaching and has coached at the highest levels of corporate America, major-league pro sports and big-time college athletics. Bill's imaginative, visionary work has been profiled hundreds of times in electronic and print media. Learn more about Bill Cole.

Stop Stress and Banish Burnout  
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