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Bill Cole was awarded the LinkedIn ProFinderís Best of 2017, for public speaking writing, coaching and consulting. The Best of 2017 badge signals best in class ranking on the LinkedIn platform. This recognizes the standout ProFinder professionals of the year.

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The Mental Game Of Badminton: Secrets To The Zone - Audiobook

The Mental Game Of Badminton: Secrets To The Zone - Audiobook

This hour and 14-minute audio is for anyone who plays badminton, whether they compete, or if they just play for fun. World-class Mental Game Coach Bill Cole, MS, MA is recorded conducting a live badminton psychology workshop for 25 ranked and tournament-level badminton juniors ranging in age from 8 to 18 at the California Badminton Academy in Fremont, California. The Junior Badminton Program was Directed by badminton Olympians Bob Malaythong and Raju Rai.

This audio focuses on numerous practical mental techniques that help badminton players get into the zone, and stay in the zone. Bill discusses common mental obstacles to the zone and he gives specific solutions for overcoming them.

What you will discover in this hour and 14-minute audio:

  • Learn about and identify the major mental obstacles that hold you back when you play or compete.

  • Understand how the over-active human mind distracts you and how to manage your focus.

  • Learn about the three time zones, and how important it is to be able to enter "the now".

  • Understand how "time travel" leads to "mental baggage" during the point, thereby ruining your focus.

  • Discover the practical set of techniques known as "attachment techniques". This is a term first coined by Bill Cole in the world of peak performance.

  • Learn how to actually perform multiple concentration techniques that will immediately help you focus and keep your mind in the present.

  • Hear how breath holding negatively affects you, at multiple levels.

  • Learn how to use various breathing techniques, for use both between points, and during points.

  • Sharpen your rituals between points and learn how to deepen your focus before every point.

  • Craft a set of helpful behaviors you can use between points.

  • Learn what NOT to do and think between points.

Mental Game Of Badminton Expert Bill Cole, MS, MA

Bill Cole, MS, MA is one of the most prominent, prolific and successful performance psychology consultants working today. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, he maintains a global consultancy, traveling the world advising top performers. He has been mental game coach or consultant to Olympic athletes who have won Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. He's coached thousands of recreational, junior high, high school, college, professional, world champion and world record-holding athletes.

Bill competed extensively in badminton in the US and Canada, and reached the quarterfinals of the NCAA National Badminton Doubles Championships. He grew up in a hotbed of badminton, in Buffalo, New York, and had the great fortune of regularly training with players who had won a total of 50 US national titles. Bill trained under Ethel Marshall, who was considered by many as the greatest womenís badminton player in the history of the sport, and who won 29 US National Championships. He also trained under Bea Massman, who won 14 national titles in badminton. Both Ethel and Bea were enshrined in the U.S. Badminton Hall of Fame.

Bill taught badminton to students and future teachers and coaches at three universities, SUNY-Buffalo, Cal State Fullerton, and San Jose State University.

Bill has been the mental game coach or sports psychology consultant with athletes or coaches of 19 world and national teams, nine international and Olympic teams, 32 professional sports teams, associations or leagues, and of athletes who have won 36 world and national championships. He has been the mental trainer for thousands of athletes in over 100 sports, at all ages and skill levels.

He was the first person in the world to earn an undergraduate degree in sports psychology, and is the Founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association, which trains and certifies mental game coaches worldwide.

"Bill Cole is a leading Olympic sports psychologist."
British Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC)

"...one of the top peak performance coaches on the ATP Pro Tennis Tour."
---Israeli Davis Cup Tennis Team

"A world-renowned peak performance coach."
British Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC)

"Bill Cole is a leading author on sports psychology."
Yahoo! Sports

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist and 'mental game coach' who helps athletes cope with the demands of intense competition."
CNET Magazine


Mental Game Of Badminton


Bill Cole, MS, MA, The Mental Game Coach

Bill Cole, MS, MA
The Mental Game Coach

This special audiobook is available for immediate downloading in MP3 format for $21.95USD, payable by credit card. Note that this is not a hard or soft bound book, and it will not be mailed to you on CD, hardcopy or in any other form. This is an audio product, and it does not contain any written materials. If you would like this product in other formats, please contact us.

Upon payment, you will receive simple instructions for downloading the MP3 file. There are no shipping charges, since this is an electronic download. This is a large MP3 file (around 12 MB), so please be patient while it is downloading.

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The Mental Game Of Badminton: Secrets To The Zone

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