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Need An Expert On Peak Performance, Mental Toughness, Sport Psychology and The Mental Game?

The media frequently use Bill Cole as an expert resource for quotes, a story, or for background information. Many organizations have recognized him as an authority in the psychology of peak performance, sport psychology, coaching, achievement, workplace productivity and stress management.

Media Outlets Frequently Call Bill Because He

  • is outspoken (he takes a stance)
  • is contrarian (he holds iconoclastic views)
  • provides world-class sound-bites and quotes (he's witty)
  • gives thoughtful responses (he thinks before he speaks)
  • is reporter-friendly (he's been a reporter and columnist)
  • is sensitive to your time and deadlines (he's respectful)
  • can speak from multiple perspectives (he has a diverse background)
  • wants to help make you look good (it's true!)
  • can give a great interview on the run, under a last-minute deadline (he's flexible)
  • knows other experts you can access (he's well-networked in the expert world)
  • gets call-in shows engaged in lively dialogue (he knows how to work an audience)

Bill understands your pressures, challenges and time constraints. He should. He's been a magazine correspondent, columnist, book author and editor and has published over 300 articles in his areas of expertise. He has conducted hundreds of interviews himself and knows how you work. He'll team with you to make your story come out right.

Bill Cole, MS, MA, The Mental Game Coach

Bill Cole Radio Interviews

In August 2012 Bill Cole was interviewed on the KNBR radio show The Law of Sports as a sport psychology expert. Learn more about this interview.

Listen to a short excerpt of an hour interview of Bill Cole on 1460am radio as he discusses coaching, peak performance and achievement. The radio show reaches 3 million people on the 1460am dial in Philadelphia/Central NJ area.

Listen to Bill Cole being interviewed on 1460am radio as he discusses mental game topics including his books The Mental Game of Tennis and The Mental Game of Golf. The radio show reaches 3 million people in Philadelphia/Central NJ area.

Listen to Bill Cole being interviewed on SIRIUS radio on the Hardcore Sports Radio Channel from Toronto, Canada as he discusses mental game topics including his books The Mental Game of Tennis and The Mental Game of Golf.

Bill Is Available For Multiple Media Needs

  • as a radio guest or substitute host
  • as a television guest
  • as co-host for radio or TV shows
  • as a guest columnist
  • for expert quotes and sound bites
  • as a panelist at a media symposium
  • as an on-line expert
  • for background research
  • as a speaker at media events

Call On A Recognized Authority For Your Next Story, Interview Or Event

A number of organizations have recognized Bill as an expert in many arenas. "... an authority on sports psychology... He is one of the top peak performance coaches in the country...Bill's peak performance system helped us tremendously in our march to reach the finals of the College World Series." Stanford University Baseball Team " of the top peak performance coaches on the ATP Pro Tennis Tour." Israeli Davis Cup Team

Bill Can Educate And Entertain Your Audience On These Topics

  • Peak Performance
  • Sports Psychology
  • Mental Toughness
  • The Mental Game
  • Golf And Business
  • Career Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Personal Coaching
  • Training Of Coaches
  • Workplace Productivity
  • Collegiate Sports
  • Professional Sports
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Performance Improvement
  • Sportsmanship And Athletics
  • Achievement And Success
  • Personal Development
  • Executive Coaching

Bill Has Provided The Media With Background, Quotes And Views On These Trends and Issues

  • The Controversies Around The Training Of Personal And Business Coaches
  • Ethical Issues In Coaching
  • Ethical Issues In Sport
  • Poor Sportsmanship Issues At All Levels Of Sport
  • How Business Can Use Golf To Succeed
  • Sports Psychology
  • Abuse In Sports
  • College Athletics
  • Parental And Coach Issues In Youth Sports
  • The Turf Battle Between Psychotherapy And Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • The Paradox Of Success, The Fear Of Success
  • The Mental game of golf and business

Bill has been on both sides of many of these issues.

Some Media Outlets Featuring Bill's Articles Or Work

Bill's articles on peak performance, coaching, achievement, success or personal development, or features or quotes of his work have appeared hundreds of times in print and electronic media outlets in the United States and internationally:

  • Success Magazine
  • The Animal Planet
  • The Washington Post
  • Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine
  • Corporate Training Magazine
  • California Job Journal
  • Golf Magazine
  • The San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle
  • Yahoo! Sports
  • The San Jose Mercury News
  • SectionSports
  • The Denver Post
  • The Detroit News
  • The Buffalo News
  • Tennis Magazine
  • Presentations Magazine
  • The Amherst Bee
  • The Woodlands Villager
  • The Woodlands Trails
  • The East Hampton Star
  • The USPTA NORCAL newsletter
  • The Tyler College Bulletin
  • Tennis Magazine (U.S.)
  • Inside Tennis Magazine
  • Inside Tennis\Racquets Newspaper
  • Inside Racquetball Magazine
  • Tennis Magazine of Holland
  • Tennis Magazine of Germany
  • Tennis Magazine of England
  • Tennis Magazine of Japan
  • Tennis Magazine of France
  • Runner's World
  • The Philosophic Society For The Study of Sport
  • Adidas Tournament Training Camp Bulletin
  • Kinesiology: The Science of Movement (Book)
  • The PPCA Coaching Compendium (Book)
  • Sportsmind Reports
  • The Sports Psychology Report
  • Time Marketing Prospectus
  • Newport Beach Golf Club
  • Review South Bay TP Newsletter
  • Physically Fit
  • Fitness Magazine
  • The Leisure Times
  • Sportscan
  • Courtside Times
  • Irvine Racquet Club Bulletin
  • The Brookside Lites
  • Four Seasons Newsletter
  • Green Hollow Letter
  • Amherst Hills Reporter
  • Twin City Bulletin
  • The Titan Sportscope
  • The San Jose State Reporter
  • The Ravenaeux Times
  • The Spectrum
  • The Mental Game Journal
  • The Coaches Agenda
  • Professionally Speaking
  • Professional Speaker
  • American Society For Quality Newsletter
  • Straights Times Newspaper (Singapore)
  • Being In Action
  • Sharing Ideas
  • California Anesthesia Bulletin
  • Sirius Radio

Example Of An Interview Of Bill Cole In A Major US Newspaper

With 25 years of coaching experience, Bill Cole defines coaching as 'an action-oriented art where I collaborate with the client and together we advance specifically where they want to go.' Cole...believes that in order to be coached, 'the motivation has to come from the person. They have to really want it as opposed to my selling it to them. The client needs to find a coach who has specific expertise and a deep knowledge of the defined area so that there is a matching up of the client's need with the coach's experience. I call this 'the wisdom factor', because then the coach can navigate these waters astutely, since he's either been there or has worked with a lot of clients in that area. This approach is critical."

Bill Cole MS, MA, was quoted in the article "How Coaches Give A Boost To Careers", by Evalee Harrison, Work Force Wellness columnist for The San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle.

Bill Cole Interview - Sharks Look To Emulate Wings, Who Also Struggled To Win Cup

On May 7, 2010 Bill Cole was interviewed by the Detroit News about the San Jose Sharks NHL playoff in hockey. Bill explains how athletes often do not realize they are resisting their best performances, perhaps out of fear that their best will not attain a goal, or out of fear of success itself. This can be a subconscious withdrawal, where they hold themselves back from achieving, by not giving themselves permission to win. Read the complete interview (opens in a new window).

Examples of questions used for previous radio interviews with Bill Cole – Author, speaker and international Peak Performance Consultant for business, sports and life

1. You've been involved in the mental game of sports since the 1970's. What would you say initially attracted you to this field and how has it changed over the years.

2. Bill, you were the "first person in the world to be awarded a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Sports Psychology." How did that come about?

3. Your business continues to grow and in every direction stress management, business development, as well as sports. It seems in the fast pace world we live in people more than ever need to be focused and on purpose. Tell us about the different services you offer people and the benefits of having a personal coach.

4. Everyone who has achieved anything in life has had coaches, mentors and people who support them. Please tell us one or two mentors or influencers in your life who meant the most to you.

5. I think more than ever now people realize that their mental skills are just as important if not more important than their physical skills. You use the expression "Train your brain" please explain that thought.

6. Athletes are use to the expression "getting in the zone," but how do you explain this term to non-athletes?

7. You have counseled both high achievers and troubled youth, superstars and drug addicts. What are the ways such diverse people are similar, as least in terms of their mental game?

8. Your mental game coaching applies to so many things such as managing anxiety, sales rejection issues, self-discipline and self-confidence. What is the common denominator for all these things when it comes to mental game coaching?

9. What sets mental game coaching apart from other kinds of coaching?

10. On your website, you explain that "The magic is in the dialogue between us." I found that intriguing. Please explain it.

11. You say "Winning is a state of mind." What do you mean by that? I would say, that when you are "doing what you do best" and being the best at it you are successful in life - you are living with purpose - you are a winner. Your thoughts...

12. Everyone wants to achieve more, but some people are not quite sure how to get there. What are some simple steps they can take to get started?

13. Everyone has some speed bumps on the way toward achieving their goals. These challenges are often caused by limiting beliefs. How can people change their limiting beliefs?

14. What are some common distractions that you encounter with your clients and how do you recommend overcoming them?

15. A good portion of mental preparation is about planning. People often think prepping is a physical thing, mapping out a plan on paper, but it is also a thinking process. Your thoughts...

16. I bet one of the hardest things to do is to get people to enjoy the process of achieving success. Many people think they have to struggle while achieving their goals. This is not true, is it?

17. I think one of the hardest things for anyone is to do is to relax under pressure. How do you teach people how to be relaxed and in the flow even when the pressure is on?

18. Likewise, I think to be effective in anything you need to learn how to relax all the time. It's not about taking time to relax 5 or 10 minutes everyday it's about learning to relax throughout the day as well. Your thoughts...

19. It's not easy to let go of the past and memories of past failures. How do you teach people to learn from their mistakes and let them go?

20. Here's a common personality type – What tips could you give for someone who is a hopeless perfectionist?

21. Everyone complains about not having enough time. People in general get tied up in the business of making a living. They don't allow themselves time to relax and to create new opportunities. What are some tips for people to better manage their time?

22. Everyone is wired for success, happiness and prosperity, but some people don't feel deserving of it. How do you get people to let go of this belief?

23. Often people feel that their outer conditions are what affect their happiness and success. Yet it is really their power of choice and their inner control that are responsible for their happiness and success in life. How do you get people to see life from this perspective?

24. What kinds of obstacles have you faced as you worded towards your own peak performance in athletics? What about in business or academics? How were you able to overcome them?

25. You offer on your website an assessment to determine your strengths and weakness in an interview situation. What are some common weaknesses? Please give us some general tips to overcome these weaknesses?

26. You are an expert on interview coaching and a lot of people are looking for jobs today. Please give some guidance and tips for someone who is looking for a job.

27. You have some great testimonials on your site. One of the many things you have helped people with is their public speaking. Many people are deathly afraid of addressing a group of any size. What are some basic tips to overcome this trauma? I've taken many classes on public speaking, but at some point I think the best way to get over the fear is to go out and do it - to face your fear. Your thoughts...

28. What do you like most about being a speaker? Of all your roles – athlete, entrepreneur, professor, author, speaker, coach to name a few – which one thrills you the most?

29. Do you use certain disciplines with your clients, for example: cognitive conditioning, hypnosis, visualization, neuro-linguistics? Please tell us your favored therapies.

30. What is a personal blind spot? Can you give us an example or two?

31. Bill you have mentioned that you love "finding mental power that always been possessed but never released." Could you give us an example of this? How can we learn to release our own mental power?

32. Bill when is your next book, TV show or speaking engagement? Actually, I want to congratulate you on your new movie project. I read you have signed an agreement to be the sport psychologist and consulting producer on a new Hollywood film, LaUltra – The High. The movie is about the highest and toughest ultra-marathon that takes place in the Himalayas. It sounds fascinating! When can people see it?

33. Please tell people how they can get in touch with you for a personal phone consultation, as well as to stay up-to-date with your classes, speaking events and new movie.

Bill was a guest expert, as the sport psychologist, in a Yahoo! Sports interview about the coaching styles of Head Coaches Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts and Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears for Super Bowl XLI. Other guest experts included three-time Super Bowl winner Bill Walsh, former Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers; Harry Edwards, a professor at the University of California-Berkeley and one of the world's foremost experts in race and sport; and Dick Vermeil, former Head Coach of the Super Bowl champions St. Louis Rams. See the text of the discussion at Yahoo! Sports Coaching Change.

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